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    Statements like these lead me to believe that you've never played any sport at a high level. You expend the same amount of energy to get up by 25 then to shave 19 points off a lead. Duke played hard throughout the game, Coach K said so afterwards. The comeback actually occurred when the pace slowed down. Just because your rationale makes sense doesn't mean its the case. I could easily put a MD spin on things and say it wasn't a comeback at all, it was us maintaining our lead and just doing what was necessary to win. A logical rationale, but like your scenario, completely wrong.
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    Anyone should hope and pray they are on SG's Ignore List, Cindy. I know I am. All for being friendly and humanistic to him. Everything he is not. Look at his very uneducated comments, calling someone a do*** for comparing us to a 70's team when we are all here to have fun, talk and learn from each other. Clearly the only thing he knows from the number of posts is how to bolster his own esteem by getting that number up and staying on here all day utilizing his knowledge in the only area he is comfortable. Now back to the forum....but Cindy you have my support.
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    I know quite a few smokers, and I've never heard a complaint about the law keeping them from smoking in bars/restaurants. Is it that difficult to go outside or wait a little bit? As someone mentioned earlier, many actually seem to like going outside to smoke. The bottomline to me is that the quality of life along with the health of people goes up for most people when smoking is not allowed in places like that. I'm generally in favor of improving the health and quality of life for the majority of people as long as it doesn't have a very negative effect on the minority. Going outside to smoke is not a very negative effect at all.
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    Really? This is all a scheme to keep lining Uncle Sam's pockets? If that's the case, why do government agencies consistently advocate against smoking? Why did the government sue the tobacco companies in the first place?If the government really just wanted money from tobacco companies, why wouldn't they just impose a "sin tax" and NOTHING ELSE? If you guys didn't have the government as a bogeyman, what would you do with yourselves?
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    Frankly, I'm still outraged that Markakis wasn't in that lineup. :002_sbiggrin:
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