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    The internet has revolutionized how many of us get our information and there are great sites available for the baseball junkie. If you haven't built your link list, you don't know what you're missing. You probably know all these. But for those who don't, here you are: These 13 indispensible sites I glace at every morning with my coffee and often before I hit the sack. Firefox's "open all in tabs" will make your life easier: Baseball Geeks http://baseballgeeks.com/ Ballbug http://www.ballbug.com/ Ballhype http://ballhype.com/mlb/ Hardball Times http://www.hardballtimes.com/main Baseball Digest Daily http://www.baseballdigestdaily.com/ Baseball Musings http://www.baseballmusings.com/ ProSports Daily http://www.prosportsdaily.com/mlb/mlb.html The Baseball Analysts http://baseballanalysts.com/ Cardboard Gods http://cardboardgods.net/ Baseball Think Factory http://www.baseballthinkfactory.org/ Rotoworld http://www.rotoworld.com/content/playernews.aspx?sport=MLB MLB Trade Rumors http://www.mlbtraderumors.com/ KFFL http://www.kffl.com/hotw/mlb Baseball America http://www.baseballamerica.com/today/ Sadly, Baseball Toaster is now finished as it was truly a great baseball site, perhaps the best. I feel like a friend just died. The below are team sites that are notable for some reason or another. It's interesting that the Mariners and the Twins elicit such intelligent blogs: Red Sox http://www.sonsofsamhorn.net/ NYY http://www.nyyfans.com/ Cubs http://www.northsidebaseball.com/ Padres http://ducksnorts.com/ Dodgers http://www.dodgerblues.com/ (pretty much an internet baseball riot but not to be missed) Jays http://www.drunkjaysfans.com/ (mainly for the guides which are irreverntly amusing, mildly) Twins http://www.sethspeaks.net/ and http://www.aarongleeman.com/ Mariners http://www.ussmariner.com/ and http://prospectinsider.com/ Giants http://www.onlybaseballmatters.com/ Useful, intelligent or interesting sites at which I often end up: Cots http://mlbcontracts.blogspot.com/ PitchFX http://baseball.bornbybits.com/php/combined_tool.php FanGraphs http://www.fangraphs.com/ Hit Tracker http://hittrackeronline.com/index.php Injury Tool http://www.fantasypitchfx.com/DL/injury-tool.php Ben Fry's Salary vs Performance http://benfry.com/salaryper/ Baseball Reference http://www.baseball-reference.com/ Baseball Cube http://www.thebaseballcube.com/ Baseball Almanac http://www.baseball-almanac.com/ Ballpark Digest http://ballparkdigest.com/ Japanese Baseball http://www.japanesebaseball.com/ Ground Rules by Park http://mlb.mlb.com/mlb/official_info/umpires/ground_rules.jsp Baseball Prospectus http://www.baseballprospectus.com/ (tough to get much info here as BP is pretty much by subscription. But don't miss the annual book. I'll say it again. Don't miss the annual book. Don't. It's available in stores in a few weeks I believe. I'll probably take the day off work to get it, it's that good.) No opinion on these other team forums or blogs but I might go there occasionally to see how their fans react to their own news. But good or not they all happen to be in my link list, so here they are. Marlins http://www.marlinbaseball.com/forums/index.php?act=idx White Sox http://www.soxtalk.com/forums/ Cards http://www.vivaelbirdos.com/ Royals http://royalsnation.proboards62.com/index.cgi Indians http://www.letsgotribe.com/ Nats http://www.federalbaseball.com/ and http://dcbb.blogspot.com/ Rays http://raysindex.com/ Angels http://www.angelsfanforum.com/forum/index.php?PHPSESSID=ffedc2910e2a296da400fc868b99e87b& Mets http://www.hotfootblog.com/ Reds http://www.redszone.com/forums/index.php?s= Tigers http://tigerscentral.com/forums/ Brewers http://www.brewcrewball.com/ Pirates http://www.pittsburghsports.net/viewforum.php?f=1&sid=4ecfc0fd2a0aaf8eaad9d5596a83da7c Astros http://evilwontwin.yuku.com/directory I've missed a few teams, but some, like the D-Backs, I could care less about. I don't know why. Add what I've missed. How can you ever get enough baseball? Unless it's the D-Backs, but that's just me.
