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    I am doing this thread as a way to clear up a few things I've said in regards to how people view Adam Jones and his tenure on this team. This is the last time I will address this, but I feel this needs to be said loud and clear. First, I do have to compliment RShack on an excellent post he made in the Adam Jones live chat thread in regards to unconscious racial bias when criticizing people different than yourself: The hidden bias research has shown that people sometimes unconsciously place harsher criticism on those perceived different than themselves. I believe it's called the IMPLICIT ASSOCIATION TEST. http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/18122831/ -- I am at work and don't have time to do all the research but there is a site that this article is referencing that tests a person's biases based on visual stimuli and it has some interesting -- but not at all shocking -- conclusions. I would be the first and last person in any conversation to admit to my own racial biases and its something I work at every single day of my life. To pretend otherwise is disingenuous and would contribute to the very real problems that exist in the world outside of sports-related message boards. I will say this, black athletes are often under a more intense microscope than white athletes and this gets proven time and time again even when white athletes commit a similar transgression yet get much easier treatment from the mainstream media. (re: Big Ben in Pittsburg). This is a looooong and exhaustive article about how the mainstream sports media tends to report black athlete transgressions vs. white athlete transgressions: http://sportsonmymind.com/2009/09/08/happy-30th-espn-the-wwl-lionizes-black-athletes-just-not-in-the-way-the-headline-suggests/ While I will apologize for the length of this quote, it hits to the core of what I am trying to say here: There has long been a documented lack of restraint and respect towards black athletes and the quick reporting of supposed transgressions. It is not a stretch to assume that the combination of socially-constructed biases and the long term effects of consistent unbalanced scrutiny by the mainstream sports media toward non-white players would have some kind of influence on how people perceive and evaluate a black player. I am not at all suggesting that Adam Jones is above reproach. Far from it. The guy makes too many mistakes and needs to work harder at his defense and plate discipline. 'Nuff said. But did anyone look at the ridiculous questions he got on his live chat? "Are you in a gang?" That's insane. Almost as insane as there being threads criticizing the man because he CHEWS BUBBLEGUM! He doesn't chew tobacco, he doesn't act like some street thug, he speaks eloquently and treats fans with respect but somehow he is threat to the traditions of the game because HE CHEWS BUBBLEGUM. I just found it interesting that so many people criticize him so quickly and especially after the man won an (undeserved?) Gold Glove. I was happy that an Oriole player got some kind of recognition for his work and folks here were -- and still -- say that the man somehow got an award as a gift. I have suggested and still do that there is a kind of racial component to the Adam Jones harshness at times. Does he deserve criticism? Of course. Does he deserve the harsh nitpicky criticism? I don't believe so. And whenever the subject of race pops up, folks immediately jump to the "I have black friends, I like this black player" defense/argument as if though that adequately answers the point of the situation at hand. It doesn't. I have all kinds of friends, but when I find myself making certain assumptions about certain groups of people, my friendships don't come into play because those are external decisions. Socially-constructed biases that become embedded in our consciousness don't always directly affect our daily decision making processes (like friends, co-workers, places to eat, etc.) but do come into play when issues of empathy and fairness come into mind. On this subject, another article: http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2010/05/100527122141.htm Bottom line, folks tend to be tribal and less harsh towards people like themselves. I've seen this time and time again in many different arenas. With sports, its all too clear. Now, I am not suggesting anyone here is a member of the KKK for criticizing Adam Jones. That's silly. I am saying that I have noted a quick knee-jerk harsh reaction to what the guy does and I have often wondered why that is. In any case, I hope that some of this makes sense but chances are that someone will read this and misunderstand what my point is. MSK
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    I'm sick of the cannard that if one is critical of someone of a different race, there *has to be* some underlying, deep-seated , racist implications behind it. It's carelessly and sometimes shamelessly tossed out there and the people painted by that brush are left defenseless. This leaves otherwise well-meaning people to get overly self-conscious and question their own character. It's gotten to the point where people go out of their way *not to criticize* someone of a different race to avoid any adverse perception.
