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    I ran some numbers last night to see what Wieters would have to do to make himself worth more as a 1B playing 150g as opposed to a catcher playing 120g. The only place this made sense was if all we could get for 1B was replacement level production (333obp/420slg) and if we had an average catcher (322/403) to replace Wieters there. At that point he would have to be pretty good. Make a line between .315obp/.580slg to .450obp/.375slg. That is the break even point. This afternoon or evening, I'll post the study on my blog.
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    From another board: If even part of that is true, wow. Just wow.
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    Stotle, of those you named, how many are IMPACT bats? Maybe Pence, Reimold and Headley? Maybe. The others are solid, but I'm talking about guys that have the ability to be all-stars and hit in the middle of the order. When you are talking about impact bats, the majority come from the first round. Jordan pretty much stated in today's Sun article the desire to get bats early and pitchers later. And he has a track record of doing just exactly that. I agree that you generally do not draft for need and you should be in it for the long haul. There isn't a pitcher that really excites me in this draft, but there are several bats that I'd really like to grab...especially Tim Beckham, Hosmer, and Alvarez. Maybe even Posey at this point would be okay with me, but I'd have to think that he woud be coming with the idea of a position change down the road.
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    What I find funny is that he takes offense at Schmuck for "repeating tired perceptions" and "perpetuating the feedback loop" about Bonds.... yet then he does exactly the same thing about Trembley and the O's at the end of his article. I REALLY doubt it was intentional...
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    Schmuck couldn't think of an (e)?
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    These comments are reminiscent of trash message boards, is inaccurate and reeks of disdain.
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    Yeah, no way this happens.
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    I wonder if there's an inverse relationship between popularity on here and popularity in the real world? There are folks on here who drive me nuts...but I'm beginning to understand that's just part of a healthy biosphere. As to folks who are my favorites? Though I admit to sometimes pausing to admire my own posts, as if I were David Ortiz launching a ball deep into the Fenway night... ...they're probably the following: I appreciate what all of the statistically-inclined folks bring to the table. Mostly because, while I get the stuff conceptually, I don't really (truly) understand the math. But of those...I appreciate the work of BMoron, Drungo, and 1970 a great deal. With special kudos to 1970 for seeming (seeming) the most open to challenging statistical orthodoxy. I find that I most often agree with: VaTech (with creepy frequency). And posters who I just like reading (who aren't, like Frobby, and Wedge and Rollie and Mackus and all of those folks who everyone loves) (which isn't to say that the people on the following list aren't loved by everyone)(though they may occasionally go unnoticed...ahem, Crimson): Leitch CrimsonTribe TGO Stotle RVABird dkdc Funny how many lawyers are on that list... And special kudos to the "liberal arts" crowd: LesterFreamon LedZepp frankpembleton DREK NMS Finally, who doesn't love Mashed Potatoes?
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    The O's need bats in the system, and while in principle we could trade surplus minor league arms to get bats, in practice very few teams are willing to trade major league ready position players for anything except impact major league players (the Delmon Young and Lastings Milledge trades being notable exceptions, and in any event probably motivated by character questions as much as anything else). My sense also is that good college hitters tend to go very early in the draft, while good college pitchers are still available in later rounds. Garrett Olson was a supplemental first rounder; John Maine lasted until the 6th round; Jake Arietta lasted until the 5th round. So if there's an impact college hitter available I think that's the direction the O's should go in. I think Gordon Beckham would be a reach, but it's likely that Alvarez, Posey or Smoak will be available, and that's who I'd take (in that order...Posey obviously would not remain at C but could convert to another position). I'd be fine with Hosmer as well given his upside, as long as the O's don't give him a major league contract (I'm fine with giving him a big signing bonus, but not an artificially accelerated timetable to the majors).
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    Before tonight's Keys game, a Royals scout was in the pressbox on his phone, talking about various trade pieces and the draft. He specifically brought up Posey's name in the conversation after talking about Wieters. I think with John Buck and Miguel Olivo, they're not real content at that position, so seeing them draft Posey would be a good thing for us. As far as Alvarez is concerned, I think that they would be wise to take him with that pick instead of the Beckhams or Posey. Then again, I don't know all that much about the draft. I just hope we get the best hitter availible. There's enough pitching in the system, so I think we can hold off until at least round two or beyond for that position.
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    Giving the gift of Googling. Beef no more!!
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    Any initiative that gets Rachel Ray off American televison and Nigella on gets my vote.
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    Julia Childs kept things pretty simple. Since when is "elite" a bad word. It means "the best". Nothing wrong with having people who are the best at what they do telling you how to do stuff. How is better to listen to somebody who doesn't know what they're doing instead of somebody who does? Because she says "Yummo" every 20 seconds? Just because most of us don't know what we're doing, why should we want to listen to somebody else who doesn't know either? Is the idea to stay incompetent?
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    I hope we go after Greene...
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    Screw that, at least manager arguments can be entertaining <img src = "http://fingerfood.files.wordpress.com/2007/09/earlweaver.jpg"> <img src = "http://www.ifanboy.com/images/ifanboy/p1_piniella.jpg">
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    Don't hold back, just give me the source for Mussina's mother's comment and explain to me why Roch and other Sun writers don't have spicey clubhouse dirt they share with their readers.
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