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    For those of you who keep saying that rap is dead: <object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie" value="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FArZxLj6DLk&hl=en&fs=1"></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed src="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FArZxLj6DLk&hl=en&fs=1" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true" width="425" height="344"></embed></object>
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    I wanna know what Rosetta Stone plans to do. Ever tried to use that while high? Whoa... my computer's talking to me... in China language...
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    Its about time somebody said this! No more trade talk. No more bickering over a few million either way. If Roberts wants to stay for 4 more years, then Pay the Man! The Fans (most of us, anyway...no disrespect SG) want it. His teammates want it. MacPhail and Trembley seem to want it. Cindy definitely wants it. So if BRob truly wants to extend here, its time to stop fiddle farting around, get it done, and PAY the MAN!
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    If Roberts regresses to league average by 2013, as Drungo has speculated, that would be about equivalent to his '06 performance, which was worth $10.9 mm. So over a 4 year contract, starting in '10, he would be worth more than the 4/40 we might pay him.
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    Rob Neyer mentions I appreciate his comment more after reading Before You Begin to Froth, a recent blog on the subject which notes the complicit and encouraging environment created by the owners, the Player's Association and to a degree, the blog wonders also if the agents were complicit. The author notes: ...and let's not forget the fans who came back to baseball in droves during the Sammy/McGuire race. I was one of them.
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    I think if both people request each other going in, yeah, you can pick your roommate. Doubt you can pick your dorm though. Are you in any honors programs? I think they have switched some of the buildings since my freshman/sophomore years, but back then the main honors dorm was Denton. I was in Honors Humanities and was in Easton...I know that program is now in Wicomico (much better location, on South Campus). Gemstone was - and I am pretty sure still is - in Ellicott. If you're not in honors, I think it's more or less a crapshoot, or at least it was back in 2003. La Plata was the only North Campus high rise with air conditioning. It was also right next to the rec center and the dining hall (in the same quad as Ellicott as BTerp described), and a short walk from the InCon (the "In"convenience store...bizarre hours). Also, I'd say at least three quarters of the hot chicks I met at Maryland claimed to have lived in La Plata at one point, or lived there when I knew them. So it's got that going for it, which is nice. Personally, if you do somehow have a choice, I'd recommend not living in the Cambridge Community. I think those dorms are set up differently than the others - the rooms are in pods with separate entrances for every 3 or 4 rooms rather than in long hallways. I didn't know anyone on my hallway coming into freshman year....I quickly made several dozen close friends through late night conversations in the hallway, random visits to other rooms (almost every door was open all the time if someone was home), or early freshman ventures out to the parties in town. Then my junior and senior years I had three really good friends to get an apartment with (I lived in one of the few townhouse style apartments on campus my senior year...a two-story apartment in Calvert Hall). Unless you're in an honors program that more or less means you're not only living in proximity to a bunch of people with similar interests but also going to a class or two with them, I'd recommend a high rise. Like I said, you'll quickly meet a ton of people, and chances are you'll become good friends with several. Suddenly on a campus of 35,000, you have a base of friends and can venture out from there. Before long, you won't be able to walk anywhere without seeing people you know. Other than that....go to every Terps football and basketball game you can...wear red, be loud, DON'T scan and leave, learn the words to the Victory Song, rub Testudo's nose, get Late Night milkshakes and grill food at the Diner, get drunk at the bars and go to Ratsie's after, take classes that have nothing to do with your major but interest you anyway (History of Rock and Roll is a MUST, especially if Dr. King still teaches it), don't plug into an iPod EVERY time you leave the dorm, take President Mote up on his offer of a free lunch at Adele's, go to a show or two at CSPAC, get a membership at the golf course if you play (especially if you live in the Denton Community right across the street), and just generally don't be afraid to get involved. You'll be amazed how easy it is to make a place for yourself on such a large campus. Have fun, and invite me over because I miss it!
