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    <img src="http://inlinethumb26.webshots.com/44441/2341519960101329550S500x500Q85.jpg"> "C'mon, Blue? How many MVPs do you know that can hit that pitch?"
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    Actually, Adam Eaton rides the reebok to work. That is one ugly car. He purchased it at Eastern motors or something.
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    Apologies to those of you who have grown used to some semblance of draft reporting from me over the past few years... however, my typical efforts have been set aside as I have focused on publishing my novel (due out in 3 months). I try to keep up as best I can, and I hope to be able to contribute something as the draft approaches. Again, sorry if anyone has been let down, but I can see that others are doing a fine job of reviewing these amateurs.
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    While we have touched upon this subject before, it bears watching -yes- even this early in the season. What lies ahead for Aubrey Huff, a free agent at the end of this season? As I see it, there are three options: A)Resign him to a multi-year contract. B)Let him walk as a likely Type-A free agent. C)Trade him during the current season. I am an advocate of option 'C', although 'B' could be a viable alternative. Option 'A' interests me the least, by a wide margin. The interest in a player like Huff, a bonafide clean-up hitter, should get pretty serious... especially knowing that the team getting him can somewhat recoup their losses via draft picks, sans interest in resigning Huff. The Angels make sense, even this early in the year... now that Vlad is out a month or so. Do I expect MacPhail to deal Huff early? No. Do I expect a deal at the AS break? Expect is a strong word, but I believe MacPhail will look to deal Huff, as well as Luke Scott. How do you feel about Huff? Do you agree with me, or would you try to resign him?
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    In reading your posts, it's pretty clear that you're not stupid, so I think you're just being close-minded here. You've decided for one reason or another that you don't like Pie, and you're viewing reality though that lens. And it's making you blind. Look, everybody agrees with you that overall Pie hasn't looked great at the plate, and he's been shaky in the field at times. I'm not sure you realize this, because you feel the need to keep pointing it out at every opportunity, but we're all basically in agreement about his play so far. But, really, I don't see how you can deny that you've seen flashes of brilliance from Pie. You have, you know it, and that's after only 10 games. So, for me, that's enough to be patient for another couple of months. And, seriously, don't you think that the entire point of 2009 is to find out whether guys like Pie can play? Pie may very well fail; I realize there's another side to my argument. Which is another way that we seem to differ.
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    Look, honestly, I'm not that down after this loss. Last night, to go up 7 runs with Guthrie on the mound I think it was a bit fluky that we blew that game. Tonight, even though we lost, I feel pretty proud of the effort. Being down 6 runs and coming back and having chances to tie or take the lead.... Again, I'm actually feeling much better tonight, even though we've dropped the first two of this series, then I did last night. Perhaps the news of Bergy pitching on Tuesday helps a bit too. Anyhoo, here's to Koji stopping the bleeding tomorrow.
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    "Thats a routine play, except for the fact that its unusual." Thorne - "Theres a chopper to the right. That'll be a tough play... if Ortiz could run. But he can't, out number 2."
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    Tonight in the first few innings, he was talking about the strike zone and proceeded to say something along the lines of "If they are going to call the high strikes all night, I'm going down there to pitch." :laughlol: He might have made it deeper in the game than Eaton. :wedge:
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    You are possibly the most clueless poster I've ever come across on here. Nick Markakis could barely get the ball out of the infield for 2 months during his rookie season. He had no chance on inside fastballs. He looked terrible. Felix Pie looks light years better than Nick did during that time. Crowley did a lot of work with Markakis and things finally started to click sometime around the end of May, IIRC. There's no doubt that Pie is a work in progress but, IMO, it's easy to see the potential. I'm glad you're on the anti Pie side of the argument because you are almost always wrong. I give you credit though. It's amazing that you have such strength in your convictions. Most people with your track record would have been humbled by now.
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    Not that anyone needs to say it again, but that might have been the worst throw I have ever seen in my entire life, with the possible exception of Todd Zeile. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having seen that. I award you no points, Felix, and may God have mercy on your soul.
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    Kranitz : Stop throwing your changeup. It sucks. Zaun : Oh, it is just absolutely horrid. Kranitz : I mean, I'm not sure I've ever seen a worse pitch in my 28 years of coaching.
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    Although Youk is a good player.... He more than anyone in baseball just makes me sick to my stomach. From his manuerisms, to his look, to the bandwagon fans who cheer him, I just get sick... Anyone else feel this way?
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    I hate listening to games at Fenway, Sox fans seem to have poorer depth perception on fly balls than any other fans in baseball.
