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    I think we are starting to see why Morrow would be better suited to the bullpen at this point...
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    The pitching book on Wieters is pretty simple: get ahead of him by throwing strike one. Wieters' career OPS in his at-bats after 0-1 is .544. Wieters' career OPS after 1-0 is .876. He is a good hitter ahead in the count, and a really bad one even or behind in the count. Here's Wieters' numbers: Career OPS Batter ahead: 1.075 Career OPS Even count: .639 Career OPS Pitcher ahead: .409 The numbers are pretty consistent again this year for Wieters: 2011 OPS Batter Ahead: 1.147 2011 OPS Even count: .512 2011 OPS Pitcher ahead: .481 Tony compared these numbers to Cesar Izturiz in an article earlier in the year. Izturis career numbers are: Batter ahead: .739 Even count: .636 Pitcher ahead: .497 After 0-1: .534 Izturis compares favorably to Wieters even or behind in the count. Here is a couple more examples: Nick Markakis career OPS after 0-1: .738 Brian Roberts career OPS after 0-1: .665 Adam Jones career OPS after 0-1: .679 Matt Wieters career OPS after 0-1: .544 47% of Wieters' career at-bats have seen him fall behind 0-1 in the count. Either Wieters has got to improve his approach after 0-1, or he needs to swing at more first pitches. What he is doing now just isn't working.
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    That was perhaps the most unusual run I've ever seen scored by the Orioles this season. Well-hit ball, but hangs up there, outfielders get to it. Wait.... wait! TWO of them get to it! They're getting closer... CLOSER... and they SMACK into each other! But one of them catches it! The one who caught the ball stays on his feet! The baserunners are advancing! He's throwing the ball in! The cut-off man misses the catch and the ball rolls into the infield toward the pitcher's mound!!! Lead runner heading for home, and he makes it -- there's no play at the plate!!!!! Pretty exciting stuff, and pretty hilarious fielding by the Jays.
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    Re: Bautista-- You can take the player out of the Orioles, but you can't take the Oriole out of the player.
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    Now Lawrie can tape his butt to the bench.
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    ANd then the non AAAA hitter comes to the plate. Bang.
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    Jonesy is the man! I was just thinking that would be a great time to get #20!
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    This post is so funny in hindsight.
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    LOL! How soon I forget.
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    Don't be sad...two out of three ain't bad. At least its better then the crapfest we had to endure last month.
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    He really looks loose. Free and easy.
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    Glad he got his velocity back and just started throwing the fastball. We will see when he starts the nibling next time through the order.
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    I brought up a soft cooler filled with ice and Natty Boh to my TV room. This is living.
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    Is the Matusz bobblehead sweating profusely?
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    I'll see if anything becomes availible postgame. BTW, how nice is it to see Tillman sitting 92-94 to start the game and getting two strikeouts to end a 1-2-3 first?
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    Any word on the Davis and Hardy procedures?
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    Ravens waive Mckey....Not a headliner ...but just saw it on the ticker on NFL network.
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    Seriously...Enough of this. It is getting old and it is meaningless.Great, he is very good defensively...How exciting. The staff ERA still blows. I am so happy that the Orioles paid all that signing bonus money for a guy who blocks balls in the dirt and has a great arm. The fact that he is one of the better catchers says a lot more with how poor the catching position is than how good Wieters is. He is a huge disappointment and throwing in "he is still an above average catcher" doesn't make him less of a disappointment. he doesn't walk enough. He doesn't hit for enough power. He doesn't hit for average. He has had one good month in the majors, which makes his career OPS look better than it is...and his career OPS is only 716. 716!!!!!!! That is pathetic.