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    1. If you lived in New York, you'd realize that social circles are, in fact, often somewhat homogenous. What you're saying is, then, that you'd prefer an artificially heterogenous version for television. In other words, fake it up to match your preferences. By the way, I'm not a fan of Friends. 2. Who are these "pretentious English majors with their noses high up in the air all the time" anyway? Did you somehow make it to film school, but never get a lesson that relying on stock and stereotypical characters is a sure way to weave an unconvincing narrative? 3. Lucky them! I'm sure they're relieved that a Hollywood powerbroker like yourself doesn't "have a problem" with their lifestyle. 4. They're not British. And they're self-lampooning. The show is definitely hit-or-miss. But it has a miniscule following from folks who like the deeply ironic, mostly clever, brand of humor. It's a small show by nature. This is a blatant example of you hating shows by the fans you imagine they have. It appears you've never even watched it. By the way, if I had a trust fund, would that make my insight less valuable? If so, why? 5. Or perhaps they have a deep and abiding love of American culture, and see The Sopranos for what it is, a riff on American culture, with one foot in New Jersey and the other in a long line of mob-based cultural artifacts. Whether or not you're a fan of post-modern tapestries made from fragments and figments of other stories, if you went to film school you should at least recognize that drawing on a number of sources, and appreciating movies or books that do, isn't about being "artistically illiterate" but rather a (sometimes self-defeating) kind of hyperliteracy. 6. Your "merits" aren't even merits. For instance: You "didn't love" Raymond. (Where's the discussion on the merits?) CSI is "scientifically impossible"? The show itself? I'm pretty sure the technology that brings it to our screens is quite possible. The science on the show? Sure, some of it is. But why is this a problem? The science on all sorts of movies or shows is "impossible" (for now). Obviously, the issue is the intersection of fact and fantasy for you. But you don't go into it. Why not? FOTC is problematic because it looks like it was shot in a rooftop and the guys where T-Shirts and wool caps? That's not exactly a merit-based criticism. Unless we're reducing "meritocracy" to who's wearing clothes you approve. KITH "just wasn't funny". You spend 75% of the critique caught up in gay guys in dresses, but all you can muster is "just wasn't funny"? That's your "merit-based criticism"? Try again, please. Finally, Cheers: you argue that it's over-rated because no one watched it before Cosby was its lead-in. Is that a merits-based criticism? If the Nielsen ratings are, in fact, the definition of "merit" then you need to reassess what shows you diss (Raymond, Idol) and what shows you think worthy (The Wire, Homicide). By the way, what is "the potency" of a script? And should a comedy really strive for potency? And, finally, what does it matter if it wouldn't play today? How are those related to its merits? How in the world are you defining "merits"? The fact is, you come off as more of an elitist - though of a passive aggressive and therefore more disingenuous sort - than a hundred undergrad English majors. Can't blame them for not talking to you.
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    Are you serious with this? "I'm not saying anything about you personally even though my main gripe with the show was that it is only enjoyed by this stereotype, but I'm not talking about you unless you are that stereotype." Do you not see how snobby YOU'RE sounding? For your information, Kids in the Hall has been my favorite show since middle school, when I would come home from school every day and watch it on Comedy Central. I liked it because it was silly and absurd and it made me laugh. When I was thirteen. I still love it for the same reasons, even though I am indeed an English major, aspiring writer, and eventual public school teacher.
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    Or wait until Hudson signs a 1 year, $5 million contract somewhere and ask Roberts how he feels about that 3/30 now.
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    Thanks. I think Roberts is too value to just get draft choices for. 2010 draft choices probably do not help the O's until some where between 2013-2016 if they turn out to be good enough to help the O's at all. It will not help them with a 2011-2012 run for the playoffs. That is why signing or trading Roberts is so important to the O's franchise.
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    Winner gets other person's signature line for a month...