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    I can't imagine they are, although this one might be. A pretty good article: http://www.recordnet.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20100530/A_SPORTS/5300313
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    6-0, 195. Taken a lot of catchers today. Fine by me, they are usually versatile.
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    All I am saying, be careful. I lost nearly every one of my rep points by making a point very similar to this.... but kudos.
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    6-1, 200 Junior I think I am going to sign off after this one to do a little more work before I head home. Thanks for the rep everyone!
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    Way to pat yourself on the back. If, as you suggest, people are extra-critical of Jones because he is black, then why is Pie so popular around here? Stop trying to read the subtext of a very obvious situation. It's 2010. People want results, regardless of ethnicity. I don't care of our players our purple with antlers coming out their butt-cheeks as long as they produce.
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    C.R.E.A.M letters
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    6-0, 205 Picking up a few position players now.
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    Based on the couple outings I saw this year... Some pluses for relief: Hitchy delivery that comes with some deception 1.19-1.22 to home dials-up to 91/92 but sits 87-90 (reasonable to assume could sit low-90s with bore in short stints, maybe a little more as I've seen reports of him touching "mid-90s") big breaking ball (inconsistent -- usually 11/5) raw but could be good second out pitch Some pluses for rotation: durable build even with some hitches, does a decent job of repeating mechanics (could be smoothed out if body control is as solid as it appears) doesn't command splitter but pitch would fit well with curve and fastball solid mound presence, shows some idea of how to think around ABs (just needs stuff to do what he wants it to) #189 on my draft board (actual selection at #178)
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    BTW a little factoid to file away for the next time somebody claims that Ks lead to high pitch counts: Strasburg 94 pitches (65 strikes) -- 14 strikeouts, 0 BB
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    I posted that poll the other day about whether or not you're watching Strasburg or the Orioles tonight...and I'm not here to bash anyone for their choices. Living here in Northern VA, it's been the buzz around town for the past 3-4 days. It was practically impossible NOT to watch...and he put on an incredible performance, living up to everyones expectations, striking out 14, walking ZERO and setting a Nats record for strikeouts in a game. Now do not get the rest of my post twisted...I'm not here to turn in my Orioles fan card...I just want to point out a few things. What do the Nats have in addition to Strasburg? In no specific order: A grizzled HoF veteran catcher who picked up two hits tonight, called a great game and still shows to have a little spring in his step (Pudge). What do grizzled vets do when they come to Baltimore? A big slugging outfielder that they picked up in FA (Dunn). Do big sluggers come to Baltimore? A talented young third baseman who can hit for power and field his position exceptionally well (Zimmerman). Baltimore's answer? Josh Bell, far from a sure thing. A trio of players with over 10 homers (Zimmerman, Dunn, Willingham). I don't need to remind you what the Orioles have. A packed house. When was the last time we packed OPACY? Furthermore, who stands a better chance of having a packed house full of THEIR OWN fans? I saw the Nats pull off a flawless hit and run tonight. When was the last time the Orioles even attempted something like that? I saw the Nats give run support to a young pitcher. Strasburg gave up a 2 run homer and was down for 2-1 for much of the game but the Nats exploded for 3 runs to put him in line for the win. When do the Orioles ever score runs for a young pitcher...or any pitcher? And perhaps the most important thing of all: Buzz. Electricity. For two days now, the Nats have been the talk of Major League Baseball, picking Bryce Harper #1 yesterday and now having Strasburg, perhaps the biggest pitching prospect of all time making his debut tonight. What do the Orioles have? A pulse. A weak pulse at that....and another losing season, further making the trek into baseball Siberia. There were a few other things I noticed tonight that made me shake my head and go "Hmmm, must be nice..." but these were the ones that immediately came to mind while sitting here typing this out. We used to dump all over the Nats...we used to look down our noses at them when they moved to DC. We used to make jokes on here about how "well, at least we aren't the Nats". We used to