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    He never threw punches, but wasn't willing to learn and evolve from his illogical stances. It's ridiculous that a member who was constantly at the center of raging debates left and right, and who was never willing to look at things differently regardless of the massive amount of research and logic thrown his way, will always be more remembered than hundreds of other posters here who for the most part, lay low, have good conversation, but because they "get it" don't ever cause fireworks enough to get the constant attention, and not to mention pretty damn close to two birds worth of rep that Trea got. If his consistency in not ever lashing out at those who jumped all over him is enough to make you sad that he is leaving, then I don't know what to tell you. But I won't be losing any sleep over it.
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    You gotta ask a question he's allowed to answer without being put on timeout at the Warehouse. How about... Peter Angelos...great owner...or the greatest owner?
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    What does Greg think about this loss?
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    He was passionate and unusually thick-skinned. Thats all I got.
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    Mr. Bader, As Director of Communications, what do you think you communicated by ambushing Tony Pente on his own message board?
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    Greg, a statement, not a question. I used to use the advertisement for orioles tickets on this forum as my link to order my tickets One click and I was where I needed to be. Now if I choose to go to O's games this year, which I promise you will decrease dramatically as a direct result of this incident, I will either find free tickets from friends/family or go on stub hub. If the convenience isn't there any longer, why should I pay more for my tickets? The last two years, my fiancee and I attended 13 and 12 games respectively. Most of those tickets were purchased using the advertisement link. I don't think your budget department realizes how important this site is to thousands of fans. Orioles Hangout is the only website I constantly have open on my phone. Every free minute I have, I devote to this site, so much that my fiancee kind of resents OH. Even Orioles merchandising I purchase a lot of times, I find through this site. Hell, I'll go as far as saying that if it weren't for this site and he great people on here, I already wouldn't care about the Orioles. The Orioles need the Hangout as much as the Hangout needs the Orioles. Its a symbiotic relationship. Sometimes, someone has to be the bigger man, put hurt feelings aside, and for the greater good, make a real attempt to repair a broken bond. Can the Orioles Organization show their last remaining fans that they are the bigger man? (I guess I did have a question afterall.) People above you in your organization really need to read these threads to get a sense of what has been set into motion.
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    Gregg, Thank you for giving us an opportunity to speak directly with someone from the Orioles. I sincerely appreciate you taking the time to hear our thoughts and concerns. The one thing I would like to see is that Mr. Angelos became more visible. I'd like to see him at the ballpark more often and I'd like to hear his thoughts on the team. I know this could be difficult for him because he may be subjecting himself to criticism. But I think it's important for fans to know that he still cares deeply about the club and that he remains passionately committed to bringing winning baseball back to Baltimore. A few appearances a year on radio or TV to let fans know that he's in it with us and he suffers the same frustration and heartbreak we do would be great. It would go a long way to restoring faith in the clubs leadership. Thanks for listening.
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    Guys, you're asking the wrong questions. If you want one answered, then follow my lead. Greg, are Orioles games fun?
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    Absolutely correct and that is one of the irritants of him posting in the first place...because you cannot tell me the director of communications for the O's is way too busy for a few or even many responses to his most educated target audience. There are a great many working professionals on this board who can find time to make intelligent posts/arguments/discussions, etc.... for Mr. Bader to even consider the "I am too busy" excuse. No reason to post at all in the first place if you have no intention of involving yourself in a discussion....on...a....discussion....board....
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    Without reading any posts in this thread.. How can any investment in the Orioles Hangout (ones of the handful of sources of your diehard fans) be seen as a poor or not worthwhile investment, when this team has habitually spent money in the worst possible ways? It's not rocket science. If you want to run your franchise purely as a business and make business decisions, great. Make good ones. If you're going to make "bad business decisions", you could do a lot worse than supporting this site. Sure you're a decent dude Greg, but you're part of a moronic franchise that is alienating many of the individuals that still cling to you, despite all the poor decisions.