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    Old Fan, you are good in a debate, and I see your points, understand them and respect them. I think I am going to gamble on our prospects. I like what this organization is doing, and yes, you ARE correct in saying that in regards to the other teams in the AL East (minus the Blue Jays), we are about in the same position as always...but we have improved as a team and an organization and we are building towards something great. I think we will achieve 4th place this season, and when you follow a team like the Orioles...4th place is a step in the right direction.
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    Only if two - four years down the road the starting pitching prospects pan out. If not, this team is destined for perpetual last place. I still think AM is gambling too much on rejects, retreads, and future huge question marks for a major league baseball team's rotation. And that is not good in my view.
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    I'm actually glad this info has come out, and not because I dislike Arod, I don't, but because I want people to stop being in denial about steroids in baseball. There are still a lot of people who don't think steroids were nearly as widespread as they obviously were, stories like this may change perceptions out there. Many were also looking for AROD to be the clean HR king, which I thought was dumb because there was a decent chance he wasn't clean. Heck, there's a decent chance the previous HR king wasn't clean. I hope more names come out, it can only help people realize that most guys during this era used at some point. People also need to understand that players used steroids well before the 90's. I feel guys like Bonds, Clemens, Big Mac, and Palmeiro should make the Hall regardless of their usage, perhaps if people come to a better understanding of PED'S in baseball, that will happen. I'm quite sure people who haven't been caught are already in and many more will follow. And if you consider "greenies," then a large majority of guys from the 60's until now are guilty.
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    I haven't read much of the last 7 pages, but I would just like to say, once again, that I am sick of this steroid stuff. Why point out a guy like ARod when half of the AA players were juicing and a whole crop of these awful players got suspended? I point to Gary Cates Jr. ARod is a player that is a face of the sport, people actually want to watch him play and we continue this witchhunt. Steroids weren't even against MLB rules when he did it, so lets just get over it. This is doing so much damage to the sport. I can't get my nephews to even watch a baseball game, but why should they when everytime they turn on the TV there is reports about the latest cheat? I know this isn't the best of logic, but I took the LSAT this morning and am just back a bit of early celebration, but this really grinds my gears.
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    Exactly what I've been saying for YEARS! Yea, he's no different than any of them, Brian ROberts included. I just wish others would see it the same way instead of celebrating this. This is a BAD thing people, this in no way should be celebrated by anyone.
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    Four years on top of his current remaining year is not a good risk. I don't think this puts me in some "30 is the new 80" club, it's just not something I want to happen. Rewarding people for past performance and for community and leadership intangibles is not a good idea when you have a relatively limited budget.
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    Another example: Flight Of The Conchords - Hurt Feelings Rap is very much alive.
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    I'm sorry but I said the same thing about Melmo and swore that I would never say that again. So, while I get what you're saying I cannot bring myself to say Pay the man.
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    You must spread reputation.....you know the rest. Great post Moose, really sums up my feelings since the beginning. I never cared much about the steroid thing, and after a year or so away from it, I can't possibly be less excited for it to rear it's ugly head again. As far as I'm concerned they all cheated, and the playing field was equal. And just wait until everyone on here goes nuts when A Rod says he only tried it once, forgetting that Brian Roberts used the same line. Don't hold A Rod to a different standard than everyone else just because he's great and plays for the Yankees. Please for the love of God make this story go away. We have a season to play.
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    How'd I know that Redbird would bust in here turning this conversation back to McGwire? Redbird, what are you gonna do when Pujols gets busted? As far as A-Rod, whatever. I used to get indignant about the steroid thing, I used to feel like I was lied to, feel like the game had been tainted, feel like the records were hollow.... ...and I just don't care anymore. I suppose the game has been tainted, but to what degree we'll never know. We'll never know how many more homer A-Rod, McGwire or Bonds hit because they juiced up...and we'll never know how many of them came off juiced up pitchers. And cheating is cheating, whether you're using vaseline on a baseball to give it some extra break or corking a bat in hopes to speed up your swing. PED's are just frowned upon because they set bad examples for kids...steroids are for wrestlers who don't live past age 45. Steroids are for football players who go to war for 60 minutes every Sunday and lay out punishing brutal hits and we praise them for it....and then don't caring about the after effects on their bodies after they retire. But somewhere, someone decreed that steroids are not for baseball players and baseballs hallowed records. So as much as I was horrified that Raffy was busted shortly after his 3,000th hit, I simply don't care anymore... ...because when it's the bottom of the 9th and you're down a run with two runners in scoring position and your best hitter is facing a closer who throws 95, it doesn't matter. Steroids can't and never will ruin the thrill of the game. We were all attracted to the game when we were kids because it was fun to play and we enjoyed watching it. Steroids can't ruin that.
