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    Don't despair about leaving the glove at home. Had you brought it and caught the ball, you would have been "the grown man who brings his glove to the ball game."
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    Well my friends, I am about to tell you a story that will haunt me for the rest of my life. After 37 years, I was finally in position to get that ellusive foul ball that has dodged me for my entire life thus far. Here, is my story. Last night, a friend of mine gave me four tickets to the game, row 32, right between home plate and the O's dugout, Row 20. We had seats 1-4, so I took the aisle seat. Before leaving the house, my wife asked if I was bringing my glove, and I responded "We are behind the screen. I won't need it." These 9 words cannot be taken back, this decision cannot be changed, and this decision cost me greatly. So we are at the game, I have my camera around my neck, as I always do, and we are enjoying the game. Every time a foul ball came back, I would jump up, spin around into the aisle, and watch the ball. None of them were ever even close. Until the 6th inning. The ball went up and I was out of my seat like a cat. I spun into the aisle and looked back as the ball sailed DIRECTLY over my head, about 30 feet up. At that point, I watched as the ball richochetted off an advertisement, and in slow motion went up into the air and was making a straight course down the aisle I was standing in. This was it! This was the moment I have dreamed about for 37 years. I have forseen this. Get your arms up. Cradle the ball as it touches your hands to give it cushion. I was in an aisle. The crowd was sparce. There were in fact NO obstacles keeping me from snaring my first ever real game fould ball. So as its falling in slow motion, I raise my arms up, and thats when the chain reaction began. My right arm smacked my camera, which went flying up in front of my face. Regardless, I had my hands up, ready for the catch, and DOINK! The ball hit my palm and bounced away from me. And that quick, my world came crashing down. I knew it was over as dozens now scurried after MY ball. I slumped my shoulders, spun back into my seat with my head down. I was in denial. Disbelief. Grief. Outrage. Embarassment. I slinked down into my seat, listening as 47,000 screaming fans booed me, heckled me, showered me with profanities. (Okay, I made the last sentence up!) Finally after a couple minutes, I looked over at my wife and simply asked her..."Who got the ball?" I have to say, this was the biggest error I have ever made. I have booted balls in organized ball. I have thrown balls away. I have struck out in key situations. But none of that compares to muffing that foul ball last night. It took me 37 years to finally be in position for a game ball. Who knows if I will ever get another chance. But in any event, last night my dreams were shattered, and somewhere in the greater Baltimore area, someone is smiling ear to ear as MY ball sits in their trophy case! Please feel free to bash me at will, and also share your similar experience at the Yard!
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    HA! I beat him to it. :boogie: Orioles Starting Pitcher: Jake Arrieta (5-2, 4.75 ERA) Royals Starting Pitcher: Luke Hochevar (3-4, 4.36 ERA)
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    Harsh. Now I know how Trea feels!!!
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    MMMMMMM! Wings! <img src="http://www.vincegolangco.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/09/fat-hooters-girls-hooter-wings-sue-sued-girl.jpg" />
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    You see the graph Baseball Nation did? http://mlb.sbnation.com/2011/5/25/2190476/mariano-rivera-pitches-in-1000th-career-game
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    Man, yours is not as fun but I'm still going to lampoon it.
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    This happened earlier on May 11th between the Athletics and Rangers where Gio Gonzalez (who currently has a pristine 2.20 ERA) gave up 7 runs in 3 innings including a grand slam to a lefty (Mitch Moreland). However the game was wiped out because of rain and now those stats "don't count". Gio's outstanding numbers against lefties are falsified slightly and his ERA is complete mirage so far with only 2 months of the season. ESPN's Baseball Today podcast ranted and raved about this issue (and that game) for a bit. It was a great listen.
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    No excuse for that I fear.... How did this get by the censors????? But funny nonetheless.... Disgraceful - worse than muffing the FB, imho. I hear ya on the muffed FB dude. I've scooped up a few fouls during BP and dropped a line drive homer during BP (that left a dent in my finger for a few minutes) but never actually missed a ground ball during a game until this past spring training (and why do they call it "spring training" when it occurs during winter but whatevs...). I had a box seat along the right field line halfway up the line past first base. A lefthand batter hit a hopping grounder toward me and I jumped up with both hands free. In my glory years, I was a surehanded SS (as you) but haven't played organized for over five years. Anyway the ball bounced toward me and hit the artificial track before the seats and took an irregular hop (at least that is my story) and toward my left. It hit my left hand (my normal glove hand) and ricocheted behind me to an older, less athletic, louder person. His buddy cheered for him and jeered me for dropping such an easy chance. My only saving grace was the fact that my wife was getting a beer and did not see my ignominious moment (that I later revealed). Ugly, pathetic loser that I am, I cannot ever come to terms with this disgraceful act.....as you will not....
