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    Sorry, just was just made aware of the thread. Work has been very busy and I have 2 new interns. Enough about me. This is what I told my patients today. A revision of an ACL is never a great thing. Add an LCL and you have multi-directional instability. I am surprised with That Mucho damage that ther is not also a meniscal tear in addition. Normally after patellar tendon graft which was performed in 2009 you could harvest the same tendon within two years. For Whatever reason that was not done. That is a slight concern to me also. Thus they had to use the other knee tendon to do the surgery. Thus both these knees had some type of operation done at the same time. Normal rehab time for this kind of surgery is 9 to 12 months. I think all can agree that RG III is not a normal athlete or person. The best case is that he could become a pocket passer for the next year. And eventually hopefully get his explosiveness back thereafter. Do not expect an Adrian Peterson type of recovery. That had never happened prior to APs miraculous season this year. Expect to see RG III on the field next year. Do not expect him to have the same explosiveness as this year is the final take in this message. As a side note, I did also tell my patients unless you were 10 million Dollar athletes they typically do not repair LCL tears. Not a lot of literature or rehab Experience to pass along about somebody having both done. It's just not a common surgery. If you need further clarifications or this is confusing please PM me and I'll try to answer better individually or I can try to respond to thread also.
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    This is a trainwreck of sorts. http://pinterest.com/sammysosamr609/sammy-sosa-sammy-sosa-official-pinterest/
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    Pitching, pitching and more pitching. A true ace can't be passed up.
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    Eddie, because a MOO bat is pretty much all this team needs right now to be great imo.
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    Pryor was striking out 10.5 per nine at the MLB level last year. Dan Klein hasn't thrown in-game since 2011 and has thrown a whopping 16 IP at Double-A. How is Klein comparable to Pryor?
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    Excess starting pitching at MilB level. More on the way. Would be very surprised if Walker was included. Hultzen has lost some luster after failing to show an ability to make certain adjustments as to mechanics. Franklin doesn't have a home with Ackley at 2b and an inability to play SS full time.
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    http://www.cbssports.com/mlb/blog/scott-miller/21535174/justin-upton-rejects-deal-to-mariners-but-still-could-be-short-timer-in-arizona CBS says it was Furbush, Pryor, Franklin (SS) and one of a few minor league pitchers (all of whom Sickels loves). I have no idea what our equivalent would be. "The deal would have sent three or four players back to Arizona, according to CBSSports.com sources. Included among those players would have been relievers Charlie Furbush and Stephen Pryor, minor-league shortstop Nick Franklin and, likely, one of three minor-league starting pitching prospects: Right-hander Taijuan Walker, lefty James Paxton or lefty Danny Hultzen."
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    Keep in mind MASN's first full season was 2007. Where are the big payroll increases after that year? Even after including the outliner that was 2007, the average payroll for the last 6 years is $79,366,293Opening Day payrolls 2005 $73,914,333 2006 $72,585,582 2007 $93,554,808 2008 $67,196,246 2009 $67,101,666 2010 $81,612,500 2011 $85,304,038 2012 $81,428,499
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    Doesn't sound too bad. I'll try and stay awake.
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    For those with a laptop or other computer who doesn't have restore/installation discs, you can download the various ISO for OEM Windows 7 via Digital River and Amazon here. You can then burn a bootable DVD or USB stick. Keep in mind that on newer computers you'll have to make it EFI bootable, to work with the new BIOS system. I followed the instructions in and had no issues.
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    That's good to hear and in line with what I have heard when no touch screen is involved.
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    The LCL is the ligament that is on the outside of your knee. It provides side to side stability. If torn you can try and strengthen up other muscles to help with that stability or wear the typical Don-Joy type of brace that all the offensive lineman wear. I don't want to say you do not need it, but it is not as important as say an ACL. Actually an ACL tear doesn't need to be repaired either for a person who doesn't do sports that involve pivoting and cutting. The only patients that I have seen that have had a MCL or LCL repair performed on are your aggressive athletes. It does not surprise me that they did the surgery on RGIII, but it is almost never done on the general population. Just physical therapy and bracing. Hope that answers your question.
