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  1. Not really a fair statement at all. I'm glad JC can finally move on now, he has been treated like absolute crap since the moment he got here.
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  2. If by defend, you mean say he was decent while having a terrible support system, ok, sure, but it's not like I was heaping praise on the guy, just balancing out some of the over the top negativity towards him. I'll live.
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  3. Gaither is an RFA this year but will be a UFA next season. Teams have until April 15th to sign him to a offer sheet.
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  4. You mean they don't.....:scratchchinhmm:
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  5. Picking locks is a the more you do, the better feel you will have for it. My first "few" games I sucked at it. Now it's second nature and yep, a high lock pick skill is warranted. Whenever I went up a level, I would increase my lockpick skill by 5 points. Companion dog, "Dogmeat" can be found... source - this link is great, just don't cheat too much. The beauty of the game is trying to figure out things.
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  6. I can't recall where the companion dog hangs around but it's pretty close to where you come out of Vault 101. And as for lockpicking, a higher skill helps, but it's kind of a guessing game...guess where to put the pick before trying to turn the tumblers, and then turn gently because if you feel resistance, you might be able to pull back before breaking the pick and try again.
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