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    That would be 'the butt,' Bob. (You're telling me no one else thought of this urban myth when they saw the thread title? C'mon!!)
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    Right now I'm in an internet cafe' in the Colaba neighborhood of Bombay ,India. By the way, rep to anyone who can recap what I've missed in the last week.
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    Luke will only be hitting homeruns from now on.
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    Luuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuke. hr would be nice as rice
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    Good choice. I dunno why people wanna keep this going...
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    Perry's hand was shaking in anticipation of Matt Wieters' arrival tomorrow.
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    Zaun is still going to be the starter. He's not getting any younger though, so they're bringing up Wiethers to let Zauny rest 6 out of 7 games. /dempsey
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    I believe the total is 231. He was raised by wolves and his uncle and godfather, Jim Palmerino.
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    I guess Eddie is going to conveniently stop talking about this topic.
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    If Hernandez wins this, I suspect Cindy is going to have an entire shelf of perfect ones at the end of this weekend.
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    I don't know about you but I tune in for the family interviews.
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    the whole point of him going to AAA was to fix whatever was wrong. His stats since returning have proved that he "fixed" something. He has been good since he was recalled. Should we not trust him? Are you a pitching scout? He got that K didn't he? i guess you're right though, even mediocre guys get the eventual K
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    according to Gamecaster that landed in Delaware
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    I like Melvin Mora, but he really tries my patience sometimes.
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    The Detroit announcers are praising Hernandez for pitching inside and keeping their good hitters off the plate.
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    Papa Bear Bergesen, Big Nole Reimold, Bubblegum Jones, Kakes, B-Rob, Huff-Daddy, Melmo, Hail Cesar, Guts, Luuuuuuuuuke, and GOD. I think we're set for nicknames for a while.
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    I think the rain's on it's way out. At least that's what the radar was saying.
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    Milligan's mom has been in town for a few days. Mystery solved.
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    Marc Krauss is a junior OF/1B at Ohio University who seems to be flying under the radar but I would love to see the O's draft this kid. He's 6'3, 225, bats left, and is currently hitting .402-27-70 with 46 BB & 29 SO. He played in the Cape Cod League last summer and led the league in RBI & OBP. To me, that says a lot about his ability to perform that well in a league that typically is dominated by pitching. He was an All-State football & baseball player in high school so the kid is definitely an athlete, and we know that Joe Jordan likes athletic baseball players, which Krauss seems to be. I'm guessing Krauss goes no later than the 2nd round, at worst the 3rd round, and he's got a shot to be a late 1st or sandwich round pick with the year he's having and his performance on the Cape last summer. I know the O's major league lineup is really coming together now with Reimold cementing himself and Wieters on the way, but it would be nice to add another bat to the system with Krauss' power and all-around hitting ability, not to mention his ability to play both 1B & OF. It appears that Brandon Snyder is our long-term 1B, but adding Krauss would at the very least give us some depth and possibly allow Snyder to make the transition to 3B. If anyone has anything to add on Krauss, please do, but I thought I'd bring attention to this guy who not many people seem to be talking about.
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    I know summertime is underway, weddings season is upon us, the weather hasn't been the greatest, and not every Hangouter can make every Hangout Night (I won't be there for this one) but that's why for the life of me I don't understand why people aren't ringing Dan Stahl's phone off the hook. If you're reading through this thread and are on the fence about coming out to Hangout Night this Saturday, I can't say enough about what a great experience it is. I was a little apprehensive the first time meeting some of the regulars here in-person, but the tight-knit group of regulars at these events are about the best bunch of O's fans on the planet. I don't know one person who's come out with us and said, "Nah. That's not for me. That'll be the last one of those I go to." As a matter of fact, at least a half-dozen Hangouters last year told me, "Man...I wish I'd have come out sooner!" Seriously folks...come on out to the Yard with us!