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    And here's some more quotes since you asked. "This is great news for sports fans throughout the Mid-Atlantic region," said Orioles owner Peter G. Angelos in a statement. "We are pleased to have reached this agreement with Comcast, which will allow both the Nationals and the Orioles to maximize their exposure throughout the territory. We are grateful for the support we have received from public officials from Virginia, Maryland and the District of Columbia, whose support was critical to getting the games on television." Angelos could not be reached last night for further comment. But he has said that MASN will be a vital source of revenue for the Orioles as they strive to compete with financial heavyweights such as the New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox. The value of the network would have remained depressed as long as Comcast, the region's dominant cable provider, refused to carry it. "It secured the future of this franchise," said Orioles counsel Alan M. Rifkin, who worked on the MASN-Comcast negotiations from the start. "It means that the franchise will be on solid financial footing now and for the future." Rifkin said that without MASN, the future of the Orioles would have been "very bleak." Asked when the benefits will become apparent, he said, "You're going to see it immediately." http://articles.baltimoresun.com/2006-08-05/news/0608050463_1_comcast-cable-orioles-agreement-with-comcast
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    Good points. In any event, in this case I'm glad the Orioles didn't do it (though I'm still a believer that Matusz will produce).
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    I always though Janeway was pretty badass...in a middle aged female kind of way. In fact, the whole Voyage series is underrated! /endtroll
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    Yeah, because that's what I think about today's pitchers.... I'm not saying pitchers don't want to get the W, but the mindset back then was more focused on staying in the game longer to try to get the win. Today's mindset is "give my team a chance to win", which means give the team 5-6 quality innings and turn it over to the bullpen. My opinion is that if Morris wanted to think about 5-7 innings a start, he could have focused more on less innings but a lower ERA. I just think the amount of innings he logged, the W stat that actually meant more back then, and the postseason success in his own era was enough. Yes, I know he had some bad games in the postseason, but he made his mark on the game. I think he deserves to be in. Now, if he doesn't get to 75% next year, obviously not enough people think that. I can live with that.
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    In other words, "Old guys glad those whippersnappers and their newfangled ways put in their place, and also that greenies and corked bats and spitballs are still seen as funny."
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    They gave him an extension LIKE 20 DAYS INTO HIS MAJOR LEAGUE CAREER! He had no track record at all outside of the minor leagues! 6 years/17.5M (2008-13), plus 2014-16 club options signed extension with Tampa Bay 4/18/08 08:$0.5M, 09:$0.55M, 10:$0.95M, 11:$2M, 12:$4.5M, 13:$6M, 14:$7.5M http://www.baseballprospectus.com/compensation/cots/al-east/tampa-bay-rays/ Come on kiddo, let's up the quality here. EDIT -- Sorry, six days into his major league career. "contract purchased by Tampa Bay 4/12/08"
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    Seriously? Do you want to discuss this or act like you've been munching on paint chips for a couple of weeks?
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    This is silly. Sorry. You can't applaud the O's for being cautious and act like Tampa has some special reason why extending Longoria two weeks into his MLB career was a special case. Tampa scouts their own players incredibly well, and has done a very good job of determining the right players to invest in. Baltimore could have easily given Wieters the Longo contract right after calling him up. Ditto Machado. If Tampa had waited three years to offer Longo a deal, it sure would have been a lot harder (and at least a lot more expensive) to sign him...
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    Or just go any time when it isn't Hall of Fame weekend...
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    The O's had zero intention of bringing back Reynolds, regardless of his price.
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    The only thing I take out of this is that DD really doesn't have any desire/ability to sign big time free agents. Neither did MacPhail, which tells you it's a philosophy that's sent down from above. Thankfully, DD seems to be the kind of guy who will scrub every corner of the baseball world to find under appreciated talent. Chances are though that out of the surprises last year (Gonzalez, Tillman, McLouth, Davis, O'day and let's face it, Jim Johnson) odds are is that some of them will regress. The Orioles have some great chemistry and it's clear that DD and/or management feel their run last year was for a real and sustainable despite the fact that the rest of the AL East mostly improved on paper this off season. We're bringing back basically the same offense as last year with no true MOO, streaky power guys, guys with big splits, few players who make productive outs over major league average, and mostly poor situational hitters. The only real difference is degrading our defense at first base by going from Reynolds to Davis and replacing Reynolds with a platoon of Betemit/Venecia-Pearce. Oh, and we'll probably have a 35-year old guy who hasn't played a full year in three years replacing Andino at second base. Let's just say I hope our pitching staff can build upon last year because if they slip back, it will be back to sub .500 for the Orioles in 2013. As for the farm, Guasman and Bundy are obviously the two prize arms but after that, who's coming up and going to make an impact this year or even next year? Hoes may be able to come up and help at the corner outfield positions if someone gets hurt and Avery is a 4th outfielder type. Maybe Schoop can have a break through year and make good on the scouts that see his power developing. Regardless, this system is not filled with guys that can come up and make an impact in the next few years so the Orioles better start improving their scouting and development if this is the route they intend to take. The last time the Orioles had sustained success over a few years in a row was when they went out and bought Palmeiro, Alomar and Myers. That doesn't mean I expect the Orioles to throw around huge money every off season, but I see no reason why we have to act like the little sisters of the poor when it comes to free agency each and every year. Someone will need to explain to me about the economics that allows a team like the Detroit Tigers to sign the Cabrera's and Fielder's of the world yet we have to hope our farm system brings in our best players. The Orioles are never going to be the Yankees, Dodgers or Angels, but there is little reason why the Orioles management has decided we're the Tampa Bay Rays either.
