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    Congrats! Your officially the 1,000,000th person on this site to rant about this!
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    Big Sam Thompson played for the Detroit Wolverines from 1882-1888. In 1906, 18 years later at the age of 46, he played eight games for the Detroit Tigers. Big Dan Brouthers played for an National Association (minor league) team in Rochester in 1880. Must have been a heck of team (despite what looks like a bad record), he played with Long Levi Meyerle, Lip Pike, Buck Ewing, and One Arm Daily. Then after his MLB career was mostly over he returned to Rochester and played a season for Rochester's Eastern League team in 1899, a 19 year gap.
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    Adrian Marin has signed according to his twitter. https://twitter.com/#!/Adrian_Marin8 Adrian Marin ‏@Adrian_Marin8 Officially signed a contract with Baltimore!! #Orioles
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    Well, I guess it's because I'm an OF and grew up listening to the likes of Ernie Harwell and Herb Carneal and Chuck Thompson and Bill O'Donnell and Jon Miller. So my standards are probably too high. Ideally, I'd like to see Joe Angel and either Ben MacDonald or Billy Ripken in the TV booth calling the games, but, oh well.......Sorry if I've offended any of you younger posters. I'm sure the older guys on here know what I'm talking about.
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    Just turned the game on. Wtf? Matusz regress to his usual self?
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    I have to listen to the sucks announcers pleeeeaaaaaaaseeee.
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    What team are you watching? Reynolds is hitting .321 since he came off the DL. "Realistic" doesn't mean "blatantly making things up."
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    Excellent. That's good news for Baltimore. So far Correa was around $2.2 MM under slot and Zimmer is $500K under at a lower slot. $3.75 MM should be more than reasonable as a signing amount if Zimmer actually did sign for 3. EDIT -- not confirmed (single source) but hearing the general terms discussed for Zunino came out to around $1 MM shy of $5.2 MM (so I'm guessing that really means around $4.5 MM). If true, more good news for BAL. Like Gausman, Zunino can't sign until his season is over, so we won't know for a little while.
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    Since I don't see much in the way of actual studies here, I thought I'd reference this one. Pretty interesting analysis here based on aggregate statistical analysis only (it's obviously more complicated than that on a case-to-case basis of course). It references James Andrews and Bill James opposing views on this subject (James has actually advocated returning to a 4 man rotation). If you don't want to read it, the basic point was that arm injuries correlated with an increase in wildness (high bb rates) particularly in later innings. Obviously, wildness correlates with fatigue, but for guys that didn't fatigue and maintained good walk rates, there was no added risk of injury based on pitch count/IP. Basic conclusion being, the risk if injury depends on the pitcher's resistance to fatigue and not the pitch count. http://orfe.princeton.edu/~alaink/Theses/DavidHaleThesis.pdf
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    Well you di-int have to embolden those hated pseudonyms!!!!
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    You know where this is going..
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    Will it burn my mouth? It'll destroy it!
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    Oy vey! But I agree with TGO and the "good" Dr. here. Nothing compares to HN or Nathan's hot dogs! The snap as your teeth break through the tough outer layer and juice spurts out. The taste of spices and honest to goodness (rabbi approved) delectability cannot be over stressed. Bring 'em back!
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    I know it's blasphemy in the land of Cal Ripken, Jr., apple pie and Esskay, but everyone knows Kosher hot dogs taste the best.
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    Below is a link to an article listing the best and worst pitchers who started in the majors at age 19 or 20. It uses WAR as a gauge. http://junkstats.com/mlb/best-and-worst-pitchers-age-20/ Take a close look at the worst 10 list. Three of them are former Orioles - Frank Bertaina, Mike Adamson, Wally Bunker, and more recently, Hayden Penn. I know the Orioles have had success stories too with very young pitchers, like Dave McNally and Jim Palmer, but Bertaina, Adamson, Penn, and Bunker were all gone from MLB by age 26 or younger. IMO, rushing Bundy is taking a huge risk. I just don’t think the Orioles should even consider taking a chance with Bundy this year.
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    OR you could do what your canine teeth suggest you should do and eat some darn hot dogs! Just kidding my friend.
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    Chris Tillman has now pitched three good or better outings in a row at AAA. He looks ready to join the O's rotation. But over the next 4 days other starter candidates will show if they are ready to take over one of the two troubling spots in the rotation. Tomorrow Hunter will try to match the quality start that he has already pitched at Norfolk with another one. Arrieta, Eveland and Gonzalez will all probably pitch on Friday or Saturday for the O's either as a starter or possibly in long relief. By Sunday Buck will have the latest information of who is pitching the best. By the time Hammel takes the mound on Sunday and the next round of the rotation begins Buck should know who stays and who goes. Monday's off day plus the presence of Chen and Matusz means that the 4 and 5 starters will not be needed in the next turn of the rotation until Thursday and Friday next week. This gives Buck time to make a decison but also enables him to adjust the rotation to give Chen more rest if he desires. It will be an interesting few days. Enjoy the ride.