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    As a 16 year old, I can't even remember a winning season (I was 2 last time one happened). Anyways, I don't quite understand this move. As a young fan, I was part of the dugout club which was ~$20 every year for ten games. With all those cheap tickets, you guys must have given away hundreds of thousands of dollars in tickets. Was it a success? I would say so. My family went on to become partial season ticket holders and I became an avid follower of Orioles Hangout. You guys continue the Dugout Club, but want to stop what the true fans had. I don't see the logic. Is this organization concerned to squeeze every dollar that they can out, that the seats are full and are making a profit or does the team want to be like Mark Cuban where he doesn't want any away fans in his home stadium and a positive atmosphere for the home fans? Alienating the most loyal supporters for a paltry 50k (which everyone knows it is in this business) makes no sense. As a future business major please tell me what I'm missing, because it seems that you essentially told your platinum card members to leave. Oh, and a winning season would be nice.
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    Exactly. It is still his living. If someone in corporate America moves from Virginia to California to make more money, they are not called a traitor. When an athlete, however, switches cities to make more money, they have to listen to how they only care about the money. I moved from West Virginia to Philadelphia for a better job. No one calls me a traitor. That being said, once he went to New York, I could care less about his career from that point on.
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    They both have blonde hair. You can kind of see it in this picture. They're both doing well. - They've started practicing their sucking motion. - They're getting 15cc of food now. They were getting 5cc yesterday. - We're fortunate in that we've been able to hold both of them. - They're going to try and remove the CPAP over the next few days. They're currently on the lowest CPAP setting. - Nolan is maintaining his temperature pretty well in his crib. They think Brooks would be able to move to a crib as well, but they still have him in an incubator.
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    You'd have done the exact same thing, "whore." And so would anyone else. People on message boards are always willing to give away someone else's money.
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    He works PR for the Orioles...He should have loads of time! :wedge:
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    Although it isn't an RSN, that's exactly what happened at first with NFL Network. Many cable companies balked at putting it on basic tiers for what the NFL wanted to charge per subscriber. But the NFL held firm, thinking that the cable companies would cave because their subscribers would exert enormous pressure on them if they missed 8 live games a year. But the NFL overplayed its hand there, since many of the games featured on the network aren't really marquee matchups, plus the fact that the games are also simulcast OTA in the home markets of the participating teams. Of course for the cable companies it wasn't so much about the cost per month, but more so the fact that they wanted an end to DirecTV's exclusive rights to Sunday Ticket in exchange for carrying NFL Network. IIRC, the compromise was that the NFL decided to produce its own version of the Red Zone Channel and offered that to cable carriers in exchange for carrying NFL Network, which many of the big companies accepted, although some still haven't (like Cablevision).
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    I hope he actually posts in this thread with answers to some of the questions, even if the answers are ones that would be approved above him in the corporate structure. Mr. Bader is a director. That is not lunch lady land.
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    Did you act the same way at the Warehouse as you do on this forum?
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    All you are going to get are the politically correct answers. Trust me, as someone who worked down there and basically got fired for stating an opinion(a correct one btw) on this board, greg isn't about to put himself in the same position. On top of that, the Orioles have no use for anyone who will actually speak their mind and attempt to hold the team accountable. PA is a person who rules out of fear, not respect. Not to say he isn't respected but everyone is so afraid to stand up to him because they feel they will get fired...at least that's how it was when I was down there and there is zero reason for me to think anything is different. He may be willing to hear constructive criticism but only so much.
