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    What Cervelli's batting helmet reminds me of http://unrealitymag.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/01/spaceballs_large_13.jpg
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    Or this...... http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_yaczxAC8840/SaTHFWM_hmI/AAAAAAAAHKQ/HaLKzeI1IKw/s400/Great+Gazoo.gif
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    I don't drink. Can someone get drunk for me.
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    Granderson lifted one out, and Thorne, of course, got excited about it. :cussing:
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    T-Bag is out of the game. Not that it mattered much with his miserable production to this point, but at least we're not forced to look at old banana snoot the rest of the night. :laughlol: Severna Park still hates you, T-Bag. :laughlol:
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    Yeah I don't agree that TINSTAAPP is the same beast it was once made out to be, just pointing out an article that talked about the top of the draft. I guess the only way that thought process would be sound is if the two players in question were absolutely equal, which is also probably pretty rare. From everything I've read, I would like us to get Taillon, I think he has the potential to be a future ace (something we currently lack), and have heard that Machado may not stick at SS. IF he can't then whoever selects him may be in trouble since he's not expected to be an elite bat at third (if you take him that high you're expecting him to be elite).
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    It was discussed right after Law said that, that QUITE a few other people have said that his FB has explosive movement. Not sure why Law said that other than he was trying to back up moving Machado ahead of him in his rankings. I know even a couple people around here have seen him live and had nothing to say about it being flat. I've talked to a couple people personally that had quite the opposite to say about his fastball. I wouldn't worry about it, this time of year you will see things that are totally off the wall and take on a mind of their own, that's how the internet reporting world works.
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    If you just eliminate all the losses from our record, we're the best team in baseball!
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    Wieters: 168 AB Jones: 207 AB Matusz: 54.2 IP Wiggy: 170 AB Simon: 12.1 IP Ohman: 16.2 IP Your math doesn't compute here. Wieters = Wiggy, but "overachievers" Ohman and Simon together have half the innings of Matusz. And I'm not sure you can call Simon with his 1.54 WHIP an overachiever; the 6 out of 7 saves is good but quite a small sample size. Um, are you really saying that "actual baseball" doesn't include the role of the manager? As fans we can evaluate the players but not decision making from the dugout? Sure, it's your personal choice, whatever. But why is the manager off limits? Granted, there's no statistical "proof" of blame on the manager. But as Bill James alluded in that PDF article ("Underestimating the Fog") about "lineup protection" and other sabre-myths, absence of evidence does not equal evidence of absence. It seems that in sticking up for Trembley you are buying into the fallacy that James points out which says "that the absence of proof is proof" (i.e., of DT's freedom from responsibility here). Your point about "we're playing about what we should expect" has some merit if you assume and accept that nearly everyone on the field is underperforming. The question remains, why are they all underperforming (again)? To answer this question should imply looking at all the factors, not first shutting some in a closet and then looking at the rest.
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    Ugh, how can you possible root for ANYTHING Boston?
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