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    I was all about the blow it up thing from the start, and I think AM has done a masterful job of blowing it up in a smart and careful way. Yeah, I would have liked to have seen Mora dealt, but I just don't think that was ever a possibility. He stated up front that he was interested in aquiring young high upside players and amassing a large pool of young and talented arms. I really can't fault his plan, and I think he has done a great job of accomplishing what he set out to do. Jones, Pie and Markakis represent one of the most athletic young OF's in all of baseball. Weiters is a young Catcher with a ceiling in the stratosphere. Matuzs, Arrietta, Tillman, Patton, Albers, Penn....Our depth of quality arms in the wings is unbelievable. I really believe. This guy has renewed my faith in the organization, and I really think the O's are on there way.
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    Well, as a fan you should know he never played for the Orioles:rolleyestf: However, he has played his entire career in the AL and has 657 AB and 47 HR's against the Orioles, so, this seems some how relevant. But I appreciate your sarcasm. Oh, and this history lesson is on me. And yes, I chose the wrong board to post, mea culpa. Good thing you were on top of it.
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    In before Old#5 claims baseball was a much better and purer sport when it was just drunks, greenies, staying out all night to get laid and making the black guys stay in their own hotel.
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    I know he's hated, and this will get everyone jacked up to jump on him, but this just makes me really sad. As my wife said (a native New Yorker and life long baseball fan, btw), "steroids ruined baseball for me."
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    Leave it to the NY Daily News to come up with a good caption: http://www.nydailynews.com/index.html
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    The Sun reports that the team has agreed to a one-year deal with arb-eligible George Sherrill. The deal is worth $2.75MM. Also, in the same article, Randy Wolf agreed to terms with the LA Dodgers.
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    DUSTIN ACKLEY'S CAREER STATSYear Avg GP-GS AB R H 2B 3B HR RBI TB SLG% BB HBP SO GDP OB% SF SH SB-ATT PO A E FLD%2007 UNC .402 73-73 296 70 119 20 3 10 74 175 .591 30 1 21 2 .448 8 1 11-14 538 37 6 .9902008 UNC .417 68-68 278 82 116 21 4 7 51 166 .597 53 1 27 1 .503 6 1 19-25 488 22 1 .9982008 CCBL .415 12-12 41 11 17 4 1 2 10 29 .707 16 1 10 0 .586 0 0 2-2 - - 0 .--- (OF: 7 games)TOTAL... .410 153-153 615 162 252 45 8 19 135 370 .602 99 3 58 3 .484 14 2 32-41 1026 59 7 .994 GRANT GREEN'S CAREER STATSYear Avg GP-GS AB R H 2B 3B HR RBI TB SLG% BB HBP SO GDP OB% SF SH SB-ATT PO A E FLD% 2007 USC .316 56-56 228 42 72 14 10 2 24 112 .491 25 3 51 13 .388 2 6 6-10 108 151 9 .9662008 USC .390 50-50 205 46 80 15 5 9 46 132 .644 15 4 35 4 .438 2 2 10-14 73 121 9 .9562008 CCBL .348 41-41 161 37 56 12 1 6 21 88 .547 28 3 38 2 .451 1 0 10-13 - - 17 .--- (SS: 35 games)TOTAL... .350 147-147 594 125 208 41 16 17 91 332 .559 68 10 124 19 .422 5 8 26-37 181 272 18 .962 I have to admit I'm a little puzzled by how much everyone would pounce on Grant Green if given the opportunity, but Ackley is all but dismissed at 1:5. Green obviously has the positional advantage, and I've seen nothing to indicate he won't remain at SS going forward. Point to Green. However, I feel that Ackley is the best pure hitter in the draft (at least at the college level), and there's a few "tells" in their statistics that seem to bear that out. Caveat: I'm neither a scout, nor a sabermetrician. I'm an all-around general baseball nut who considers myself fairly knowledgable on both sides of the coin, but not to the point of overzealous dogma