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    NO...THEY...COULDN'T. Now I realize I'm standing foolishly at the confluence of your three major fetishes, but you're so far out in left field here as to be on the other side of the fence. I've said this to you before and I'll say it again now. I have skin in this game. You don't. Until you live here and buy tickets here and go to games here on a regular basis all your theoreticals are just that: theoreticals. You clearly have no grasp of economic reality, especially as it relates to the running of a MLB team in BALTIMORE. So--while I realize this will do no good whatsoever--I must ask you to stop. Just...please...stop. When you have an actual point to make about something you actually know something about, please do. But if you're just going to keep beating your drum about how much this organization, Andy MacPhail and life in general suck--while NOT WATCHING THE GAMES--I would be willing to pay you NOT to post here any more. How's that "complete ignore" thing work, again???
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    Dallas is dead It was awesome seeing Minnesota run the score up on them. Awesome. I officially don't care who wins the Super Bowl now.
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    On paper, the Colts are a better team with more talent. But, if we were a disciplined team, how different would that game have been? If we didn't have a schizophrenic game plan how different would that game have been? It was obvious going in that Indy was going to load up the box and make Flacco make throws before they played him more honestly. He went 4/4. The next series, they adjusted and we were totally baffled about what to do. The two questions that come out of this are, first, knowing we're going to have opportunities with our receivers, why didn't we do more to take advantage of it and second, was there no plan for how to readapt once teh coverage changed? I like Cameron. I think he has been one of the top offensive coordinators in the league, and I don't think he got stupid overnight. So, what happened? Has he been handcuffed into game plans and philosophies destined to fail? Most teams when they have a weakness find a way to distract, trick plays, wildcat, atypical play calling - anything to keep the opponent from locking in on your weaknesses. The Ravens, we appear to call plays as if we have the best players and scheme in the league and then say "If we had better talent, these plays would have worked." Every team has weaknesses. The Ravens just seem to flaunt theirs and do nothing to try and improve.
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    Yeah, never mind that the entire nation is in a recession. Lucky for me this increase won't affect me at all. Because unlike Jtrea, I actually go to the games and watch the Orioles. But, I'm super rich. I sprinkle crushed diamonds on all my meals. It makes my dookie sparkle.
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    I have had two or three responses that I was sure would find their way to OCT. <object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie" value="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vf4K6YtiFc8&hl=en_US&fs=1&"></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed src="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vf4K6YtiFc8&hl=en_US&fs=1&" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true" width="425" height="344"></embed></object>
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    THe problem with the expanding market logic is that you can only expand this market so far. The Nationals changed that - but that has nothing to do with the pricing change. I believe that this move isn't about trying to change anyone's behavior as two dollars really won't do that and the walk-up crowd is easily only about 5-7% of any game's given attendance. People that routinely walk up will still walk up. It is about trying to tap a new revenue source. Minor League markets are not as analogous as some people might want to think they are. Minor League ball has always been vastly cheaper and is frankly a different product and atmosphere. They have to stay as local as possible and create as family friendly an environment as they can because of the constant flux of the product. The only minor league team that I can honestly say has maybe taken fans away from Camden Yards on a consistent basis is the Ironbirds. That is due laregly to the Ripken connection, the niceness of the brand new facility and the fact that Aberdeen is just far enough away to make coming to Camden Yards a pain in the but. What bothers me about the move is that it does hurt city residents. The people that are most likely to go to a game on a whim are the people with the park right in their backyard, I know that is how I go to many of my games. Now, I am being penalized for that. Again, one buck will not stop me from doing this and it will most likely not stop a vast majority of the walk-up business - but it will stop some. Just as any price increase in any business for anything will stop someone from buying it. That is just basic economics.
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    That'll work! At least you're not "holier than thou". :clap3: As for weams - at least you got closure for your misdeeds.... but nice story anyway! Big Snutchy - step up to the podium!
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    Oswald acting alone wouldn't be a conspiracy. But don't worry, he didn't. PA was there on the knoll, :laughlol:
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    Way to go Favre, good thing you were able to set your personal record by throwing that TD pass up by 24 with 1:50 left in the game...We all know it's all about you, you egocentric piece of...
