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    You guys seen these? They were playing them on 105.7 in reference to tomorrow's Ravens game. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oZzgAjjuqZM&feature=related Profanity warning.
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    Well since we have some time to kill, how about a little more of Love ...
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    My least favorite player in the history of Maryland athletics. He freaking sucks. We'd be better off not having an offense and playing only defense and special teams.
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    Yea, at least the expert managers have stopped with the I can not believe DT brought (fill in the blank) and he blew the game, threads.
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    Exactly. He may not have breached a contract, but clearly the Orioles thought they had an agreement and made their decision based on that agreement. He took advantage of that trust to make a move that he thought made sense for personal reasons. In his calculus, the personal decisions outweighed any loyalty or obligation to the Orioles. Which is fine. But placing those personal decisions over the agreement (a decision that only became possible because the team trusted you) is, to me, the definition of selfishness. He literally put himself before both the team and his own obligation to the team. We're all selfish in the end, to some extent. And most of us can understand why he did what he did.
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    The fact is on a couple of drives Croyle guided the Chiefs right down the field passing the ball. Because of that they basically were in the game late. The pass defense imo didnt look all that good. It wasnt nearly bad as the San Diego game. The Ravens have problems ... In two games they've had trouble getting to the QB with Mattison's wanting to use the front 4 only. Then when he did add in some extra guys blitzing they didnt get there.
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    To mis-quote Joe Strummer: "Yankee$ dollars talk to the free agents of the world." If Chapman only wants $32 million, the Yankee$ can find that in the couch cushions in the YES reception area. They dropped almost half a billion last season on three FAs. Think they're really gonna miss $32 million???
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    I prefer to think of myself as one of the top rated rookie posters in the country, coming up and making his long-awaited big splash in the majors!
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    Because you're being a rude jackass to a new poster for no reason other than he's new, and he's not all that new. You're implying, no flat out stating, that his opinions don't matter because he doesn't have a Plus Subscription yet which is just ignorant on your part.
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    The Yankees never cease to amaze with the money they throw around.
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    As I posted in another thread recently, word up here is that Chapman's deal is likely to surpass the $32-million it took the Yankees to land fellow Cuban defector Jose Contreras a few years back. Now Contreras has only rarely resembled the guy who dominated the Orioles in the Cuba vs. O's exhibition back in 1999, mostly since leaving NY, and never approached the Roger Clemens comparisons circulated at the time. Chapman is an intriguing talent to be sure, and I wish the kid well, but he remains quite raw and some scouts see his future in middle relief. If he's going to cost more than 500% of what it took to sign Matt Wieters, I don't see the Orioles getting involved and, quite frankly, I don't blame them.
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    So the key to signing a free agent is calling them, expressing interest and scheduling a meeting with their agent? Someone write that down. MacPhail's system of contacting free agents via carrier pigeons probably just leaves them confused and covered in bird poop.
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    Don't forget Bret Saberhagen! Yeah, I made that awful, awful pun. And I make no apology for it. Heck, I can't believe Saberhagen hasn't found a way to capitalize on the rising popularity of SABR.
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    Wow ...Dude I read SG's comment ...I sure dont need some mouthy new guy shoving it down my throat. In case you havent noticed SG has no problem speaking up. Before you go after somebody here you should at very least PAY & become a member rather than some troll on a free Pass!:angryfire:
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    Here's what you and the "he sucks cuz he's not spending money" camp seemingly don't understand.You can't sign big name players and only have to pay them big time money in the early years while payroll is low. Their salaries stay big, and in fact usually get bigger. So 3-4 years after you sign them, they are no longer elite performers but are now making more than elite money you signed them to initially. And those average or so players making $12-15M are the guys that get stuck on your payroll and are the reason you can't resign Adam Jones beyond his service time years. If MacPhail could be signing guys to big time deals for 2-3 years, he would be. But you can't, because elite talent doesn't sign 3-year deals. Elite talent signs 6-year deals, but they are usually no longer elite by year 4. Well year 3 or 4 of that deal would be when we expect to contend, so really you are getting 1 or 2 years out of a 6-year deal for $15M+ a year that you actually can really benefit from the deal, and then it hurts you when you could be using that money to add more players to help you contend. You don't sign big time free agents while you are building your core. Because if you do that, your big time free agents play great while the core is developing, but you still lose. Maybe you get one or two years while the core is developed and the big time guys are still productive. Then you have two or more years where your core is fully developed and then they need big money contracts, but you can't afford to give them that money because you've got so much tied up in your formerly elite guys who are now average starters at best. So you can't resign all the guys you've developed that you'd like to keep around and you also can't sign new elite free agents to supplement your core. You sign big time free agents once the core is developed. Or at least once it is very close to being developed. Unless you've got just a remarkable talent who you legitimately expect to age well and be greatly productive for 5-6 years, you don't sign the big time free agents until it is time to do so. And its not quite time for us to do so yet. Sign the best players who have to settle for 1-2 year deals, overpaying annually if you have to, when you are filling holes. But don't spend big time money on guys that aren't likely to still be elite when you are actually going to win.
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    To play Devil's Advocate, if you do play Cover 2 all day, you're going to have to stick with a 4-man rush or risk leaving things open underneath to backs (Sproles) and TEs (Gates). With San Diego's proficiency at these positions, their WRs are the least dangerous threats in the passing game so I don't argue the strategy. It is clear though that the pass rush needs to improve.
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    Washington Post, Allan Sloan: Why We May Help Pay for Tribune to Unload the Cubs Nothing to worry, with a Chicago politician in the White House and a confessed tax dodger in charge of the IRS.
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