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    I'm also 21. The last time the Orioles were in the playoffs, I had just turned 7. I literally have almost no positive memories of the Orioles. After Cal, my favorite player growing up was Tejada, a steroid user and a liar who ran himself out of town. Mora became a primadona during the end of his tenure, Roberts is having his career tragically shortened by multiple concussions, and Markakis is in a seemingly endless, slow, early-career decline. Since I don't really remember the playoff runs in the mid 90s the only time that the O's have ever been "good" was the first part of 2005 before their epic, steroid-tainted meltdown. I basically only follow the team out of loyalty and could never truly root for another team. I am from Maryland and literally have only two friends who are Orioles fans (!!) and they are halfhearted ones, at that. Most have jumped ship to the Nats, who seem to at least have some things breaking their way and have displayed a willingness to spend money. My question then is: Excepting the apparently masochistic fans such as myself who could never stop following the team no matter how hard they try (and I have), how do the Orioles plan on re-engaging a younger population that has never considered them anything other than the doormat of the AL East? In my opinion, this is going to take more than a few seasons of relevance. My generation of fans have absolutely zero commitment to the Orioles and the next generation are being raised with the Nats as a viable alternative. Is there any sense of urgency at all in the warehouse? I prefer they go for another rebuild to do it the "right way," but I wouldn't even complain if they employed a J-Trean "win now" plan. I just can't stand to see them sit by and live with the status quo. The status quo is failure. 14 years of it. Just do something different, take some risks. Barring incredibly idiotic overspending or trading away players for beans (Guthrie?), the Orioles can't be in worse shape than they already are.
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    Mr. Bader, Is this the year Dave Stockstill gets that MLB Executive of the Year award?
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    Mr. Bader, in addition to my question from the other thread, I have an even more straight forward question. First, some quick background. I am by NO means a Peter Angelos basher. In fact, for about 12 of the 14 years of losing I have defended the man. He represented my Grandfather in the asbestos cases, and thus Mr. Angelos has a special meaning to my family that far outweighs his ownership of the Baltimore Orioles. That said. Mr. Angelos seems to be a very proud man. He has done so much good for the city of Baltimore. And yet, most people only think of him as the man who ruined the Orioles. My question is simple....Does Mr. Angelos even care about the perception that Orioles fans have of him, or is it all about the money? Thanks for listening.
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    Mr. Bader, I am a teacher in this area, and I want to tell you that if you are indeed worried about the financial future of your franchise, the Orioles organization better get a lot more aggressive in pursuing wins and fans. By the time I was 13, I saw the Orioles win 100 games 4 times, have 5 Cy Young winners, 2 MVPs, 3 Rookie of the Year winners, 4 post season appearances, and a World Series title. I met my idol, Al Bumbry, at the Birdfeeder Restaurant at Memorial Stadium before a game. Not only did that man speak to me, but he sent me birthday presents, player autographs, and cards for years after that. Kids who are 13 today have seen 13 straight losing seasons and feel a disconnect with the organization. Inevitably, they view your entire franchise as a bunch of inept losers. REAL Oriole fans are deeply saddened by this fact and feel a true sense of loss for those kids. Sir, my students talk about the Ravens every morning in homeroom. During the season they ask to watch highlights and Ravens content on the big screen during homeroom. They LAUGH at my Orioles merchandise and NEVER ask to see anything Orioles related. They don't have the connection to this team that preceeding generations had, and you'd better start winning them over now, or it may be a generation lost to your franchise. I have a four year old son. I hope your start AGGRESSIVELY trying to win games and win back fans, so he can develop a love for the game and the Orioles organization the way I did. Losing and losing and losing, poor public relations moves, and uninspiring, seemingly passive, and less than creative front office management have made this organization hard to root for - even for those of us who love it and remember what it was. I hope you are listening, because if you were to walk through my school of 1,300 students, you'd see from what they aren't wearing, the task you have ahead of you. Adam
