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    Exactly, that was what I was trying to convey. We can debate this all we want, but at the end of the day the mark of his tenure will always be those 11 losing seasons. Even if the Orioles win the WS this year and set a league record for wins or do some other type of amazing feat it will not be Angelos' win. He will get credit for stepping away and letting MacPhail run the show. I have always looked at Angelos as a sort of tragic figure, someone who built himself up from nothing, tried to be the white knight and ended up crushing the thing he loved through his actions. He is Lenny, the Orioles are the rabbit.
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    I have nothing to forgive him for. Many of you hate the man because of what he "supposedly single handedly has done to the Orioles." Whatever. To each his own. I look at my Baltimore Orioles as a team that has not been to the World Series since 1983...a full 10 years before Peter Angelos was around. I also look at a man in Peter Angelos who gives back to the city in the form of millions of dollars in donations to charities, and I look at a man who was the lawyer for my Grandfather when he got asbestosis from Bethlehem Steel, and while many of you will say he did that so that he could line his own pockets with money, I say what lawyer doesn't? So you all can sit around and discuss what he can do to earn your forgiveness, but I will have no part of it. For all we know, the Baltimore Orioles may have left town without Peter Angelos.
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    So today I'm in Rite Aid and I'm at the checkout line when I see Jeff Samardhjzaeas face looking at me from the magazine rack. It's USA Today's sports weekly and it has a blurb next to Samardhjzaeas face about how he, David Price, Colby Rasmus and Rick Porcello are ones to watch this year. I am SOOOOOOO sick of national media outlets crapping all over the Orioles. CLEARLY they have some agenda/bias against the Orioles...I mean what gives? Since when did Samardhjzaeas >>> Wieters? Did they not bother to look at orioleshangout.com? Did they not bother to check Baseball Prospectus or Baseball America? This constant slamming of the Orioles must stop. This is just too much for me to take! We deserve respect, despite finishing near the cellar every year for the past decade, dammit! In other news, Reese's Peanut Butter cups has changed their packaging. I was fit to be tied at the Rite Aid counter today.
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    Russ Ortiz? :slytf: Take away todays outing and for the Spring....
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    Alright fine fine you got me. I was making a reference to the windmill hitting me in the bum when Eaton makes the team - because you have magic future-vision and all.
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    I'll say this again slowly (Bolded to make a point) because it appears people don't really get this point. This is not a Andy MacPhail decision. Although he certainly has the ability to over rule Stockstill or anyone else that works for him, he allows Stockstill to run his department and allows him to make decisions on where players are placed. You can blindly agree with everything Stockstill does in the minor leagues or you can present evidence like a lot of people have on why it would be better for players to start at different levels. This is afterall a message boar where all ideas are allowed and debated. There is absolutely nothing more annoying than to read that so and so is way more qualified to make a decisions so that must be the right answer. I absolutely understand and believe that Stockstill has more information than anyone on here and will do what he feels is best for the player long term. I do not accept the fact that he is never wrong and that all of his decision are what's best. Within the organization and even within his own department there will be debates on where players should start the season. He will make the final call on where the players go and people have every right to debate the merits of those decisions.
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    The thing we miss as we sit here and complain about Angelos, is how few good baseball owners there are. The Orioles haven't had one since the 1970s! (Eli Jacobs might have become one, had other things not gotten in the way.) Angelos can be blamed for not arresting the rot in the farm system, but it didn't start under his watch. He certainly can't be blamed for baseball's archaic, topsy-turvy Rube-Goldberg mess of a revenue distribution system. Yes, in the past, he hired (and/or fired) the wrong people, and he (and his wife and sons) have meddled where he had no business meddling. But what's done is done, and it appears that he's backed away (at least somewhat), and is letting MacPhail do his job. If Peter Angelos finally gets it, I'll say "great"! It's too bad it took him so long (it seems like 10 years is the normal owner learning curve), but at least he finally got there. If he can stay there, perhaps his ultimate legacy will be positive. BTW, it's important to point out that the Orioles weren't going anywhere in 1993, no matter who bought the team. With Camden Yards one season old? What are you smoking, people???
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    Frankly, RShack, this is one of the most venal things I've ever seen written on Orioles Hangout. Williams was a tremendous lawyer who, in addition to trying cases and running a large law firm, was battling cancer the entire time he owned the Orioles. He mostly left the running of the Orioles to Larry Lucchino, who was his law partner, and who has gone on to be an executive with the Padres and the Red Sox. To suggest that Williams was some sort of criminal who bought the Orioles with the intention of destroying the franchise and milking all the profit he could from it is despicable. You think he was a lousy owner? Fine. But the rest of your post is totally uncalled for.
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    \Of which, like most ballparks, fans would NOT be allowed to bring in their own food and beverages.
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    At least he did not take the home town team away from its fans inthe middle of the night. Maybe Angelos is not the best owner of a sports team, but he is far from the worst.
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    You are stoned if you think Angelos is cheap. Also does it make any sense for a company to run in the red year after year just so the employees and their familes enjoy a job. That is like Amtrac or the US Postal Service. Nope, dude you got to make a profit or you are doomed. The Atlanta Braves and the Oakland A's used to run this way for a while. They just couldnt do it forever.