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    With all due respect Mr. Pappas, and there is nobody on this board who has more of my respect than you do, I think you under value what Huff brings to this team. I have been very impressed with Huff at first base so far this seaon, last nights error not withstanding. And we have no first baseman in the wings that is all that close. I don't think Snyder will be ready until 2011 at the earliest, though I hope that I am wrong. I am on board with your desire to further add young talent to our system in the never ending pursuit of building a team that can compete year in and year out. No doubt in my mind, that is the direction we should be going in. And I think we are heading in that direction finally. But to me you have to get very good value in any Huff trade or resign him. Letting him walk, even with draft pick compensation, is the wrong course to take.
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    :clap3: :clap3: No words were necessary...until I realized that this was post #5000! I'm less than 1/10 the man SG is!
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    After a full season in Baltimore, bonding with his outfield mates, learning from his coaches and playing the game consistently, without the "produce now" pressure he may have been subject to in Chicago...only then will the Orioles begin to have a true handle on what they have in Felix Pie.
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    Wow you're not kidding. I just went and watched the interview for the first time. I actually am almost surprised at how open he was about that. To say he sort of pitched around the 2 betters ahead of Varitek because he "knew who he wanted to go after," (Varitek)- man- I'd love to see what Aubry Huff said to Guts after the game. My biggest thing with this game was. These things happen to every team at some point in the year- they really do. Out of 162 games- teams will often lose ones that they absolutely should win. You hope that the reverse also happens a few times to even it out. My big thing is this... and I'm sure quite a few can relate... As a fan- it really took the air out of my sails. I've been excited for EVERY game this season- regardless of what happened the night before, or game before... until now. That oh so familiar feeling of absolute doom has come upon me a bit earlier than normal due to last night's result- and I am just praying for a minor miracle tonight to get that glimmer of hope back. And by glimmer of hope- I'm not talking being in contention this year- I'm just talking about going into each game feeling like we have a chance to win without giving the games away. A feeling that at least for the first couple months of the season- we can dream of the impossible- all the while knowing we're still a year or two away. I know most will say we shouldn't have expected anything less- and our pitchig is so bad that's what we should expect- but I don't buy into that. Last night sucked the life out of the short season so far- a season we had managed to make up for that pitching with spectacular defense and hitting. Two games in a row it seems those things disappeared. A single win tonight or even tomorrow can get that feeling back though. So here's to holding out hope that Schmuck's reverse lock theory plays out tonight!
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    That does make things tough. I had a stretch with 6 players on the DL last year. If you are going to take another SS, Andrus sounds like the guy. Aviles would be a good choice too if he's out there, he'll give you 2 positions and he will bounce back soon from a slow start. NP dude.
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    To the point where they omit the letter from their jerseys. <img src="http://thebiglead.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/04/washingtonnatinals.jpg">
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    My favorite quote was "going back to the mound is like coming into the game without warming up." What followed was typically arrogant remarks about entrance exams. Post game, Amber asked Guthrie directly if he was cold, pitching right after the Orioles' big inning, and he said, "no, I did not feel cold after that." video
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    My publisher said it will take about three months before it is available to the public, but it is virtually ready now. It's called SoulBound and its what I would term as a supernatural thriller. It revolves around the main character, Jimmy, who discovers as a boy that he has a unique gift; he is a soul collector. At twelve years old he has the soul of a 31 year-old woman merge with him, and she speaks to him just like anyone else would, except she's dead and no one besides Jimmy can hear her. Over time, he bonds with eleven other souls; men, woman, people from various countries and times in history… and he carries within him their memories, abilities, and emotions. He refers to them as the SoulBound. He is now 26 and a highly regarded history professor that speaks six languages… and he's in love. Dee, the love of his life, is unaware of the SoulBound, so Jimmy must tell her, while also trying to deal with the dark mystery behind the death of his latest and youngest soul; a six-year old girl named Carrie Ann. He discovers that she was murdered by a serial killer called The Shadow That Speaks, and with the help of his SoulBound, Jimmy must hunt him down, as the FBI can't catch him. The book is often quite romantic, and involves a full gambit of emotions, and speaks genuinely to the essence of the human condition, life and death, and good versus evil… while taking the reader for a wild ride. I hope it makes it... I had a great time writing it.
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    My favorite game thread quote was "Guthrie is getting what he deserves". If he got what he deserved, it would have been a couple good plays and the ball not hitting the bag and taking a freaky bounce... then, he would have given up 3 ER and not gone thru 100p by the 5th inning. But, hey, why miss a chance to dump on a guy? They're our guys, so it's our job to hate on them, evidently.
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    truefax: It takes 3 swings to hit a grand slam in PETCO Park
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    I thought you had already done that.
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    Reimold just hit a grand slam. The ball was absolutely massacred. He hit it about 25 feet fair and it went at least 450. It is the longest home run I've seen in person in many years. God, he killed that ball.
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    Yeah, but if we trade our young pitching to the tigers for Cabrera all will be solved.
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