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    Ok, I can see where you are coming from. I've talk to Delmonico earlier in the season and standing next to him it's my opinion he's got room to put on some muscle so I definitely think there is more power in there. When I see the loft and backspin during BP with an easy stroke then I see the 16 doubles, I start to think those doubles will end up homers in a few years. Turning 20-years old next year doesn't hurt him in my eyes because he's in his first full minor league season right now and he's already shown an ability to draw some walks, extra base power, and after a slow start, and ability to hit for a little average. He's started slow against left-handers so that will have to be watched, but I think the guy his some serious upside.
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    You can't say that you are decreasing the probability of winning in the future by bringing him up. You could be increasing the probability of winning because you determine sooner that he is ready for the big leagues and he helps you sooner in 2013 or 2014 than he othewise would have. Bringing him up sooner might also result in his developing faster because he is getting challenged sooner and getting better coaching. Finally, why does everyone act like it is a given that if he were called up in a pennant race he would injure himself? He might be more likely to injure himself in the minors with their inferior fields and facilities. I can't think of a great pitcher that was ruined because he was called up too soon unless you count David Clyde. A 20 year old Jim Palmer pitched a complete game shutout in the World Series to help the Orioles win. He then missed most of 1967 and all of 1968 with injuries. Was it not worth it to pitch Jim Palmer at 20? Would the Orioles have won without him?
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    Read better.* *I mean, seriously. I didn't say anything resembling that, Moose. Sheesh.
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    Can't argue with any of that. Here's my skepticism with Delmonico. He looked pretty mature physically when I saw him in ST on TV (not what you are implying with Lino), although I'm sure he can add some muscle. He's turning 20 in a month so he's not super young but certainly a fine age for low A Ball. He most likely, from what I've read, will be a 1B or as you suggest a corner OF. He currently has a .758 OPS in low A ball. That's not bad but I don't see anything to be excited about. You are talking about a college coaches son who probably had tons of insruction growing up and was considered fairly advanced offensively. In the Baseball America prospect book they kind of questioned his bat speed as not being better than average and maybe a tick below. My concern is that you might not see a ton of improvement as he advances. There may not be room for a ton of growth offensively, being my biggest concern.
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    I wouldn't be shocked. Ireland will be much tougher than most give them credit for. I don't see them making it out of the group, but they won't be embarrassed either. I think a loss to Spain and draws to both Italy and Croatia seem possible. I have Spain finishing first and Croatia second in that group. My girlfriend is part English so I'll be cheering for them, but the Irish are my underdogs in this tourney.
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    As many are aware, I've been a big Tillman supporter for years, and I've been patient. I'm not rushing to see him on the MLB roster, though, and perfectly accept the argument that it can't hurt to see him repeat his positive performance for a couple of more starts. I do, however, think it's useless to cite his statistics for the year as an argument for keeping him down. I can guarantee the Orioles won't be looking at that. Tillman is Exhibit A for Rick Peterson, and the fact is that some early inconsistency w/ results should have been expected. If they like what they see with how he's throwing, those inconsistent results won't matter. Also, if you want to truly have an opinion on what to do with Tillman, watch him pitch. At a minimum, his 8 inning start is on MiLB TV. If you haven't seen what he looks like this year (sitting 93-95 late in the game), then you're not really talking about the version of Tillman that matters.
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    Have you had a chance to watch/scout him, RVA? My notes on the start from the other thread:
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    I'd certainly consider giving him the David Price treatment. Of course that decision is months away, and unlikely to ever be meaningful for the 2012 Orioles. If the Cubs hadn't used Wood in 1998 they don't make the playoffs. How much is a playoff appearance worth? How much risk is there in pitching a young guy a bit past fuzzy guidelines for innings? There has to be a break-even point there somewhere. The answer can't always be falling back on super-conservative treatment. Because someone else won't, and they'll have a leg up on beating you.
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    These kind of what-if arguments can get problematic fast, but FWIW: I don't recall the wild pitch, but to say unequivocally "that's on him" misses the point a bit. Yes, wild pitches are charged to the pitcher, but that doesn't change the fact that maybe he throws that same pitch ten times and the catcher blocks it probably five. There's an element of luck in that. The Jones throwing error can very easily be said to have cost him a run: the next two hitters grounded out and popped out. The next inning, BJ Upton's double was a grounder that glanced off the glove of a diving Tolleson. The next batter struck out. If Tolleson blocks that ball only one run scores. If Upton hits that ball 2 feet to the right, it's straight at Tolleson, and he likely turns a DP to end the inning. Before this, with 1 out and runners on 1st and 2nd Jose Molina grounded into a force out. I don't remember the play, but given Molina's speed (lack thereof) perhaps Tolleson would've been better served trying to step on 3rd and throw to 1st for the DP? Again, I readily admit these arguments have their flaws, but I think you get my point: there's certainly some-a good deal of luck involved, even in the case you are bringing up as the kind of paradigm case of Jake's struggles.
