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  2. I'm good. Yesterday was something I'll never forget. I learned a very valuable lesson: Don't f*** with mother nature. People were complacent because of Irene and the numerous times the weather service has cried wolf. Yesterday happened. I'm still waiting to hear from a couple of my cousins. My home town of Crisfield was obliterated. They stopped rescuing people yesterday and left them to fend for themselves. People had the chance and didn't evacuate. My cousin was rescuing people and lost his truck. A couple of my aunts have lost EVERYTHING but at least they are alive. We had to stop rescuin
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  3. Oh this argument again. I'm not saying some people haven't, or won't. But, people are hard on Jones because, first of all, it's their right as fans to be critical of whatever player they choose, for whatever reason they choose, and sometimes that's going to rub people the wrong way. That's just the reality of things and people are free to disagree with it. But, some people are critical of Adam Jones because they see the talent, they see what he can do, but his production in their eyes has not always matched up to it. Some have just blindly argued it, others have used numbers to back it up
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  4. We won a Whole Lotta Glove... The Oriole...Way down inside...you need...Glove !!!!!!!! Congrats to JJ, AJ & Matty !!!! Keep it coolin', baby
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  5. On a side note, I was sitting at the end of my driveway yesterday with my fishing pole, waiting for the tide to come in. Like a boss.
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  6. Holy Bleep! This is not a joke, Disney just shelled out 4 billion to buy Lucas Arts with plans to release Episode VII in 2015 and this film will be followed by Episode VIII and IX! Don't believe me here's the link!!! http://insidemovies.ew.com/2012/10/30/disney-buying-lucasfilm-new-star-wars-film/
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  8. :laughlol: thanks for clearing that up. and, I like it.
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  9. The thing with Hardy is that he doesn't make the flashy plays that end up all over, and just doesn't seem to carry as much reputation around with him. It's like what I read in one of the articles, a lot of people (scouts were particularly mentioned) either were not aware or just didn't care that defensively, Hardy was solid. Least amount of errors, too. I know it's just an award and there are many who question the validity of it.. but man if I don't just get really proud when one from my team wins it. They are flashy awards but I wouldn't mind adding to the Orioles collection of them.
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  10. It sounds like all of you guys made it out okay. Great news. I'm a little worried about Snutchy and McNulty. They're out in the middle of it.
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  11. We have old urban trees all around our home. They are the old strong soldiers of course with the multiple natural events that have been attacking our fair city. I hope you and the dog ride it our well, and hope that the old wood holds steady.
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  12. You know, I've heard his name mentioned a few time. Always wondered if it was the same guy. Good to know :thumbsup1:
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