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    Funny how you only bother to show up when: A. The Orioles lose, so you can bash MacPhail. B. Someone else bashes MacPhail. C. To defend one of your pets (Moore, Britton) in the context to bash MacPhail.
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    Would someone please defend your thread starting skills? It can't be done.
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    This Wada looks like a lefty version of Koji. Very smooth delivery, and he has some deception that makes it look like he is throwing it a lot harder then he is.
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    BTW, Jory's death made me sad. That was painful to watch. I swear, with the exception of Tyrion, there is nothing even remotely likeable about the Lannisters. Talk about the perfect villains. HBO is selling Lannister "Hear Me Roar" t-shirts, and I'll be damned if I don't want to tar and feather anyone I find sporting one. Haha.
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    Both supposedly want a ton of money. Rendon has been injured and DHing all season, "down" numbers for him, and hasn't yet released medicals to teams. Cole has had four straight "meh" starts in spite of showing his same big stuff (94-96, bumping 98 w/hard slider and good change). I can't see them going Bundy, but if there is another college arm they like that they can sign for 60% of Cole, I could see them doing that.
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    It may be Bundy, Callis is very high on Bundy. They may honestly think he is the best choice, particularly with Rendon's injury issues and Cole's sporadic effectiveness lately.
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    Maybe he means the O's wouldn't have signed all those overslot guys that are not really producing at a high level if they had signed Matzek.
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    Out of context thread?
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    I know why you used 1992, but it's an odd year to use in terms of this topic. What a band did 19 years ago has no bearing on this imo other than what I said about a band still being a big success in large part due to their past greatness. There are great rock bands now imo, but we live in an age where it's harder to become as big as the Beatles, Stones, Zeppelin, U2, GNR, Nirvana, etc were. Albums don't sell nearly as well now, music videos aren't nearly as big as they were in the 80's and 90's, rock radio has declined, rock music in general isn't as popular anymore, and rock music is more fragmented than it used to be.
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    Do keep in mind that Rockstar is just publishing the game. They didn't physically make it like they did with Red Dead Redemption. That said, you won't be disappointed. At least, I haven't been disappointed yet and my expectations were pretty darn high going into it. I've only gotten to play for two hours so far, but I'm itching to get back.
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    The waiting is the hardest part, literally.
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    I am picking it up on my way home from work. I cannot wait to get off.
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    There are definitely valid criticisms of MacPhail. Personally, I think he's an average GM with a knack for trading but limited imagination and perspective. But that doesn't make criticizing him for stupid reasons smart. Crying about marquee free agents is not only idiotic, it's become incredibly tiresome. Market value contracts are not what make dynasties - it's a core of talented, cost-controlled players, and good development (which includes a decent helping of luck). And MacPhail at the very least seems to understand that.
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    I've been playing it for the last 2 hours or so. I'm too tired to give any better response than "it's incredible," but seriously, you will not be disappointed. At all. It's a gorgeous game, and even the tutorial is engrossing.
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    You know we're 19-21, not 12-26 like last year, right? That we just won five of six? That this awful loss dropped our record versus the Red Sox to an embarassing 2-2, and 11-11 including last season? How about some perspective instead of some irrelevant history lesson?
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    MacPahil's bullpen consists of: Two overpaid former closers with command issues (Gregg and Gonzales) A guy who gets winded walking to the mound (Koji) A guy coming off a shoulder injury (Berken) A guy who has dominant stuff but who also makes a lot of mistakes out over the plate (Johnson) Two scrapheap pickups (Accardo and Rapada) He also has a second utility player on the team that can't hit a lick (Itzuris) and a backup catcher who really is a utility guy who can occasionally catch (Fox). Let's just say I'm not impressed with MacPhail's ability to build a 25-man roster.
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    Word. Haha, I feel like we wouldn't be nearly as high on him had his coach not made that quote.
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    Prediction: Reynolds hits one out tonight. You heard it here first.
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    I think Matusz was more ML ready out of college than any of the listed players. I assume "Bradley" is Jed, and not Archie? They could all (including Bundy) potentially be ready by early 2014. I'd say the college kids could potentially by up sometime in 2013 if things break right -- maybe place them in order of "readiness" as Gray, Bauer, Bradley, Meyer?
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    I came in 10th place overall my last 5K, only 130 other people ran but I'll take it. Not bad for someone that couldn't even walk up 3 flights of stairs a year and half ago. running total for the last year and a half 1 full marathon, 5 half marathons, two 5Ks Next up 5K, Warrior Dash and a Sprint Triathlon. Has anyone done a sprint triathlon? Any training suggestions, tips etc.? Anyone else still running?
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    Thanks for the heads up, fellas. I have not seen either episode, but I am going to watch online. Here is the LINK for anyone who is interested.
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    That's OK, champ. You can defend those arms in the pen. You have 25,909 awesome posts. You must be an expert.
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    It can't be done. His FA signings are beyond atrocious. This year, last year the year before. Joke. And we are the ones that the Joke is being played on!
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