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  1. Yes, if there's a guy that would be set back, it would be Tillman. Tillman has nothing to prove in AA ball.
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  2. No, because if they did Teixeira would ABSOLUTELY be an Oriole rabblerabblerabbleRABBLE!!!
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  3. No, I've scouted Maine for more than 20 starts, and he is a smart pitcher, but not overwhelming. When you see a strikeout pitcher without a killer pitch (i.e. Johan's changeup, Lowe's sinker) and without an overwhelming fastball what does it tell you? He's spotting his pitches, and setting them up well. That is how he makes his bread and butter, by knowing what to throw and where. Whether he was nervous or not, he wasn't getting the job done, and it is pretty common for guys to do better in their first 10 starts than further starts due to familiarity amongst other things, so I don't like the n
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  4. Yes, 10+ pages on simply a note in a Schmuck article saying we've had a discussion with his agent does seem a bit excessive. But this is a message board. They said they talked to his agent and now we're discussing it. Bashing the team as if they've already signed him is kinda silly, but discussing the merits of this potential move is completely fine. There is absolutely nothing wrong at all in discussing things like this & reading between the lines sometimes. I'm hoping one day you'll consider evolving from this archaic mindset that only solid 100% black & white facts should eve
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  5. He also said, "the depth of their interest is uncertain." Is this ten pages of criticizing MacPhail for keeping an open mind and hearing what Close has to say? It could be ten pages of criticism for not hanging up on Close. We all feel like sometimes our posts get ignored. (I mention that because I feel that way now.) Sexson's agent just became Guthrie's agent in mid-December. No, I don't think the fact that Guthrie's new agent was on the phone with the Orioles front office and Sexson was discussed necessarily means that the O's have any actual interest. I guess they might, but Schmuck's qu
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  6. But in the one year they both pitched Maine clearly was a better pitcher. So even with no arm injury trade still goes to the Mets. Now, prospects turn out differently, but this is the chance you take when you trade your young pitching talent for ML average players. Clearly, all of our pitching prospects save the big 3 will only bring back ML average players unless they are packaged. In rebuilding mode these aren't trades we should make.
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  7. This is so sick. Nobody, and I mean nobody, said the O's were "interested" in Sexson. Not the O's Not Schmuck. Not anybody. Except the guy who created the bogus title for this thread. But, evidently that's all it takes for people here to go nuts and start dissing the O's about it. It's an OH-manufactured upset. 10 pages and counting. You know how JTrea has pretty much lost his mind since the Tex-a-thon? Well, that's pretty much how *lots* of people are getting lately.
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  8. People are becoming hysterical. I think many want to see trades made just for the sake of making changes. People start floating crazy trade ideas that generate a large number of posts until others start believing it is a real proposal and when it doesn't happen blame AM for not making the move. The reason Penn will not be traded for Garko is because the Indians aren't stupid enough to do it. No GM is. Look, any objective person (the entire national media) would say the O's the outlook is MUCH brighter than it has been in some time. AM inherited a complete disaster. He had very little
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  9. I would have rather had Troy Smith than Favre.
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  10. BA (which is great, but isn't the end-all-be-all) doesn't list anyone from Maryland in the HS top 100. Most of the guys making these lists right now are going to be from the south, just because they play year round and that's where all of the big showcases are, so you're going to have a higher concentration of southern players in these lists. As this spring's season develops we could see a few more middle and northern state players get scout's attention. There's another thread in here about Patrick Blair, shortstop from Calvert Hall, but I have no idea how he projects - haven't seen him p
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  11. It also shows what happens when your GM is slow and deliberate.
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