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    I'm not looking for the guy to be a saint. How about a little homage to the people responsible for paying his salary? He doesn't even have to go to the lengths that guys like Brian Roberts, Jeremy Guthrie, Cal Ripken, and the like seem to be inclined. Unfortunately, he chose a profession in which signing autographs, community service, and speaking with the media are expected. Signing autographs and posing for pictures with kids isn't an invasion of his privacy. Talking for a few minutes about the game isn't an invasion of his privacy. No one is asking him to reveal information about his personal life, just talk for a minute about the game. It's REQUIRED in the NFL and there's no reason it shouldn't be in baseball. I'm not real clear on the definition of the word 'jerk', but I am clear that Erik Bedard has a real crappy way of talking to and treating people based on stories I've heard, personal observation, and first-hand experience. I have absolutely no sympathy for him or the expectations placed on him. He chose this profession, and if there are facets of it that he doesn't like or causes him to mistreat people, he should reconsider.
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    He's participated in FanFest and Fan Appreciation weekends before, including this year's FanFest, which I actually got to attend. He seemed happy enough with the fans, laughing and smiling. And I've seen pictures of him from previous years, posing with fans, signing autographs, etc. As for community work, some people are quiet about their charity work or he may even be doing stuff at home in Navan. For what it's worth, he did participate in Brian Roberts' Baseball Bash last year. AND, consider the fact that *every* time he records a strikeout, he IS doing charity work since money is being donated to a children's hospital, right? Maybe that's the real reason he continues to be the League leader. Erik Bedard: Saving Children's Lives Every Five Days.
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    There is absolutely nothing wrong with what Erik does after his starts. You are making Erik to be like Kenny Rogers with the media. Some people DO NOT want to be famous. Some poeple DO NOT feel comfortable infront of cameras. If Erik doesn't want to talk to the media, he shouldn't have too. If there is something in his contract that says he has to talk to the media, well, I hope he says the most off-topic comments unitil he reaches his quota. He is paid to be a pitcher, not a salesman.
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    Ok, I see where you're going, but yeah that offer certainly doesn't get it done. Now, in regards to Bedard's overall value, in the other thread I notice you mention Mulder as the comparison for Bedard. The only thing comparable each player's age and contract status. Mulder was coming off his worst season. His K rate had fallen for the third straight year to below 6. His walk rate increased over 3.30 and his HR rate, in a pitchers park for Oakland was now 1.00. His H/9 had also increased for 4th straight year. That is the exact opposite trend Bedard is heading. League leader strikeouts, top 10 command rate, etc. They don't compare as pitchers. As for the prospects they received, Haren was the Cardinals top prospect in 2003. He pitched too many innings at the major league level to qualify for prospect status in 2004. The Cardinals top prospect in 2004 was Blake Hawksworth and he was #47 overall. He also saw his stats take a jump at the AAA level in 2004 before being traded. You are probably looking at a top 50 prospect if he qualified. And apparently Barton was considered the key player in the deal. He was ranked #32 heading into the 2005 season. The Cards traded him after the 2004 season, which is what got him to #32. While you call Calero just a generic reliever, his stats were damn good when he was traded. So you have a very young top 35 prospect, an MLB ready pitcher who would be a top 50 prospect if he qualified as a prospect, and a very good reliever for a pitcher who was not nearly as good as Bedard is now. Hudson was traded for a top-50 prospect, an MLB ready platoon OF, and a decent bullpen prospect. Even Javier Vazquez got a top 25 prospect in Chris Young, a MLB starter in Hernandez, and a good reliever. Beckett landed the Marlins the #30 and #40 prospects, as well as two pretty good reliever prospects in the lower levels and found a taker for Lowell's huge contract. Trading Jeff Weaver back in the day, the Tigers landed Jeremy Bonderman in the middle of the season that elevated him to a top 20 prospect, a top 5 prospect in Carlos Pena, and another top 75 guy. The Indians received top 10 prospect Brandon Phillips, Cliff Lee (who was in the middle of the season that elevated him to a top 30 prospect), Grady Sizemore (Expos #3 prospect) and a major league first baseman. Sooooo, looking at what kind of pitcher Bedard is, I would agree Loney, Laroche/Kemp, and Kershaw/Billingsley is probably not realistic. But Jackson, Quentin, and Anderson is certainly is fair. Milledge, Gomez, Pelfrey probably wouldn't happen, but Milledge, Gomez, Robert Parnell, and Mike Carp is realistic.
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