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    What I meant is, he's not strongly suspected of using steroids. As I see it, there are four categories of players: 1. Players who have admitted using them, or who are faced with very strong evidence but are making denials the vast majority of people don't believe. 2. Players who haven't admitted anything, have never been formally accused of anything, but are pretty strongly suspected due to sudden statistical surges, body types, rumor and innuendo, or whatever. 3. Players who have never been seriously accused or suspected, but who in fact used steroids and have done a good job of avoiding suspicion. 4. Players who have never been seriously accused or suspected, and who never used steroids. For right now, the realpolitik of the situation is that players in categories 3 and 4 will get into the Hall of Fame if they have the numbers and other on-field qualification the voters want. And Glavine is in one of those two categories. Players in Category 1 aren't going in, for now. Players in Category 2 are going to have a hard time getting in, depending on just how many people suspect them of steroid use and how strong those suspicions are. It's a sad state of affairs, but it is what it is. Twenty years from now, it probably will all get sorted out and most or all of the Category 1 and 2 guys will probably get in. But if they twist in the wind for a while, I don't really mind.
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    O.K. Cowherd played the bad cop routine. How long before someone (Peter Schmuck, I'm looking at you) rides in and plays the good cop? They often play old school SNL point-counterpoint. Peter, you ignorant slut! http://www.hulu.com/watch/2306
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    This team is really hard to root for. It's obvious Angelos and DD really don't care about the fan base. The crowds went from no one being there to a full house again, by saesons end and they just couldn't care less about filling the stadium. I don't get it. What a sad state of affairs. Angelos is a joke for an owner. I wish he would sell the team to Cal. We will finish under .500 again and be right back to losers at the bottom of the AL east, this year.
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    The inaction is frustrating in a way, but I don't really feel like the Orioles have left any better moves on the table. Duquette clearly wants to get this franchise into a position where it can be competitive every year. The only way to do that is through the farm system. And while winning 93 games was totally unexpected last year, it doesn't change the fact that you still need to rebuild the farm system. That's going to take years. And it's going to mean that in the interim we aren't going to see a lot of blockbuster trades where we give up young players, or where we sign free agents who will cost us draft picks. This is the strategy. I'm fine with it.
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    Depends on the Picard...the TV Picard would simply convince him not to fight using plain reason and his sophisticated, commanding tone. The Picard from the movies would forget that he's not an action star and get his ass handed to him in an emotionally misplaced one-sided melee. Sent from my C5155 using Tapatalk 2
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    Pitching and defense. Having Jimbo on the mound every 5th game for this team would be unbelievable.
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    I seriously can't tell if you are purposefully being evasive or if someone hit you with a sack of nickels today. Do you honestly think Boras would not have advised Wieters to accept some variation of that contract six days into his MLB career? You think any agent would tell his client, who is over a half of a decade away from becoming a free agent, that he should turn down a reasonable deal guaranteeing him tens of millions of dollars before he his first 50 MLB at bats?
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    Then do yourself a favor and go root for the Yankees. They're so easy to root for, spending all that money. Go ahead. For me, the Orioles are the easiest team to root for in the world. I got more pleasure out of last season than any Yankee fan could have had, not just because of what the Orioles did, but how they did it, and the odds they faced. And I'm totally excited to see what this team is able to do this year, no matter what happens the rest of this offseason. I'm not denigrating the way you feel, but I'm serious in saying that if you truly feel the organization is not committed to winning, is doomed to lose and doesn't care about it's fans, then don't make it so hard on yourself. Find another team to root for.
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    Sickels has Walker rated A-, Hulzten and Paxten at B+. Neither the latter two are in Bundy's and Gausmann's league IMO. Pryer is a C+and Franklin a B+ SS. Schoop is a B SS/2B/3B, and Wright, Klein and Roderigez are B-. Strop is not a sucessful ML RP? I think a package of Britton, Strop, Schoop, and Klein, would be close, if not better.
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