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    Well I can't seem to find the 'Wicked Cover Wednesday' thread, so... <iframe width="560" height="315" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/_vKe_Q6FC0U" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
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    Last 3 years: OBP: Betemit .346 Kubel .327 SLG: Betemit .459 Kubel .458 wRC+: Betemit 117 Kubel 109 a bit more = Dylan Bundy, Jon Schoop, and Zach Britton.
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    Paul is dead. Miss him Miss him Miss him
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    Sorry, you're just going to have to wait and play the DVD backwards like the rest of us.
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    Well from every thing we've heard from Buck and DD, it's that they have high hopes for Reimold, Valencia and Conner Jackson to fill those roles. And Lew Ford along with Hoes is still technically in the picture as well. I agree that Hariston would be a good fit and a possible "Reynolds Replacement" but he's not an elite fit. Is he really that much better than what we already have? It comes down to the theme of the 2013 roster. There are very few roles that are filled perfectly, but there's a lot of above average depth for each role. Spring Training competition is going to be insane with a lot of good but not great options.
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    To be fair, Betemit is not usually as bad against LHP as he was in 2012. He is a .637 career hitter against LHP and has been above .600 most every season (2012 being an obvious exception). If Betemit gets 25% of his at bats against LHP and has an OPS of .600, while having an OPS of .840 against LHP in the other 75% of his at bats, we are talking about a .780 OPS for him on the season. The Orioles would probably be okay with that assuming his right-handed counterpart is doing about the same.
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    I'll do 7 more minutes and then I'm done with this ****. 3 hours is 2 and a half too long!
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    I picked out weams head. Couldn't really tell anyone else.
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    Was going to go line-by-line, but I feel like you and I could go at this for quite a while, so I'll just try to stick to the Ray Lewis topic. The verse you quoted in Matthew 6 says not to practice in front of others to be seen by them. The intent is the important part. Obviously Jesus is talking to the Pharisees here, who would stand in front of everyone and pray loudly so that folks would marvel at how religious they were. Neither you nor I know Ray Lewis' true intent. I tend to agree that it is very look-at-me behavior, but then Ray is a very emotional guy, and perhaps he truly is just overwhelmed by the moment and by his love for God at that time. I don't know. But the Bible is full of characters who worshiped in public. Regarding his lifestyle, as I said earlier, his past shouldn't have an effect on how genuinely his faith is viewed now. Is he still going around sleeping with different women all of the time? I don't know. If so, I would agree that his actions do not match his public faith. But if not, then that could be seen as an example of how his faith is genuine and authentic. Without knowing his private life, it's just not fair to point back to his past and declare that he is a hypocrite. And regarding your paragraph above, I haven't viewed anything you've said as anti-religion. I think it's been a good discussion, and I actually think we're on the same page with a lot of things.
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    Just now finishing up watching this! Just got mine today TUESDAY and then had to go to work. Just now finished watching. Amazing. O-mazing. Just SO well done by the Orioles! And the extra gift... VERY cool! Just want to say... If you live your life the RIGHT way, if you treat people the RIGHT way... After ALL these years, this is your reward!
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    MASN MONEY!! they have MASN MONEY!! Anyway, I'm annoyed that I haven't received my copy yet. Someone hit me with a PM as to what the surprise is.
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    The Internet: where men are men, women are men, and children are FBI agents
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    Hardball Times 11 Facts about Earl Weaver http://www.hardballtimes.com/main/article/11-things-i-didnt-know-about-earl-weaver/
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    This. I initially came to OH back in 2007, ran into SG a couple of times and was just utterly blown away at the level of animosity and vitriol he expressed because I didn't happen to agree with him. I actually think I called HIM a douche. But I stayed away for about 2 years. It all seemed so childish. I don't make this board any better, and with a family and young son I don't have much time to give to well-studied analysis, but I do appreciate when others do. it just seems like a more civilized place than I recall several years ago.
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    Heres Everyones Backup plan, this is the deal i did every year before this year now that i am a season ticket holder http://www.bmorearoundtown.com/event....php?event=PDY Here is what is included in the Opening Day Package: *1 LF Upper Reserve ticket 4/5/13 vs. Minnesota Twins 3:05pm **3 Hours of unlimited Bud Light draft beer 4/5/13 from 11am-2pm at Nobles Bar and Grill in Federal Hill before Opening Day ***Baseball Themed Buffet, including Hot Dogs, Burgers, Chicken Nuggets, and Tater Tots, with all the fixins 4/5/13 from 12pm-130pm at Nobles Bar and Grill in Federal Hill ****Commemorative Opening Day Koozie
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    I'm sorry but we shouldn't have to sit here and try to call in for hours on end. I'll do my best to keep from getting angry at my rep since its not his fault. Instead I'll continue to direct all my hatred towards Angelos, may he die one day soon.
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