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    John Hart sounds nothing like Andy MacPhail. Nothing. If Hart were GM and given the reigns to the franchise I think we'd be on a much different course than we presently are...a better one. I don't have any personal disdain for MacPhail I was actually elated when he replaced Flanagan, but his conservative nature has been deafening. He's shown a propensity to make some good trades but he hasn't been aggressive enough at all. His recent comments about international signings are in a word...embarrasing. We're already behind the 8 ball we shouldn't be eliminating any minor league affiliates either. I thought Trea's posting of Hart's comments were pretty interesting. Baltimore does in fact have much greater resources than a franchise like Tampa...the front office and ownership is not leveraging that though. I used to blame that solely on Angelos but MacPhail took the job and it's his responsibility to sell what needs to be done. In the past Angelos has allocated money to spend on free agents. Alomar, Belle, Tejada, Lopez, Jimmy Key...all of those signings made sense. In 1998 the Orioles had the highest payroll in baseball. With MASN one would think we could support a $100 milliion dollar payroll. MacPhail either hasn't sold the need for Teixeira type talent to Angelos or he thinks the actions that are being taken are the appropriate ones. Either way he is failing.
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    Bayside is a great suggestion. We have been going there for 30 years. As kids we called the place "The Pink Table Cloth". To this day we go to the pink table cloth. Anyone have some suggestions for fun places to go with kids ages 11 and 8? This is the first year the kids and I will be there without their Mother, and I want them to have a great time. So far, we are planning on going crabbing, other than that the schedule is wide open. Thanks for the help. 8
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    I just think that Buck came to town with the ultimate goal of being a GM, whether it be in year or in a couple years. He's either going to get the job now, soon, or bail.
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    He is a major disappointment at the plate. "I have never I quote been to an Oriole game at OP with him in the lineup that he hasn't grounded out to 2B at least once and sometimes two times in a game." He swings at too many low pitches (maybe they are normal pitches but appear low to him because he's so tall?) and with his continued release of the bat on his swings with one hand and arm guiding the bat on his follow through he is going to continue to hit singles and maybe once in awhile get a tweener double between the outfielders. He reminds me of a coach hitting ground balls to the infielders and outfielders where they just make contact and try to direct it to a fielder. Chris Davis the night he hit his HR in K.C. recently keeps both hands on the bat until he has completed his swing and then let's one hand release. Result? More power and distance when he makes contact. Pick up a bat and swing the one handed/arm way I'm describing and you'll notice something right away. There is less strain on the shoulder behind the plate or trailing shoulder and less strain on the ribcage area. I commented about a month ago that he kept both hands on the bat on the follow through two times in a game I attended and I mentioned to people around me that it appeared he changed his swing and he hit the ball harder and for more distance. Guess what happened next? Back to the old way and strike three and ground out to 2B followed. He did get a hit tonight/last night that knocked in a run I believe and made two nice plays at the plate. He needs a lot more time in a film room looking at his pitch selection when batting. He swings at anything around the plate whether it's low (1st preference) or high (2nd preference). I've said it before and I'm sure I'll say it again. He hits like he is taking batting practice. Adam Jones is similar but he crushes the ball and hits it for more distance when he makes contact. Is he stronger than Wieters? More muscular? I think Jones is stronger. Does Wieters spend time in the weight room? I hope a hitting coach can show him what he is doing wrong and get him straightened out quickly. Maybe he should do what Nick is doing. Like it or not. Choke up a little bit and as I've said at least 10 times on here......go to a lighter bat to help him with his bat speed. This is all basic stuff and is easily corrected. What's going on with our hitting coach and Buck as they watch him bat night after night with little success. As I said on another post (RF'S) the other day he appears tired when he is hitting. Like he is only up at the plate because he has to bat. His main job is to catch. Sorry! It's what I see when I watch him hit and i'm sure others on here have noticed it before. We can correct his plan and swing at the plate. Another repeat but favorite comment about hitting. Years ago.......how many? When Frank Robinson was in his prime and hitting for the Orioles he was asked about hitting on a radio show. Any secrets Frank he was asked? Don't hit the pitchers pitch until you have two strikes. Don't swing at the low strike until you have 2 strikes. Especially if you have a runner on third with less than 2 strikes. You want a pitch you can hit in the air to drive in the runner from 3B.
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    Scott, you are the man. Congrats my friend. I was voted mayor of Dewey Beach tonight. To the victor goes the spoils.
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    Stanley Brothers <iframe width="425" height="349" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/mMJz-puzniU" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
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    He's just living up to his last name.
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