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    Uhh...it was just a joke...hence the emoticons. Sorry Mr. Baker, no offense was intended....just joking around... Actually, I'd like to apologize to the whole OH community for that joke...it was classless and uncalled for and not meant to harm anyone. After looking at it, I can see why anyone would be offended, especially when Mr. Baker started this thread. I don't know what came over me to post something like that, because I try very hard not to be offensive...it goes against my nature and my beliefs.
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    I will say this only once: for .003 seconds, I was sexually attracted to J.J. Hardy.
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    Thanks all for your comments and inputs. I'm just of the mindset of "Sink or Swim" and David was swimming quite well. David does have a good mental approach to his recent delegation and is dedicated to continue his toughness approach to hitters he faces when the opportunity arises. @TonyOH Yes unfortunately you're correct about the politics in the minor leagues, saw it happen with my oldest son too, just a tough pill to swallow.
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    I am excited for the next Bond film. I think Craig is a great Bond and I think Skyfall will be a good return to the type of Bond movie that Casino Royale started. I don't know what happened with Quantum of Solace. I re-watched Casino Royale last night and it's the best Bond movie I have seen although I admit I haven't seen half of the Bond movies. Here is the Skyfall trailer... [video=youtube;24mTIE4D9JM]
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    Frustrated Dad here so please forgive the rant, David Baker has been told that the Orioles don't have him as a future starting pitcher but yet he continues to prove himself i.e. tonight's game, I guess new management has a crystal ball that tells them this. after a phenominal season last season he's been delegated to middle relief pitcher. Damn, it pays to have the title prospect attached to your name even if you have a high era. I'm not concerned with speculation or trolls but feel as I though I call it as I see it. Professional baseball is tough! Signed Jilted Dad
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    Chased ball 4 on 3-1 count....takes the walk. Good AB.
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    Not yet, but I'm...I'm cautiously optimistic that I will someday.
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    Let's put this one in the WIN column! Rain, rain, went away Hammel won another day Os win, two to one
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    It's 2012. Pitchers that go 7 innings are lauded for their endurance. 8 innings is incredible. 9 is RARELY heard of. You bring in a fresh pitcher who's a lights-out guy... JJ is exactly who we need to get 3 outs in a very close game, unless someone salamis in the bottom of the 8th. EDIT: My bottom line is that playing for a complete game is more likely to backfire than it is to help. You end up overextending one athlete in order to save another from having to play that night, rather than distributing the load. Over the long run that ends up hurting the guy who has to do the extra work. Especially considering Hammel's bum knee. You don't want to play this game for silly stats like complete games. You play to win and you play in a way that gives the highest probability of everyone staying healthy. Share the innings.
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    "A little "doinker". A "texas leaguer". A little "ducksnort"." i hate you so much please shut up
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    There's a hit with RISP....bout time!!! Nice one, JJ!! He was so due he was dilating!!
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    I'm in a small minority, but if there was any package that sent Arrieta, Matusz or Tillman away from the O's, I'd be pleased. I can't stand frustrating baseball, and those three could fill a swimming pool with it.
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    Solid line drive down the left-field line.
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    Ripped down the 3rd base line.
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    Hammered like it was on a tee
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    Tillman looking good through 4 tonight. 6 Ks 0 R 0 BBs 3 Hs
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    I guess Curt will have to manage to get by on his $200k/yr pension and the peanuts he's making from ESPN. Pretty soon he'll be on the corner selling butt.
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    I know I am getting ahead of myself but Christopher Nolan has been hinting at directing a Bond film...I think that would be a match made in heaven.
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    #11 Grendall and #39 Kalush signed officially as per Melewski. He has some others, but their names are already in bold.
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    Hmmm... maybe I'm missing something but his actual Dad might find the above kinda'...perhaps...maybe a bit... insulting. Just sayin'
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    She's mentally unstable and doesn't have a sound grasp of reality. We'd be giving her mental capacity too much credit to call her childish and self-absorbed. She's just not well.
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    Anyone else thinking of going to Cooperstown for the Baseball Hall of Fame weekend? I went for consecutive years when Ripken/Gwynn and then Gossage were inducted. It is a magical time for mega-fans like myself and I made an effort both years to collect as many HoF signatures on baseballs as I could. While Ripken's induction was absolutely awesome, it was packed. The allure of Gossage's weekend was the small crowds and easier access to HoFers. I figure - perhaps incorrectly, that the relatively sparse attendance will continue this year unless the entire state of Ohio shows up for Mr. Larkin - which is possible. I see some early schedules for HoFers signing at the Tunnicliff Inn and some other places. I still need the autographs of several popular players like Eddie, Carlton, Sandberg, Henderson, Brock, Carew, Brooks, etc on the main HoF baseballs. Some of the popular heavyweights - Ripken, Aaron, Mays - have yet to announce if they are attending and are usually added last minute. I have several Mays autographs, but would be very interested in going if Aaron were to attend and schedule a signing (I can wait for Cal). I will warn that the autographs can be expensive for some players individually or some of the cheaper ones collectively. Just wanted to know if anyone was contemplating going.
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    This. I'm boldly predicting that Reynolds will have a higher OBP and OPS than Davis once the season's over. BTW, where's the harsh words for Hardy? The dude can't even keep his OBP above .300 for crying out loud. I don't get why people are so enamored with Hardy at the plate but think Reynolds is this cancer (yes, I grant that Hardy's defense is clearly better). Hardy has 130 more at bats than Reynolds yet only has 7 more RBIs, almost HALF the walks, and only ONE more double. You'd think that in the age of Moneyball that people would appreciate what Reynolds brings to the table, but it looks like there's still a bunch of fans that will take a look at Batting Average and Home Runs and immediately jump to an unfounded conclusion. Also let's stop assuming strikeouts are the worst possible outcome for a hitter at the plate. Double plays are, and JJ is a master at that.
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    Darn right it's hard to prove perjury. I had three defense witnesses lie their rears off today, but proving them guilty beyond a reasonable doubt of perjury would be amazingly difficult. The judge or jury watching the testimony is the one best positioned to determine perjury, but it's a different judge or jury that makes the call. Perjury to Congress is a different animal, but still a difficult one nonetheless. And its an impossible logic puzzle to figure out how you prove Clemens was on the juice when there was no legitimate testing during the period in question.
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    Hey Lex, did you ever consider that maybe what the old lady REALLY wants is for you to trim her bush rather than her grass?
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    Indeed you were. He has answered my pitch efficiency questions pretty excellently the last two starts. And he is locating his pitches really well. Looking forward to seeing him do it the rest of the season.
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