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  1. SEPTEMBER 19--In recognition of Wall Street's bailouts and bankruptcies, this week's mug shot roundup kicks off with a Texas perp whose soccer jersey carries the logo of one fallen financial giant. And keep this in mind: 1) The gentleman advertising his guns on page #9 was nabbed for breaking into a Michigan ice cream shop; 2) No, the men on page #13 were not arrested for that. They were nabbed last month while demonstrating during the Democratic National Convention; and 3) Since the distinctive t-shirt worn by the Floridian on page #17 was carelessly cropped by a sheriff's employee, we've inc
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  2. Well, you have a lot to learn, but there's nothing more fun or enjoyable than a child. It's the best science experiment you will participate in. Girls are great - as they actually listen to their dad - at least until age 8. Just don't be fooled by the diaper work. Initial diaper enties are not bad and make you wonder what all the fuss is about. Once they switch to solid foods, you will not believe the smells they are capable of. Good luck.
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  3. We just got back from the ole' doctor's office...and it's officially a Mrs. FLK, jr. It's pretty cool to finally know (and I no longer have to decide whether to refer to the baby as a he, she, or it). The best news is, she can already hit better than Fahey. :wedge:
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  4. 1. We we were not "injury depleted at the time of the draft, but were clearly in need of "impact bats". 2. Nowhere did I say that Matusz was going to be a "bust". 3. I'm sure your not a "mind reader" so don't put words in my mouth". 4. I must Not be a "rational thinker" because I don't agree with you. Thats not irrational? Smoak was a better talent in my opinion, and unlike alot of posters, I don't change my mind the minute someone else disagrees with me, or if it appears I'm in the minority. When the O's passed on Kotchman I was pissed , When they passed on Smoak, or any other availab
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