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    I know, I"m just messin with ya. I've met Jeter on a few occasions as well, and he's just a nice guy. I shared a story with Cindy the other day, and I'll be brief here as well. I used to work at a radio station and back in 2001 or so, we did a benefit at Hopkins Childrens Center. We had 3 O's and Ravens do appearances and it was great. Anyway, the Yankees were in town and Brady Anderson saw Jeter and Torre at lunch and I guess mentioned to them that he was going to the hospital. Long story short, Jeter and Torre showed up, unannounced, no media, no publicity, nothing. They signed autographs and spent some time with the kids. I gained a ton of respect for both of those guys that day. He's a good guy, that's all. I'm glad you've met him have seen this. It's funny the irrational love/hate we have for these guys. It's what being a passionate fan is all about I guess.
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    Houston selects Texas prep star Everett Williams, CF, HS (TX) 1. Washington Nationals: crawdad... Stephen Strasburg, RHSP, San Diego State 2. Seattle Mariners: allstar1579... Dustin Ackley, CF/1B, North Carolina 3. San Diego Padres: WebLink21... Aaron Crow, RHP, Fort Worth Cats 4. Pittsburgh Pirates: QBsIllest...Tanner Scheppers, RHP, St. Paul Saints 5. Baltimore Orioles: Duke... Tyler Matzek, LHSP, HS (CA) 6. San Francisco Giants: McNulty... Donovan Tate, OF, HS (GA) 7. Atlanta Braves: Lookin Up... Zack Wheeler, RHSP, HS (GA) 8. Cincinnati Reds: Stotle... Shelby Miller, RHSP, HS (TX) 9. Detroit Tigers: Stotle... Grant Green, SS, USC 10. Washington Nationals*: crawdad... Kyle Gibson, RHSP, Missouri 11. Colorado Rockies: QBsIllest... Mike Leake, RHSP, Arizona State 12. Kansas City Royals: Greg Pappas... Jacob Turner, RHSP, HS (MO) 13. Oakland Athletics: fischbowl... Mike Minor, LHSP, Vanderbilt 14. Texas Rangers: Lookin Up... Alex White, RHSP, UNC 15. Cleveland Indians: allstar1579... Matt Purke, LHSP, HS (TX) 16. Arizona Diamondbacks: Stotle... Tim Wheeler, OF, Sacremento St. 17. Arizona Diamondbacks*: Stotle... Tony Sanchez, C, Boston College 18. Florida Marlins: Greg Pappas... Rex Brothers, LHSP, Lipscomb 19. St. Louis Cardinals: fischbowl... Mike Trout, CF, HS (NJ) 20. Toronto Blue Jays: McNulty... Matt Davidson, 3B, HS (CA) 21. Houston Astros: Greg Pappas... Everett Williams, CF, HS (TX) 22. Minnesota Twins: WebLink21 23. Chicago White Sox: crawdad 24. Los Angeles Angels: crawdad 25. Los Angeles Angels*: crawdad 26. Milwaukee Brewers: Duke 27. Seattle Mariners*: allstar1579 28. Boston Red Sox: Lookin Up 29. NY Yankees*: fischbowl 30. Tampa Bay Rays: Duke 31. Chicago Cubs: WebLink21 32. Colorado Rockies*: QBsIllest First Round Supplemental... 33. Mariners: AllStar 34. Rockies: QBsILLest 35. Diamondbacks: Stotle 36. Dodgers: QBsILLest 37. Blue Jays: McNulty 38. White Sox: crawdad 39. Brewers: Duke 40. Angels: crawdad 41. Diamondbacks: Stotle 42. Angels: crawdad 43. Reds: Stotle 44. Rangers: LookinUp 45. Diamondbacks: Satyr 46. Twins: WebLink21 47. Brewers: Duke 48. Angels: crawdad 49. Pirates: QBsILLest
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    It's an interesting idea but it won't work for two reasons: 1. Having the Manager make the final picks ensures that all teams are represented. Most of the time, after the fans have picked, the other managers and players have gotten their votes in, and the "Each team represented" rule is fulfilled, the manager really doesn't have much say in who goes on the lineup... maybe only 3 or 4 guys. 2. If you bench the players the fans want to see at the beginning of the game, then you put the fate of fans' happiness in the hands of the manager. If you thought the whole Cito Gaston/Mike Mussina thing was nasty, just wait until some AL manager decides not to play Jeter until the 8th inning because he just isn't good anymore. Having the players the fans want to see play first helps extinguish this. As Tommy Lee Jones said in Men in Black "A person is smart. People are dumb, panicky dangerous animals and you know it." Now if you want my solution, I say take it completely away from us fans. If the ASG still meant nothing to anyone then I would say "Suuuuure, just let any bum chose who they want to see". But the All Star Game does not mean nothing. It A. decides the home field advantage in the World Series and B. has rather large influence over who gets in the HOF. The ASG means a lot to ballplayers' careers and putting that decision in the fate of mindless fans is downright stupidity. I say give the vote to sports writers. They get it right 95% of the time.