compare their attendance record to ours, we used to compare their record and position in the standings to ours. We somehow used to use them to make us feel better about our own failures. Well guess what? The Nats appear to have everything we want. The Nats ARE what we want the Orioles to be and it cannot be denied. Am I jealous? Absofreakinlutely. Not only are they on the upswing while we're the worst team in baseball, but we can't even pick the right freakin year to be the worst team in baseball, seeing as they were able to get Strasburg AND Harper. We can't even get losing right! I tuned in to watch Strasburg tonight out of curiosity tonight...I wanted to see what the hype was about. I'm not sure I would have tuned in if he was playing for another team, but since this is happening in my backyard I couldn't ignore it. I saw an amazing, amazing pitcher. He hit triple digits (even 101 a few times), his curve was filthy and I do believe he struck out the side 3 times. It was definitely a sight to behold. So Strasburg is done with his masterpiece, the Nats look great as they played to a sold out house of enthusiastic fans...and I turn on the O's to see what's going on...and we're losing 6-3 to the Yankees. What a depressing night, indeed.
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    I am sure that I will be thrown out of OH soon for offering my opinion, but here goes: I have expressed this several times over the past few weeks and I feel that it is especially relevant here: There are more important things in this world than arguing over BS such as this!! Whoever brought this up and whoever is arguing this needs to seriously take a step back and look at their life and their priorities. I am just offering some advice: Enjoy your life. Life is short.. Go for a walk with your children or spouse.. Do something kind for a total stranger. Instead of worrying about how some people perceive a certain baseball player, worry about how your family perceives you or worry about the little old lady who lives on your street who has no one to get groceries for her. I am the biggest O's fan you would ever want to meet and I just hate to see some people worry about meaningless things. Have a great night.
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    No... you are wrong. Since ex-catchers make the best managers, my guess is that the O's are going to sign one of these guys and immediately announce that he will be our next manager.
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    Wait, you're using the guy that numerous posters wanted the Orioles to release just over a year ago to support your argument? As a fervent Felix Pie supporter, I haven't forgotten the litany of posts questioning his intelligence, work habits, etc. when he got off to a slow start in 2009.
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    He sounds like the villian in an '80's teen comedy.
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    Thanks guys. That is a name I have not heard in a while.
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    Kind of funny but the first thing that popped into my head was Ted Mosby of HIMYM fame... Looks like a nice JUCO pick. You can never have enough sluggers at 3B no less...
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    I've gathered the following quotes from various sources: Dixon - shouldn't drop out of the third round if signable Bywater - top three to five rounds Sawyer and Bridwell - will need to be bought out of college commitments to UC-Riverside and Texas Tech Shrader - projected in third to seventh round Seems like JJ picked up quite a bit of value starting with Narron and going through to the 10th round pick Shrader.
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    Not sure if this is still subscriber only, but BP had a very good series on the draft back in 2005. Here's the first article. This first article didn't break things down specifically by round, but by picks or groups of picks. Basically a #1 pick has about a 90% chance of appearing in the majors, a #5 something like 75%, a #10 still north of 60%, a #30 is still about 50/50, a #70 pick is in the 35% range, and a #100 overall pick is just under 30%. Depending on the year a #100 pick is, what, somewhere in the 3rd round? Further down in the article it goes into 15-year WAR by draft slot. The higher the pick the more valuable, and it drops off rapidly. By the time you're to pick #40 or so your average career value is under 5 wins over replacement. That probably breaks down at most picks to one guy who gives you 19 wins, a couple guys who gave you three, and a whole bunch of zeros.
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    And if he gets injured and comes back, the title will be "The Mummey Returns." Hopefully Frobby's taking notes.
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    Now we have to wait for him to have a press conference so that we can start a thread titled "The Mummey Speaks".