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    Well...let's see...Wieter's OPS last year was .753, Jones was .792, Reimold in 104 games was team leader at .831...Markakis was at .801...Jones at .792... Luke Scott led the team in HRs with 25.. Toronto's leaders included Hill at .829 ( but with 36 HRs) and Lind at .932 (with 35 HRs)... Tampa Bay's leaders included Zobrist .948 with 27 HRs, Longoria at .889 with 33 HRs, Bartlett at .879 and Crawford at .816.. So...do I think that Wieters is going to increase his OPS by 200 points to equal Zobrist or come close to his 27 HRs...(no, I don't think so...Wieters may likely increase to .800 OPS and hit 20-25 HRs...I think Reimold is not going to be at .831 for a full year- again .800 OPS with maybe 25 HRs...Jones was a player with two seasons last year...the first two months and the last two months- it remains to be seen if he is going to be more consistent, but I would not be surprised if he too is right at the .800 OPS range with 15-20 HRs..).. Collectively, however, this still projects the Orioles offensively as significantly weaker than all other teams in the AL East and they may not equal last year's production if Reimold, Wieters have sophomore difficulties. Their power production is abysmal...Luke Scott led the team with 25...I don't know that any of their 2010 lineup will hit 25 HRs... But they are even worse from a pitching comparison standpoint for 2010 given that this will likely still be a development season for three of their five starters.... Right now they are counting heavily on three very young pitchers, Tillman, Matusz and Bergesen...Matusz has pitched 44 innings in the majors, Tillman 65 and Bergesen, coming off an injury, pitched 123 innings in 2010.. These three will have to take their growing pains lumps in 2010...I would be surprised if any of them had WHIPs less than 1.40 or had winning records in 2010 or won more than 12 games or had an ERA less than 4.50... Tillman, in particular, had 15 HRs allowed in only 65 innings which would have projected to over 40 during a 200 inning season... This is not to say that the players mentioned will not ultimately become good or even very good major league players....but it won't be enough in 2010 to reach Toronto's 75 wins last year, in my view.
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    This I know...I shouldn't have been posting it. I cooould delete it but you guys had to go and quote me :laughlol: Ravens game did me in.
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    You can, but you can't say it pubically - er - publicly. It is politically incorrect and insensitive to be totally honest. Just keep it to yourself and out of range of recording equipment....and as scOtt said, "It's all good!" :scratchchinhmm::rolleyestf:
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    Remember, Flacco is only in his second year. How long did it take Manning to win the big one? How bad was Eli until he finally won the big one? Carson Palmer still has not won a playoff game and only has two winning seasons to his name. Drew Brees had his share of troubles early in his career as well before becoming an elite QB. Get Flacco weapons and he will be great.
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    Took the liberty of editing that for you;)
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    I accepted payment from Big Snutchy to be his friend. I'm ashamed. I should've stood my ground.
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    2nd time poster although my first post was on an outdated post. Technically from a pure "DMA" standpoint - we are 1.2 million TV households bigger than "Boston" aka NESN. Since MASN entails BMORE and DC you can add together their respective DMA households for a media market. Thus you come out about 1.2 million TV households ahead give or take. Some will argue that we have 2 teams in that market. Good point. But those folks can consider the fact that we are barely behind Chicago at the #3 spot in regard to media markets. They have the Cubs and White Sox with WGN in that market. The Cubs have a what $140 million payroll? The White Sox - What at $100 million payroll (no idea on the WSox)... (CHICKEN AND EGG THING - PAY TO PUT A PRODUCT ON THE FIELD - ATTENDANCE AND RATINGS GO UP) And the Orioles own what 90% of MASN whereas the Cubs own a small % of WGN?... Seems like a cash cow for the O's. The terrible ratings are a direct result of the inferior product on the field. No getting around that apologists. And the Miami Herald-ESPN etc. claims the O's are making AS MUCH as $90 million a year in rev share (not assured of that figure, but someone who debates it is just as reliable as my guess is). My point is - I own an advertising agency. My father was an MLB pitcher who in college holds records over beloved O's pitchers in their college days) We are living through a rip-off era. I get this first hand from player and business standpoint. And I peruse O's Hangout. I watch you guys applaud the Bedard trade. I watch you poo-poo those (what you seem to be) overpriced free agent signings by every other team BUT us...and then I sit back as you hope every Young O pans out. Which is ridiculous thinking. You sit back and overlook the business statistics. When MASN was created - it created the #4 media market for a sports team. MD is the richest state in the