I'm very fond of amateur and college baseball, and I love draft time. I leapt for joy when Lincecum fell to us in 2006 - he was easily the most "electric" pitcher I saw that year -- and cursed when we took Billy Rowell instead. But eventually I came around - it was easy to love that sweet Barry Bonds swing. The Barry Bonds ego...well... I haven't seen Grant play in person, while I've seen Ackley a few times and come away impressed. I've seen a bit of each on video, though not as much as I hope to this coming season. Both will be 21 by Draft Day, both play in strong conferences (I tend to think the ACC has a slight edge over the Pac-10 overall, but that's probably just local bias), both have similar strong, lean frames. They could sell some jeans Green stands a few inches taller and I think he has a little more potential to fill out as he adds strength, but there's not a *ton* of physical projection left with either of them. Green seems a bit "quicker", but I think Ackley uses his speed better and runs a little better "underway". Neither really projects to carry much speed forward as a weapon. The big question is whether Ackley has enough speed and athleticism to stick in center or perhaps shift to second base. That I don't know and won't hazard a guess at this point, but I imagine that's where most of the hedging on Ackley comes from. Looking at the stats, the big thing that jumps out at me is that Ackley demonstrates much greater control of the strike zone. 99 BB / 58 K over 615 ABs is very promising to me and indicates a hitter that will handle the minors, particularly the upper minors, with aplomb. Green's 68 BB / 124 K over 594 AB is disquieting by comparison - I feel Green is one of those guys who will sail through the low minors before hitting a wall and having his weaknesses exposed in Double A. For all I've heard of Green's power potential and Ackley's lack thereof, I was surprised to find Ackley's 2B, HR, and SLG% substantially higher than Green's vs. comparable competition, to go along with the obvious advantage in AVG and OBP. I did note that Ackley played in the OF during his brief stint in the Cape Cod League, though I don't know if it was in LF, CF, or RF. Green played almost exclusively at SS, and while I don't lend *too much* credence to this particular stat, no amount of "incompetent scoring" or "bad field conditions" can make 17 errors in 35 games easy to explain away. So Stotle, Greg, and the other great draft-oriented minds here: What am I missing? Does Ackley have a loopy, "aluminum bat" swing that I'm not seeing? Did his arm fall off? Because, frankly, with my limited knowledge of the two and with the information currently at hand, I would snatch up Ackley over Green without a second thought, whether he's playing CF, 2B, LF, and maybe (probably) even 1B. Enlighten me, because I seem to be in the very small minority And, for a totally unrelated aside with doesn't really warrant a new thread: I was thrilled that we inked Bobby Bundy, but I understand his little brother Dylan is considered one of the top prospects in the 2011 class (non-Harper division). Does anyone have any information on him to assuage my curiosity?
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    The Orioles have not had a group of minor league pitchers rated as highly as Tillman and Matusz since Mussina and McDonald were baby birds. For you to compare them to Penn,Olson and Liz demonstrates a surprising lack of insight for a long time fan of the game. When we raved about guys like Penn, the national observers hardly bothered mentioning them and never with the games best prospects. But, every scout that has watched Tillman and Matusz pitch is convinced they will produce at the major league level. Arrieta appears to be a step back in many of their eyes, but even he garners praise, even to the point of being the only A-ball pitcher named to Team USA for the Olympics.