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    http://northcarolina.scout.com/2/962992.html Bio: Perfect Game ranks Narron No. 51 nationally and No. 1 in the state. Impact Baseball has him ranked No. 2 in the state . Narron also was honored as an AFLAC All-American. Narron has tremendous baseball bloodlines. His father, Jerry, was a major league player for 10 years and managed the Texas Rangers and Cincinnati Reds, while his uncle Johnny is a coach with the Rangers. Recruitment: A couple of connections bridged the path to Chapel Hill for the talented infielder. His recruitment began with North Carolina during his sophomore campaign. "I think it was my 10th grade year," Narron said. "I am good buddies with Garrett Davis and I think I went up there a couple times to a baseball game and they started talking with me. They watched me during the summer - that summer in Georgia - and it went from there basically. They have always kind of had tabs on me with Garrett Davis and Rob Wooten." Narron verbally committed to North Carolina over his other top finalists Southern California, UCLA, Arizona State and Texas. He also had significant interest from virtually all of the top Division I baseball programs, including LSU, Florida, Florida State, Georgia, and Georgia Tech. Narron added that his participation with the Dirtbags also helped his exposure, recruitment and decision to commit to UNC. "The Dirtbag program is probably one of the best summer league teams that you can play on," he said. "They are always one of the top programs in the nation and I think that seven or eight of the guys on the Dirtbags are going to North Carolina. You always meet great people when you are going to the big tournaments either in Jupiter [Florida] or [East Cobb] Georgia and all that. But I just feel like the Dirtbags are a great organization and a great summer team - it was a great experience." Why Carolina? "I think the academics part of it speaks for itself - [North Carolina] is one of the top public universities in the whole country," Narron said. "They are always one of the top schools in every sport from field hockey to swimming - I guess they are good in everything. That is a good place for me and they are also only an hour from the house. Pretty much every big school talked with me and was interested in me going there, but I felt that Carolina was the best school that I could go to." Narron elaborated that his mother and father were supportive of his decision-making process: "They did not care if I was going to go to Southern California or North Carolina - they supported me the whole way." Scouting Report: Narron is a switch-hitting infielder - left handed he has better bat speed while right handed more lift and power. The ball jumps off of his bat and he shows good power potential. He squares up on the ball well from both sides of the plate. He has above average speed, being clocked at 7.01 for 60 yards. He has a quick release, with a strong accurate arm, and smooth fielding to go along with great defensive instincts. Narron has had national exposure at a myriad of events, so he's been scouted a lot, and almost all of the scouts agree that he has a tremendous potential in every facet of the game. Some scouts believe that his best projected position will end up being at third base as he matures. Coaches Quotes: "As a baseball player he is very, very fundamentally sound," stated Aycock head coach Charles Davis. "Having grown up around the game basically his whole life he knows what it takes to play at the next level. He is out here on Saturdays and Sundays and things like that, taking ground balls and extra batting practice. He has his mind set on what it takes to become a very good ballplayer and he works at it. He carries himself like a baseball player and knows what it takes to be a baseball player. He's very strong defensively with good range. Offensively he is a switch hitter and hits with power from both sides and his speed is not bad either." Dirtbags coach Andy Partin added: "Connor Narron is a really polished player on the defensive end and the offensive end. He is a very sure-handed infielder and very accurate. A very instinctive player on defense, he always appears to be in the right spot. Offensively I think he can be a catalyst both from the left and right side - he can really juice it at the plate into the gap. I have not seen a hitter at the high school level with that kind of eye - two strikes just do not matter to him - he is going to take a strike in order to get a better ball to hit. He will just not swing at a pitcher's pitch. He is just a really good player, who plays hard, who comes from a great baseball family and he is really a joy to be around and a lot of fun to coach." Future Plans: Narron is regarded as one of the top high school position players in the upcoming Major League Draft and has been very popular with the scouts, cross-checkers and front office decision makers. His pedigree speaks highly of his abilities along with his noted work ethic. Narron realizes that he will have a big decision in front of him after the 2010 draft. "It is not about the money or the money standpoint - that is not why I would sign," he said. "Because I feel like if I go to Carolina for three years or if I sign out of high school I am going to make it to the big leagues at some point, so money is not an issue. It depends on how bad that team wanted me and how much they like me and would not just throw a draft pick out there. I probably would not go if I was taken in the seventh or eighth round or later. It would have an early round - I would not just go." Narron is currently projected to be selected in the top five rounds.
