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    So we should toss a helmet to another thread then, just in case?
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    HUNTER DAVIS http://brittghiroli.mlblogs.com/
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    Should have thrown a helmet to second before he went. He would have been safe.
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    You're welcome. The game was May 12, 2011 I can send you those particular clips if you want. As for downloading clips in general, it's a tiny bit technical and requires an extra program or two. PM if you want those details.
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    Jake Fox scored the winning run on a JJ Hardy hit, so there was no helmet to retrieve. Fox kept his on through the slide, and Hardy held onto his as he ran from the mob rounding first. Pie breaks out the kungfu safe sign, jazz hands(perhaps waiting to see if Fox discarded his lid?), and then sprints after Hardy.
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    Quick, somebody throw a helmet in the Harbor and see if Pie jumps in after it!
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    Any chance he thinks the batter's head is still in the helmet and he's trying to save him?
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    This thread had me legitimately laughing out loud on a bleak morning. Hilarious. Anyone who is taking this thread seriously in any way is crazier than Pie. This x 1,000
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    I wonder if there's a team out there that could use a walk-off helmet retriever for the stretch run.
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    Agree with Trea, the deal is about Hunter, not Davis. I would guess the Orioles could have gotten a better upside prospect than what they got but they wanted ML players. I think this is a case of them getting a decent package for what they were looking for but they were looking for the wrong thing.
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    This is great. I love Pie. If our players are going to suck, at least have some personality.
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    Typical gordo... Just ignore it if you don't like it.
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    Maybe he thinks he'll finally find a wife if he catches it?
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    I see Koji for Hunter as a good deal for the O's. Trading a reliever for a starter is normally a good deal. And trading a 36 year old for a 25 year old is the kind of trade the O's need to make. I see the acquisition of Davis as a money saver for the O's. It allows the O's to trade Lee to Pittsburgh and save $4M. I think the odds are against Davis being a long term solution because the has over 800 at bats with a OBP that is around 300 and sinking. The 2M that the O's sent with Koji is to offset his $4M salary next year IMO. The Rangers are at risk that Koji will be able to perform in the Texas heat.
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    If the Pirates are not going to take on much of Lee's salary, then maybe the Orioles are buying the prospect. That could mean that it might be someone with value or good numbers. 1B Matt Curry or DH Jairo Marquez at the SAL. Any chance it could be 1B Andy Baker?
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    Just the usual OH bs! We trade a guy who's signed for one more year, and whose elbow could blow out at any second for a young starter and a young power hitting 1B that everyone on here was crazy about the last two years. JTrea says we should have traded for Davis two years ago. Yeah, when his value was higher, right. Did I miss two great ML seasons from Davis somewhere? Davis was the minor league with huge upside. Everyone wanted him. The upside is still there but now that he's actually been humanized by ML pitching, everyone's off the bandwagon. Hunter is a young ML pitcher who can start. We traded a fragile relief pitcher with one year left for two guys with value. Davis could be nothing but the potential is there. You can't get a guy like him for Uehara unless he's been tarnished a bit by the majors. I think AM did the best he could. I think Koji will be excellent for the Rangers IF he can stay healthy. I think we did the best we could.
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    Don't forget Mark Reynolds (2007 Arizona), Derrek Lee (2003 Florida, 2007 Cubs, 2010 Atlanta), Cesar Izturis (2004 Los Angeles), JJ Hardy (2008 Milwaukee, 2010 Minnesota), Luke Scott (2005 Houston), Vlad (2004-2010 minus 2006), Felix Pie (2007-2008 Cubs), Clay Rapada (2010 Rangers), and Kevin Gregg (2004-2005 Angels). They all have playoff experience. Lee, Vlad, and Rapada all have WS experience.
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    Dear first Pandora channel I created, We've know each other for over six years. You've helped me discover some awesome tracks I now consider favorites, including Hot Blooded Mama by Smokin Willie and Out in the Woods by Leon Russell. After the hundreds of thumbs up and thumbs downs I've carefully guided you with, you still thought it was a good idea to play me "Walking in Memphis?" Seriously?
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    Is this the second time he's been in Berlin? I thought I saw him at the wall some pages back.
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