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    The Dominican baseball league just announce that RP Ambiorix Burgos and INF Felix Martinez are suspended for life because of misbehavior in and out of the field during last year's tournament. Burgos: Was accused of intentionally killing two women in his hometown Nagua and was just sentence to a one year in prison by a new york court for domestic violence. Martinez: Has a long record of incident with umpires, players and regular people off the field being the last a shooting duel in Nagua's central park where thanks god nobody got hurt. Do you think MLB should do the same not only with them but whoever disrespect the game like A-rod, Bonds, Clemens, Tejada, etc.?
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    Interesting that he's a Kranitz recruit. Norfolk reliever I would think.
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    I listened to those guys the other day and I couldn't believe how arroggant they were.
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    Not a great game for Wheaties. 0-4 with a K and PB. I guess the guy is human after all...
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    Doesnt sound like Luke is putting on any pressure on DT to put him in LF over DH with his fielding. I love Luke, but I have a feeling I'm going to love Pie's fielding even more...
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    Freel has been hit by, at least, two hundred pitches this spring.
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    3B umpire sends Oscar back to 2B cause fan interference. Wieters K'ed. Moore ground out to 1B and Oscar to 3B. Lou is up.
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    My post from yesterday did not accurately reflect the damage: Threw up over the head of my bed Lost my glasses Passed out Woke up to find out that I had gone to a corner store and purchased a 12 pack of Busch and a mini Nighttrain while I was time traveling.
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    Roch asked Dave Trembley if Justin Turner has a real shot of making the Opening Day roster: Brian Matusz is heading to minor league camp in Sarasota. Roch collected some comments as Matusz packed his bags, including this one: Peter Gammons opines that the AL East is becoming a pitching division: Newsday's coverage of Felix Pie and the Orioles' victory yesterday over the Red Sox. SI gives us the full list of Orioles cuts.
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    But actually wanting someone to fail is a part of the big picture? I'm not sure I follow. What I understand is the Birds are trying out a veteran pitcher who has clearly struggled a bunch. However, if he gets 9-10 wins, keeps an ERA just south of 5 and runs out to the mound for 180 innings, isn't he similar to what we were trying to do with Looper? A veteran arm to eat innings and allow the kids some time to get ready, be it this year or next IS part of the big picture. Eaton isn't any kind of long term answer, but the way the spring is going he could emerge as one of the best five arms we have to start the season. We didn't sign him to a five-year deal, we signed the player to buy some time for younger pitchers who may not be ready today. Why would we not want access to someone who could potentially fill that temporary veteran pitcher the team has wanted all winter long?? If he fails, he fails, but it didn't break the bank or harm any minor league pitcher's shot at the show. Because if ANY of the young guys are ready, they are going to get a spot. And if most of our young pitchers are not ready, why WANT any pitcher to fail, who is here simply to buy time until they are ready to claim a spot? -Don
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    Why not, I think its hilarious. And its a pretty good look a like. Got another better one for Hines?
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