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    It's all well and good to say that we can amend the Constitution if we want it to mean something else, but we haven't actually been able to do that since 1971 (I don't count the 27th Amendment's ratification in 1992 since it took 203 years to ratify). Sure, maybe we would have more of an inclination to do so if practically all of the modern national government was struck down, but the fact is that it's really difficult to ratify an amendment to the Constitution. Take the amendment to give voting rights to the District of Columbia. That amendment would not have made DC a state, nor would have it have pulled DC from Congress's jurisdiction; it only would have treated DC "as if it were a state" for purposes of representation in Congress, House votes for President and Senate votes for Vice President, and Constitutional amendments. This amendment was ratified by only 16 of the required 38 states in a seven-year process. You cannot possibly argue that this amendment should not have been ratified, but it was not, because frankly the people who would benefit are exactly the ones who are disenfranchised and cannot ratify the amendment themselves. And the populationof DC obviously is much smaller than that of women (19th Amendment), young people (26th), or African Americans (13th-15th). The only reason not to support this amendment is partisan politics. I'm not saying the Congress could or should "make" its own law on this point. The 23rd Amendment clearly covers this (allowing DC to vote for electoral college electors for President and Vice President but providing them only with non-voting representation in the House). I merely am using this as an example of a Constitutional amendment process gone awry. This isn't something like the Equal Rights Amendment where there is a legitimate policy argument about whether it should be ratified or not. This is an issue of enough states either plain not caring or having partisan political reasons to sit back and watch a subset of the republic's citizens be disenfranchised and taxed without representation.
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    MNF is so hard to listen to. They blather on and on about whoever just made the play trying to make it sound liek every play is a hall of fame caliber play. It's ridiculous. Will be even worse now.
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    Do I have to say it again? If Angelos was doing this quietly, why would anyone connected with the Orioles confirm this, and face the wrath of Angelos? These rumors about Angelos selling come up from now and then, so maybe one day, one of them will come true. My uneducated guess is he'll pass the club down to his sons, and Orioles fans will wander in the desert for another forty years.
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    Also, do you use regular paste to brush wooden teeth? (sorry, I couldn't help myself)
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    I, for one, am one of those that if I could get sports ONLINE for "free" I would gladly dump regular TV and go the route of Hulu or Netflix or another online service for shows that I really like or may be interested in. I hate paying $130/month for Direct TV, but I like sports and movies and shows on HBO and Showtime with lots of softcore T&A...so, I'm stuck for now I guess.
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    Thanks everyone. Just wanted to give everyone a quick update on them. Brooks was moved to an incubator to keep him from getting cold. They put Nolan in a small crib without a lamp. They've both responded well to the CPAP as they're on "room air". We were able to hold Nolan this morning and we're hoping that we'll be able to hold Brooks tonight. As of right now, they're on a liquid containing sugar, water and calcium. They were given some caffeine yesterday to prevent apnia, but that's about it. Nolan looking at his mommy Nolan with me Brooks relaxing
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    Dr. Strangeglove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Last Place by Peter G. Angelos, ESQ. Travel Guide to Korea by Fred Ferreira
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    I will be 62 in June, you little whippersnapper, and my role model is my maternal grandmother, who died when she was 100. She knew that she could get away with just about anything at her age, so she was whacking people on the streets well into her 90s. What was the victim going to say? "Officer, this 95-year-old woman standing well over 4 feet tall just whapped me with her cane. Arrest her." My grandmother probably would have slugged the cop before he could get the cuffs on her. I want to be like her. The best is yet to come, and I advise you to cheer up, Pedro. Every day spent above ground is a great one. Don't make me come out there, you young scalliwag. Love, Durb the Crusty Old Fart
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    If you are filling up a water bottle at the drinking fountain, use the GD short one! You don't have to bend over to do that and for tall folks like me the higher fountain is more need than luxury.
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    By the way guys.. thanks for the responses
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    Welcome. We do not like your kind.I do not care for Mike anymore, though at one time, before George bought him, he was a beautiful thing. So no, he does not need to go in, and he already made his choice on his preference in caps should he be so fortunate.
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    Without going into any financial component, Do the Orioles want us attending as a group? What level of commitment from us would be necessary to make it work for the Orioles? We like Hangout nights.
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