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    C'mon man! It's the RANTS section! We don't have to be rational or logical or even truthful! Truth be told? The two times I've encountered him at Oriole Park he was so nice to me he made me angry. I so hoped he'd be a jerk and come off like an arrogant jackhole but he was the exact opposite. And yes, the Jeter hate festered even further. Why? For not living up to my expectations. Logical? Nope. But it's how I feel. I don't always have to be reasonable and rational when it comes to being a sports fan. Especially not in the Rants section.
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    Now you know how we feel with 99% of your posts.
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    My Indian coworkers from the city call it 'Bombay'. Hey, what do they know though?
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    Scott, thanks man... Too bad I can't see Friday's game and I'm skeptical we can get Pie through waivers. I think that would be a bad move. By the way shack, from what I've gathered only tourists and those outside of the city call Bombay, Mumbai... or should I correct myself and address you properly as rshacklford?
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    I notice that as long as we are playing well the DT bashers are silent. But if he is truly the idiot you think he is he must have screwed up some where today. Well what was it? I cant think of anything, but maybe he shouldn't have brought back Baez for a third inning? Or should not have let Ray have the ball since we know he sucks? I was disturbed to see GS warming, because it would have been his third game in a row.
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    CrimsonTribe for the win. Lawyers rule.
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    You know, saying "small sample size" works in a lot of cases, but not with relief pitchers. They have NOTHING but small sample sizes. You actually have to base how they do by watching the games that they're in and evaluating how their stuff looks. Clarification: I agree with you.
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    I had to look that one up: Q: What is the PFX value? A: The "Pitch-f/x" value is currently defined as the measurement of the distance between the location of the actual pitch thrown over the plate, and the calculated location of a ball thrown by the pitcher in the same way, with no spin; this is the value we provided in Enhanced Gameday last season as "Break". The new Break value, which we feel is more appropriate for the common understanding of the term, is defined as the measurement of the greatest distance between the trajectory of the pitch at any point between the release point and the front of home plate, and the straight line path from the release point and the front of home plate. By this definition, a Barry Zito curveball will have a much greater Break value than a Brad Penny fastball. (By the way, the "camera control" in the 3D batter area allows you to view each pitch from any of six different viewpoints, so you can see the trajectory and location of each pitch from multiple angles.)
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    A subtle reason for keeping Synder in Bowie could be to see how he fares against the league's adjustment to him. The Eastern League has a small number of teams, and Synder is likely to face the same players, the same pitchers over and over again over the course of the season. Undoubtedly, these teams will pitch him differently the 3rd, the 4th, the 5th time around. If he moves up to Norfolk to face a slightly better level of competition, well, there is an element of the unknown there. Those pitchers will be facing Synder for the first time, so perhaps they have not figured out how to pitch to him yet. Is it a greater learning experience to face a slightly higher level of competition, OR is it better for Synder to learn to adapt to a league's adjustment to him? There is truth in both, which could play into the O's staff favoring a full half-season before promotions.
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