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    My original statement was `from what I've been reading, mainly here.' Not being privy to the daily meetings or their internal mental pathways, I can supply no evidence of what their actual thoughts were. Nor can you. As a professional historian I am trained to attempt to determine the real motives behind public statements and actions. What we see is decisions made as if from a rulebook. Avery was like this, Hoes was like that. Their differences don't matter; they'll both be treated like second year players from high school. Other teams send Round 1 pitchers to high A, we sent Arrieta to high A, we sent Wieters to high A, therefore, Matusz goes to high A. Do you see any examples in which MacPhail or Stockstill are thinking out of the box; following different rules because of individual, unexpected accomplishments? Judgments have to be made on action when thoughts are not recorded. In addition one thing I know as a historican is that people do think of rationalizations for whatever they decide. Reimold isn't a complete player so he needs to go down; Matusz needs to know what riding on a bus is like; Hoes doesn't have the experience to play a full year. There are always reasons to do what you wanted to do in the first place. There is no evidence that Hitler ordered the Holocaust; I guess those 6 million Jews died by accident not policy.
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    You have presented no evidence at all that MacPhail and Stockstill aren't willing to "look at what a player is doing at a given time and weigh that against the judgment they made on the basis of previous years' performance and calculations of potential and change their judgment." They may have done exactly that with both Wieters and Matusz and made a judgment based on their combined 50 years of experience that Wieters needed the time in Frederick and Bowie and could still use more time in Norfolk and that Matusz should start the season in Frederick. They are apparently more conservative than you are, but that doesn't mean that they aren't willing to reconsider decisions and make adjustments. It only means that they don't make knee jerk reactions and change long term plans unless they have an overwhelming reason to do so. I'd personally love to see Wieters in Baltimore, Matusz in Bowie and Hoes in Delmarva to start the season. I believe that MacPhail and Stockstill are far more qualified to make those decisions than I am. And there are more risks with starting these guys at the higher level than the lower level, so I'm not that surprised or annoyed by the decisions.
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    All these people who are so set on having Wieters extend: do you understand that the extra year of control we get gives us a lot more leverage in any extension talks?
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    First off, you way underestimate Pie's potential. As has been said a thousand times, he produced better numbers at a higher level at a younger age than Reimold. Second off, and most importantly, you are looking at left field as it is some sort of bubble, and trying to figure out which player is a best fit there. That is only half the story. What we're trying to figure out, is what's best for the club as a whole. It is true that even if Pie reaches most of his potential, his bat will most likely be average at best in left field. However, the guy is a defensive whiz and can play center field. If he puts it all together, and Reimold is killing it in the minors, then we can just trade Pie because he'll be more valuable to another club since Jones has CF covered. This is all pretty basic stuff. Maximize your resources. MacPhail would be a terrible GM if he decided to start Reimold this season and leave Pie hanging. Fortunately he isn't a terrible GM, and understands what I'm trying to explain to you, and will give Pie an opportunity to show he belongs.
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    Try these: 1. Putting a player in his first full year of professional baseball in a position to succeed immediately, and where he can relax. 2. Putting a very wealthy player out of college some think is destined for stardom on long late-night bus rides to play in small towns in front of a handful of people to gain an understanding of what some of his teammates, manager, and coaches went through to reach the bigs, and to gain an understanding of those who grind it out year after year in A ball for the love of the game, knowing they never will reach the bigs. He won't be there that long, and the experience will do him good.
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    Add me to the list of guys who don't think that Pie has 'far more upside' than Riemold. If Pie reaches his full potential in left field, he is at average there. That is basing this on the idea that he as +fielding (a muted advantage in left field), +arm, +speed, -power (15 hrs is below avg in left field), avg hitting (at best), and poor plate discipline. Compare that to Reimold: avg fielding, +arm, at least avg speed, +power, avg hitting (at worst), and good plate discipline. Relative to Pie in left, Reimold will give up some defensively, nothing throwing, will dominate in power, equal in batting, dominate in plate discipline, and give up some in speed. I'll take the left fielder that will dominate in OBP ans SLG and yield marginally defensively and speed-wise (while being at least avg in left field) any day!
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    How can you say that Reimold is a one-dimensional player when fail to recognize that Pie can't do anything other than play good defense. His speed adds no value unless he can get on base, which he has a tough time doing. He's just as one-dimensional as Reimold.
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    Fair is fair. Does EBW get similar credit for the 1983 World Championship? After all... Horse hockey. In 1994, the Orioles were in year two of the twenty year lease they signed for Orioles Park. No way would MLB approve any move of the franchise, nor would Angelos want to be sued for breaking the lease. Repeat after me, because this is the last time I'm going to tell you this. Angelos has had ample time to correct whatever mistakes his predecessors made. I'll say again, blaming EBW for the state of the franchise 1998-2008 is akin to blaming Herbert Hoover for the government bailouts in 2008. EBW is a total red herring in the discussion of the *current* state of affairs. This is all matter-of-fact, sweep the past eleven years under the rug, because it wasn't Angelos' fault that he didn't know better.
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    Just want to weigh in with my two cents.... Seems the argument against Reimold is that he is unproven. I have and will continue to disagree with this argument, because he has been raking against every pitcher that has been put in front of him. From shortseason bums when he was at Aberdeen to Kyle Lohse to Shairon Martis, he has crushed the ball at every stop, the only thing that slowed him down were some freak injuries. Reimold needs to be in the majors now. Not June, not september, but now. He will not get to play over Mcphail's pet, Pie. The most logical thing to happen is to deal Luke Scott (which I mentioned last year). This is what I would like to see happen, but if Scott is too valuable to the organization we need to do Reimold a favor and trade him for something we will use instead of letting him continue to rot in the minors at age 25.
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    Keep your jokes away from me, Soprano. This is serious business. Grab the pitchforks and torches. USA Today headquarters is right down the way from me.
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