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    Hopefully he sees your 35 and older post about pitchers wanted for your men's league.
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    As far as I can tell (and I actually looked at just about everyone who's played 18 years in the majors) that would be the record. Al Leiter went a little over 16 years between appearances for the Yanks (April 26, '89 to July 17, '05). For a minute I thought Burleigh Grimes had 17 years between appearances with the Pirates ('17 to '34), until I saw he'd played two years for them ('28-29) in the middle. Curt Schilling was traded from the Red Sox organization to the O's on July 29, 1988. And returned to the Sox on November 28, 2003, appearing in a game on April 6, 2004. That's nearly 16 years. When Davey Johnson came back to manage the O's in '96 that was 24 years since he'd been traded away as a player. If we're opening up that can of worms there might be some huge gaps... Edit: Really stretching the definitions... Rickey Henderson played for Jersey City in the Eastern League in 1978 then returned to northern New Jersey to play right next door for the Atlantic League Newark Bears in 2003, 25 years later.
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    No one is saying either of those two are long-term solutions. But they may give us a better chance to win games right now. I disagree. I think there are a few reasons, the most significant being that he has not had a run of any sustained success for the last 2 seasons. Let him stay down and put together at least a month or 2 of good/solid starts. I think that is better for his long-term development and also better for the Orioles currently.
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    This thread will go down as one of my all-time favorites...after I realized that it's better to laugh at myself than take things too seriously... Thanks guys...
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    I was at the game tonight and Chris was pretty much lights out. He only made one real bad pitch all night and that was on the homerun ball to Wilkin Ramirez which also cost him his no hitter at that point. Miggy and B-Rob looked good as well!
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    Actually, trace anyone's # that votes for a Yankee or Red Sox, figure out hte home address on those cell phone accounts and put all those addresses in a database. People residing at those addresses are banned from purchasing tickets to Oriole games. In fact, spend a few million to have a machine that scans IDs at the gate. Any address matching a blacklisted # is banned from entry to the ballpark. DO IT.
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    He was actually better than the (incorrect) posted line indicates. Tillman only walked one. The kid pitched 5 perfect innings with 5 Ks, allowed a solo HR for the only hit of the game in the 6th, got two outs in the 7th with one walked batter and left the game. That is flat out dominant.
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    Uh,yessir. Upgraded to dominant.
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    Good signing by the Browns, err, Orioles.
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    Jamie Moyer, class act. Baseball star wants to start Baltimore bereavement camp
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    If the Rays had "caught up" to Chen, how was he able to shut them down after the first inning of his last outing? If it were a matter of fatigue, why did he strengthen as the game wore on? That first inning allowing five runs is a data point that skews everything. I think he's doing fine. I like especially how he and Hammel both don't get fazed by tense or rough situations.
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    Team Store Merchandise: Thank you for calling to our attention the Red Sox merchandise that was being sold during the Royals series. There was clearly a miscommunication between the Orioles and Delaware North Sportservice as it is our position that merchandise of an opposing team should only be sold during a series involving that particular opponent. We recognize that some of you feel only Orioles merchandise should be available at Oriole Park; however, industry standards do call for limited visiting team merchandise to be sold, and we are comfortable with that arrangement. Vendors: Thank you for continuing to share your thoughts on vendors, and specifically for calling to our attention the issue of water not being carried by vendors whose signage may suggest that they should be selling water. We have alerted Delaware North to this situation and will continue to work with them to improve the vending service in the seating bowl and to offer as wide a variety of food and beverage options as is reasonably possible. We do value your feedback and it is important to have these firsthand accounts of your experience at the ballpark so that we can continue to improve each day.
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    So...does this officially make our AAA team older than our major league squad? We have Moyer, Tejada, Ford, McLouth, Pineiro, Romero, Neshek, Villarreal, Roberts, Hall...
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    Maybe the O's will call up that youngster Lew Ford now.
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    This makes me so happy. I don't know why, but just the thrill of having a soon-to-be 50 year old with a 75 MPH fastball is enough to make me want him here.
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    Wait a second-was that girl in the AT&T commercial Jenna haze?
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    As realistic as always....Reynolds is possibly the worst fielding Oriole infielder ever to play regularly and I have been watching for 46 years....and he is providing nothing offensively at a time when this team desperately needs someone to step up as Jones has cooled some recently, Hardy hasn't hit a homer in a while, Markakis is down, Wieters is off his stroke....SOME contribution from Reynolds would be helpful...
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