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    As MacPhail himself has outlined, I kind of look at his job in stages, or phases. Phase 1 is obviously collecting and compiling as much young talented players as possible. In terms of the big league club, I would say that this part of the job is 95% done. The reason that so many people around here are behind MacPhail is that nobody has done it this way (the right way IMO) in recent memory. We have clamored for this phase for a good 12 years now. It should have happened back in the late 90's. Having not been a fan of any team who has torn everything up and rebuilt internally, I don't have intimate knowledge of how what MacPhail has done thus far compares. I guess there's really no gauge other than to see how it plays out. Sure, you can read Baseball America or BP or whatever other prospect evaluation site you like and see that there are a lot of former top 50 prospects on our 25 man roster. That's all well and good. They comprise the foundation, and that is the most important part of this "project." Phase 2 is something that gets glossed over on here often. A legitimate question is what IS phase 2, anyways? To me, it's plug the remaining holes with short term stop gaps while the youth gets acclimated to ML competition. There are still some growing pains associated with this phase, unfortunately. The good news is that this phase has the potential to be relatively succinct. The bad news is that it might become apparent that the guys MacPhail has compiled just aren't gonna cut it. We're in the middle of this thing right now. This is the fun part, people. Try to enjoy it instead of whine and cry about it. Now, it is certainly legitimate to question when phase 3 begins. It's also legitimate to question what it'll look like. There is such a wide range of opinion on here about this phase. Many people see the money the MFY's of the world throw around and convince themselves that we just cannot compete without a couple players who make a quarter billion dollars. Others are of the belief that they can get by with everything they've already got. Obviously, the truth lies somewhere inbetween, and each free agent class is different. There may be opportunities that make sense for the Orioles to dump 20% of their payroll into one player. There may also be opportunities to trade for a big time player. You can't pigeonhole yourself into acquiring players via free agency. A team like the Orioles cannot build a sustainable winner via free agency. Let me repeat that: A team like the Orioles cannot build a sustainable winner via free agency. The Orioles have a chance to become very good very fast with the core they have right now. They also have a chance to become very expensive very fast, just based on what they've already got. People equate monetary expenditure with success, and the fact of the matter is that isn't always the case. And when it's not the case, it can be a very bad, crippling thing. So you have to be cautious. That's not to understate the importance of Phase 3. Not only will that be the icing, but it will also signify that the previous two phases were successful. And oh, by the way, while all this is going on, you need to be running a constant phase 1 organizationally via the draft, trades & international signings (which, incidentally, MacPhail needs to improve upon.) I know it's been a long time since the Orioles played meaningful baseball late in the summer, but for the first time in a long time, there is hope in the near future.
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    I read the article and I quoted from it. I didn't verify because my eggnog is a lot more important than stats research right now. Soon Irish coffee will dominate. I'll do my best to find a statistical metric for those two things as my penance.
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    "You're either rebuilding for something special, or you're on the verge of something special. To be in between is foolish." --Billy Beane Sorry SG, I had to.
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    You really think Trea would do this?
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    Since the Yankees and Red Sox have raised their WAR from 50 to 60 in less than 2 months I figure by spring training it will be 80 to 90. Might as well break out the white flag and give up. They are obviously going to win 130 games apiece.
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    As a former Cub you have to feel AM will target Lee next offseason. According to MLB rule 78.1.4 "The Baltimore Orioles can not go two full years without adding a former Chicgo Cub either through trade of free agency." Look it up.
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    The lack of viable free agents next year is why I think we should be in on Holliday if we can get him in the 5/85 range. Holliday is a better long term option than either Carlos Pena or Derek Lee. We could then move Reimold to first or in trade for a prospect.
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    Real Madrid. Or maybe the Redskins.
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    PA Announcer: "For the Ravens - at cornerback - number 41 - Frank Walker" Heinz Field fans: "Hooray!" (and much waving of toilet towels)
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    A cult classic....Phantasm. "You play a good game boy...."
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    The second time I watched it I fell asleep on the couch and the movie just kept going. Eventually the VHS tape go to the end and rewound itself. When my old VCR did that, after it finished rewinding it would eject the tape and the screen would go to static. Needless to say, the static woke me up and scared the bejesus out of me. I've never been more horrified in my life, or more convinced that something was happening (Samara crawling out of my TV). It took me about a minute to realize what had happened, but I didn't go back to sleep that night.
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    How would this team,this system,and front office look if we kept Beattiegan or Duq and Flanny as the GMs? I say this because I believe we would be still the laughing stock of MLB. If AM has changed anything its that. I have spoken to several people that are involved with the game and say the Os are serious and doing it right with AM. So if that's the case then why are his own team fans not happy with what he has done?
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    OK, but we're making too much of this at this point. His general point was that WAR has its flaws. Hard to disagree that any stat that identifies Zobrist as the best player in baseball last year is dubious. For one thing, they really need to figure out a way to give catchers some credit for their defensive contributions. It's ridiculous to treat 8 of 9 defensive positions as if they matter, and then ignore defense at a position where defense always has been considered extremely important. For another thing, and I know we could spend the next 100 posts debating this, the defensive part of WAR generally just seems at odds with common experience. If Zobrist was really that good at 2B, he wouldn't have been moved back to the OF the second Iwamura was healthy enough to return. I don't want to get into too much of a debate about all that right now. I'll just say that when next year is over, I'm pretty sure neither the Red Sox nor the Yankees will have a total of 60 WAR.
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    I think you should collect all 20k of your posts, laminate them, put them in a 3-ring binder and mail them to the Angelos family. Then, just sit back and wait.
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