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    Aren't they all? [Edit: Beat me to it.]
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    All Auburn hate aside, I actually like Mummey better than Morris. I think he's a better hitter and plays a more premium position. Solid pick, IMO.
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    Well even if he only uses 3 pitches, that's 2 more than Ray had and Ray didn't have good command. So, I don't see how the comp works outside of them being relievers who throw right handed. This sounds like a pick Minnesota would make....and that's not a bad thing for us.
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    #72 on KLAW top 100 Klein is a former star high school quarterback -- it's been a running joke at UCLA that the best quarterback on campus is on the baseball team -- who is back from a injured shoulder capsule that wiped out his 2009 spring and is moving up boards as a closer who might be able to start in pro ball. Klein's a strike-thrower who, on his best days, will show a plus change and a plus curve with an above-average fastball, certainly enough weapons for him move to a rotation, and he's an excellent athlete with the size and frame to start. Of course, he's got two years of shoulder injuries behind him, as he had a minor ?clean-out? operation his freshman year, and zero history of working as a starter in college, so building him up to a 180-inning-a-year-workload is extremely ambitious. I think his best shot is as a fast-moving closer who has the pitches to get left- and right-handed hitters out; he could help a major league team within a year.
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    So Jordan should assume his co-workers will be incompetent, and change his draft strategy accordingly? I don't agree with that. Jordan shouldn't go into the draft assuming that the O's will fail to develop whoever he picks. He should simply make the best pick available, which in this case seems to be Machado. Besides, if the O's truly can't develop anyone, the team is screwed regardless of who he picks.
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    Hey at least if we take Morris, he'll be well rested, unlike Rutledge who is playing in the super regionals.
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    The problem with spending that much is two-fold. 1-I think MLB would try and stop a team from spending that much. 2-I think it would open the floodgates and you would see a half dozen teams spending in that realm next draft. I think there is a bit of a gentleman's agreement to not go to far with draftee spending.
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    Will it be a major league deal? Where do you think he'll start the season - Delmarva
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    I'm scared every night that the opposing pitcher may throw a perfect game against us.
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    What's sad is that they're still on the first can of shaving cream.
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    First time reader of your critcism posts. The only (proper) discrimination I make is in relation to people's behaviour...not their physical differences.....which is what all should do, imo. Judge them on their performance no matter whom the person is. My problem is I have found blacks judge me as being racially charged when its not. They judge me because of my physical differences from them as if I was incapable of showing fairness. Are whites incapable of fairness? No. Are the capable of heavier criticism than what they would show to someone that they relate to more? sure. Its inate in all of us to be 'unfair' in this way, and takes a conscious effort to be fair. Many people are unaware of thier unfairness, to be sure. The same (maybe more so) goes for Hispanic ball players (Could Robbie Alomar have faced some of this??). Here's my criticism of Adam Jones based on his behaviour (all players face slumps, and Adam's swinging of balls out of the strike zone has earned him some criticism quite fairly): why does he not place his hand on his heart during the National Anthem? Practically the whole stadium does it, and all the ball players.......why doesnt he? It doesnt show much respect.
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    I hope we draft him but I'm also partial to him since he's a Hokie. It would be nice to add another one to our system.
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    I am never suprised by how easily people can completely not understand what you're saying no matter how clear or well-supported it is. Either its a serious lack of reading comprehension or just a backwards attitude. MSK
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