USA. GOOGLE IT!. TWO TEAMS - so what. THE BIG MARKETS CAN SUPPORT IT. See the REDSKINS and RAVENS. But you don't judge the O's for not signing Sano - when he was UNIVERSALLY regarded as the best DR prospect in generations. All while the Twins got him with so many safety nets in the contract that there was no risk. You sat back as the Reds signed Chapman to a contract that would've been "risky" if he was a 30 year old middle reliever. Instead of a 21 year old with a 100MPH + fastball...passed on Wagner Mateo. Who after his "eye issues" became CHEAP. But i'm guessing you applauded our 37 international "Adam Eaton" signings. AKA budget, nobody has ever heard of, international signings - while the rest of the world catches up on the intn'l market. And as of today you watched the O's raise ticket prices for the local fans who like to walk up to games after work...or the fans who want to see teams who's owners pay to put the best product on the field (Red Sox/Yankees)...without a whimper. Take a stand. Stop just hanging your hats on the "Bedard Trade" and some "drafting" when that is 2 pieces of a 5 piece pie. Drafting, International Free Agents, Trading for NOW, Trading for Future, Free Agents... It's time to come to grips with reality. We have the next commissioner of baseball as our GM. Do you really think the next commish is going to be generous with going after expensive talent? Was Selig with the Brewers? Of course not. Instead of debating whether Holliday was worth is contract - or whether our lowball Tex offer was laughable - look at the facts. The NEW Blue Jays GM is aggressively building towards the future. The NEW Mariners GM is aggresively building towards the future - ANDY MACPHAIL made a couple of good trades and is lining Angelos' pockets. Enjoy those extra walk up prices for game tickets. Sure we are right in the average for tickets, but when your payroll is in the toilet - it's quite insulting. No getting around that. SERIOUSLY?
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    I'd take him to clean the splatter off of the toilets in the upper deck.
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    Well, critique is not the same thing as just criticism and nothing else. Critique implies that you're assessing the pro's and the con's. As for whether the previous negative attitude and/or the current positive attitude are justified, I think both are. The main thing I didn't like about the previous negative attitude is that I thought Flanny took too much crap for stuff that wasn't really his fault. But that's based on my opinion that he had one arm tied behind his back because PA didn't give him the same authority that he apparently has granted AM. I think Flanny basically knew what needed doing. I am 100% sure that he wasn't given free reign to fix it. I also think he probably didn't know exactly how to go about it as much as AM does, and maybe was in a little bit over his head, even if he had free reign. But none of that changes the fact that the franchise was crappy. I just think Flanny got a raw deal, that's all. We don't talk about "True Orioles" the way MFY fans talk about "True Yankees", but I think Flanny is indeed a True Oriole as much as anybody and way more than most, and I hope he can somehow be involved in a way that is useful and that he feels good about.
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    Simple fact: a day of game purchaser costs the Orioles more than a season-ticket purchaser does. You want the convenience of walking up to a window and making a spur-of-the-moment purchase? Then you have to pay for it...not in the same way I do for buying the whole damned season in one shot, but you do have to pay for it. It's like having a party: you can do a much better job of planning and supplying if you know exactly how many people you have coming. Same for the Orioles (or any other baseball team): you have a much better feel for how many people you need to have working if you know in advance what your attendance will be for any given night. I don't have a problem with this at all.
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    My only requirement is that they're breathing.
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    Yes, it should not take long before a few people seek out his posts and attack him for everything he wants to say. I have found that if you don't want to discuss how great the rebuild is going, or how waiting on "name your player" then there really is not much of a chance to post here, without getting jumped on.
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    If they added the talent to justify it, yeah they could. Had the Orioles signed say Teixeira, Holliday and Lackey, you bet they could justify a huge price hike. And people would pay it because they'd be excited to watch a winning team. So it comes down to what you want to watch. I'd rather pay 50 bucks a ticket to watch a talented winning team, than $10-15 to watch an inconsistent losing one. And I'm sure a lot of people feel the same. You've got to spend money to make money.
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    Your comments are disappointing. I'm surprised. You normally contribute to this site. Is it because he's religious? The guy has been a winner his entire career. If you've been drinking it's time to stop.
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