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    http://sports.espn.go.com/mlb/news/story?id=3700869 Relevant to the proposed trade idea in one of the other posts. In addition to illustrating my point in my earlier post :Msg to O's mgmt. Be agressive. He may have not great stats but bottom line the Yankees saw a player they wanted whether trade and or free agency and got him.
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    Funny, you negative rep me all the time. I agree...be consistent. E.
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    Haven't read the entire thread, so if this has already been pointed out, you'll excuse me. Of the 52 weeks in the year, this week is just about the last one where MacPhail ought to be spending his time discussing contract extensions with players he controls for several more years. He can work on an extension for Markakis in February. Or in May. Or in 2010. Meanwhile there are free agents and trades out there right now that very likely won't be there much longer. Markakis should be on the way-back back burner at this point, and remain there through, say, Christmas at least.
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    To whom among O's prospects is Jeff Marquez most comparable? Sickels How were we not able to trade one of our young arms for Swisher?
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    Yea you are right...Markakis is lying...He is saying PUBLICLY that he wants to re-sign here(several times) and has engaged in negotiations...He also married this offseason and bought a house in the area. But yea, none of that is a sign he wants to extend here. No, I like the theory that Nick is a liar and doesn't want to be here...That makes much more sense.
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    Statements like this show who the real naive person is. :rolleyestf:
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    http://sports.espn.go.com/mlb/news/story?id=3699047 I really hate when other players talk about other players who are no longer their teammates. I me what is the point? Yea it is entertaining, but that's it. This isn't the first time the Red Sox rip their players. I remember when they were questioning Nomar's heart. They are a bunch of ***holes, IMO. Manny is probably the key reason why they were able to win their 2 championships. Lets be honest Ortiz. One of the reasons you were able to hit so well the past few years was because one of the top 10 hitters ever was behind you. Can't wait to see how you do next season without Manny protecting you. I really wished the Dodgers won the Series this year against the Red Sox.
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    After reading through this thread, I finally decided to go buy a game system. I chose the XBox 360. I hooked it up and played Dead Space (awesome game!!) for about an hour before I had to go play basketball. Hopefully the wife won't notice the new 360 sitting to the left of the TV (she hasn't noticed it yet, or she just hasn't said anything!)
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    I dunno...but I do get a lot of e-mails that discuss both. :wedge:
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    Discussing both length and duration: multitasking the MacPhail way!
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    You're on fire, MM. Plus, you dropped Lester Bangs into the discourse, which always earns you reps.
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    <a href="http://sports.webshots.com/photo/2922365330100014492FRysuv"><img src="http://inlinethumb63.webshots.com/42942/2922365330100014492S425x425Q85.jpg" alt="DSC_0114"></a> <a href="http://sports.webshots.com/photo/2826533200100014492NExIKA"><img src="http://inlinethumb33.webshots.com/23008/2826533200100014492S425x425Q85.jpg" alt="DSC_0128"></a>
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    Haha, I think the 8 positive feedback reps I got will make up for it, that was worth it.
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    Well thanks for your childish, troll like assessment of the two systems. I'm sure we're all a bit wiser for having read this post. :laughlol: BTW, It's $50 a year, but can be easily had for $30-40 a year. At least get your trolling correct. And far superior is subjective, most gamers would rather sit in front of their 50" TV with their surround sound playing a game like Gears then huddle in front of their overpriced gaming PC for a small difference. That's why the PC market has been dying for years except for MMO's.
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    Trolling? So, if an opinion is different than yours, its considered trolling? You have contributed nothing other than the fact you're a huge xbox fanboi. Good for you. I'm not a PS3 homer, I simply have the best of both worlds having my PCXBOX and a PS3. The OP wanted to know which system he should get, I gave the opinion, of which I have every right to do that I would go with the PS3 because the XBOX exclusives, come out for the PC. Before you go accusing someone of trolling, how about checking your own posts. Oh, by the way, I sit in front of my 50 inch HDTV on my PC. They have these neat video cards with HDMI out, its a pretty cool technology. I guess you have not heard of media PC's. Kinda cool looking into other technology than just the XBOX. And yeah, I neg repped you for calling me a troll. I have never trolled a thread since I have been posting, and you are unjustified in your statements.
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    Other technology than XBox 360? Lol, I own a PS3, an awesome gaming PC and a 360. Nice try though. And yes you are a troll, and I'll counter neg-rep you for that.
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