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    I give AM an A. He made under the radar moves in keeping with what appears to be a solid plan to get better over time. He made a play for Teixeira as he should have...he would have been extremely marketable and did not fall outside of the blue print. He also inquired about big names but did not veer off course to make a splash like we did in the past. He had his price and he stuck to it. Look, the Orioles are not going to be contenders this year so why go out and break the bank on a front line pitcher now? All that would do is give the O's ONE less question mark in the starting rotation. A mediocre season with an overly expensive pitcher would only lead to that pitcher getting one year older, and possibly disgruntled with losing...all while we are paying him. Instead, AM has gotten a collection of arms with potential for this season while allowing the young pitchers to continue to develop without having to rush them to the big club like the O's have done so many times in the past. Instead of spending a ton of money on one front line pitcher, he got some cheaper options and improved the defense, which will help an average pitching staff be better than it is in reality. Their defense up the middle will be vastly improved with Zaun and Izturis no doubt, and that will help the pitchers feel like they can be a bit more aggressive. AM also improved our depth with guys like Freel, Pie, Moehler, and Wigginton. The Orioles will be improved this year as far as I can see. The Brian Roberts situation will work out one way or the other..which is why AM is not rushing that either. Either way we win...because his value is still high at the trade deadline if we trade him, but if we re-sign him, we are set at 2nd base for another 3-4 years. Next year is the time to go after a front line pitcher and there are more out there next year, beginning with Brandon Webb, John Lackey, and Josh Beckett, among a few others. More than ever, I believe AM has a plan and no one....not even Angelos...is going to sway him from allowing it to play out. For once, we are not rushing our prospects and we are building from within. THAT is how you improve and eventually create an atmosphere that big time free agents, who we will need to become a true contender when the time is right, will WANT to come into and be a part of. My full confidence is with AM and I look forward to the O's returning to an era of contending again.
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    Yup, its Belair Rd. My grandmother would take us to Rivertown 3-4 times a summer. They had all the arcade games, Pizza, and a cutesie little animatronics show. Really cool place. Its now Tully's, I think. If Tully's is still there.
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    My apologies. I packed that knowledge away in my parents' attic along with my 12-sided dice and copy of The Monster Manual circa 1984.:002_stongue:
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    Pitchers 1 Brian Matusz 2 Chris Tillman 3 Jake Arrieta 4 Brandon Erbe 5 David Hernandez 6 Zach Britton 7 Bobby Bundy 8 Brad Bergesen 9 Oliver Drake 10 Pedro Beato (BREAKOUT) Hitters 1 Matt Wieters 2 Nolan Reimold 3 Brandon Snyder 4 Billy Rowell 5 Greg Miclat 6 LJ Hoes 7 Xavier Avery 8 Tyler Henson 9 Brandon Waring 10 Elvin Polanco
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    Great comment! It helps that this involves a player who had already lost my respect, but we should not conclude that all those who used steroids were scum. I drank before I was legally allowed, and I've done a few other things over the course of my 62 years of which I'm not too proud, but that doesn't necessarily make me a bad person. I didn't do marijuana because it wasn't available in my rural high school when I was growing up; that doesn't mean that I wouldn't have tried it if it had been readily available. There were undoubtedly some other icons of the game who experimented with steroids. Bob Gibson has said that he would have used steroids if they'd been available to him. The majority of baseball players are people who have been driven all their lives to compete, and a lot of them undoubtedly stepped over the line on occasion. It's a lot easier if you believe, as Tom House has stated, that "six or seven pitchers per team were at least experimenting with steroids or human growth hormone. He said players talked about losing to opponents using more effective drugs. "We didn't get beat, we got out-milligrammed," he said. "And when you found out what they were taking, you started taking them." Maybe, but USA Today published House's statements in 2005 about steroid usage back in the sixties and seventies, yet you still have a lot of people who refer to the "steroid era" as beginning with the nineties. You also have a lot of people who believe that Bonds and McGwire didn't use steroids until they made their home run record pushes. If Canseco is credible, McGwire began using steroids as much as a decade before that. All we know about Bonds is that BALCO put him on a particularly effective steroids regimen which they had developed for Olympic athletes -- it doesn't prove that Bonds was clean before he hooked up with BALCO.
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    I totally agree. Other than the two trades last year this year's version of Andy McPhail reeks of Syd Thrift Part II!
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