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    101 Great New Years Eve Party Ideas by Alfredo Simon
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    Pitch f/x data from last night's start. Looks to me that it's an endurance issue, and that to me is as much about his core/torso strength than it does his arm/shoulder strength.
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    What the Heck Does Tom Emanski Know?, by Mark Reynolds Making Quick Decisions: I Was Up Until 4am Writing This, by Andy MacPhail Recovrng frmo Conkusions, by Brian Boberts
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    The 2001 Orioles pitching staff have allowed 354 runs total with 323 of them being earned. That means the Orioles have allowed 31 unearned runs total. So even if every single one of those unearned runs is solely be attributed to Reynolds (hint: they're not), you're still wrong.
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    My anti-rant goes out the good people of INOVA Health Center-Springfield. One night after my daughter's first birthday, she was up all night struggling to breathe. We took her in to the emergency room and they took the best care of her. They calmed one frikkin scared papa, and got my girl's breathing back to normal. The doctor took the time to explained the situation and treatment approach and patiently listened to me rattle it off back to him to make sure I understood. They even gave our home a call today to check in with her. I'm quite impressed.
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    It's not the taste, it's the texture?
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    Hit #2 for Davis!! What would you guys think of him being our starter until Roberts comes back? How does he look in the field?
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    http://www.baseballamerica.com/draftdb/2011team.php?team=1002 Here is Baseball America's Orioles draft tracker. This link has the bonus information for several players that I haven't seen elsewhere.
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