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    My guess at tonight's lineup is: Pie LF Jones CF Markakis RF Guererro DH Wieters C Scott 1B Reynolds 3B Hardy SS Adams 2B
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    I caught a batting practice homer off the bat of Harold Baines on the flag court at Camden Yards (this was when he was with the White Sox, '97 maybe?). Sounds like a great story so far, right? Well, it also broke my right index finger. That hurt like hell, but I still held onto the ball!
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    I remember him well. This kind of thing is always sad to read about. RIP Paul.
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    Memorial Stadium, circa 1984 (see, these memories do linger a long time) When I go to the game, I make a point to stay in my seat for the entire game. My pet peeve is those fans who get up 4-5 times a game and have to go past you to get their cotton candy, or whatever, and take their sweet time doing it. Anyway, a friend of mine wanted to go get ice cream, and a couple others in our group thought it was a good idea also. Foolishly, I made a one-time breach of "protocol," and went for a walk. I get back to my seat and a guy tells me, "a foul ball bounced off your seat.". No way. The guy in the seat directly behind me, with a cheesy grin, pulls the ball out of his jacket pocket. I turn to the ice cream lover and dripping with sarcasm said, "how's that ice cream, now?" Somunabetch. About a dozen years later, Mrs. Soprano was able to get a foul ball that bounced off the roof, and back down to her at a Durham Bulls game. It still doesn't make up for Memorial Stadium.
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    Anyone got a gif of this? I would like very much to see it.
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    Stories like Bautista's make me hold out hope for Cesar Izturis' future 40HR campaign.
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    From watching him run I actually think Nick may have been hurt earlier this year. His running earlier in the year looked slow, it looked like he was struggling to run full speed. Now he's got a lot more pep in his step, stealing bases here and there. He also was flying home on that Wieters double as soon as he saw it hit off the wall. Hopefully something physically is/was wrong with him because his numbers are dangerously low.
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    Ahh yes, the best way to judge the social tolerance of a nation is by perusing comments on internet articles. I'd also like to point out that the "a lot" you're referring to is an incredibly insignificant sample size.
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    Adam will win it here.
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    Very good points. Gary always seemed to have more success with under-the-radar guys than he did the McDonald's guys, and he did get McDonald's guys. But still, when you're a program like MD, and you miss the NCAAs 4 times in 7 years (and it would have been 5 of 8 even if Gary stayed), then there is clearly a systemic problem somewhere. Remember that right about the time the program began to slip was when the NBA changed its draft eligibility rules that meant a lot more one-and-done players ended up going to college. And just the manner in which kids were recruited in general seemed to change around that time. The recruiting game evolved, and Gary didn't evolve with it. He still got his kind of guys like Vasquez and coached them up, but for every Vasquez there were way too many Braxton Dupree's, Shane Walker's and Steve Goins'. Not to mention the Bobby Maze's and Gus Gilchrist's....but those two are on Yow more than Gary. Point being, Gary eventually was just bringing in too many guys that were never going to be ACC caliber players, no matter how great the coaching was they received. Now that certainly appeared to be changing looking ahead, but that's a moot point now that Gary retired. One last point. While missing 4 tourneys in 7 years is bad, I think some people might underestimate just how good the 2009-10 team was that tied Duke for 1st in the ACC, mostly because they got knocked out of the tournament early. But they only lost by 1 on a running buzzer-beater. If you look at how that bracket played out, if that shot doesn't go in and the Terps beat MSU, then they could very conceivably have made it to Gary's 3rd Final Four. Had that happened, I wonder if people would have been more forgiving of Gary for the struggles this past season's team endured?
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    This has been one of the most interesting threads I've read on here in a long time. As on "outsider", so to speak, my only confusion lies in the whole idea that Gary "suddenly" stopped recruiting. Forgetting about results for a second (I realize that's a stretch, but humor me for a second), as far as recruiting goes, it doesn't look to me like that much has changed. How many McDonald's All Americans did Gary bring to Maryland in his career? Danny Miller, Travis Garrison, Mike Jones, and who else? Maybe Duane Simpkins, Terrence Morris? I don't know, but my point is that the players that seem to have the most success over Gary's years at Maryland were the guys he "coached up" anyway(Smith, Dixon, Blake, Strawberry, Ekezie, the list goes on an on). I don't know how many of these guys were ever on the radar of schools like Duke, Carolina, Kansas...etc. I just think that possibly the recruiting angle is a bit overrated. Had he gotten McDonald's types his whole career, then sure, it's safe to say that it's slipped, but he really never did. As for Turgeon, it looks like a really good hire for Maryland, and to have the success at A&M that he did have was pretty impressive considering it's a football school. I think the next year or two might be rough, but I'd expect to see MAryland back near the top of the ACC soon.
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    Dweezil Zappa plays Eruption <iframe width="480" height="390" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/jiVV3sb36aY" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> The original <iframe width="480" height="390" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/z_lwocmL9dQ" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
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    MMJ is going to Merriweather in August. I plan to be there.
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