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    The Orioles do not need any ravens nation support..true orioles fans came out and supported the team when it was time and they will be supporting this team in 2013.... Ravens fans are the ones saying to boycott the game... hell I even heard a caller suggest to bring trash to the Os game and throw it on the field..... just stupid ignorant fans..:slytf: If you want to boycott something, boycott the stupid concert that the NFL would like to offer us..
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    Right. Just wanted to point out that while I do have more insight, I wasn't as depressed as he admits to being when I was in the same basic position.
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    Thanks. I guess we won't see these guys at pre-game concert on the NFL's opening night.
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    <iframe width="560" height="315" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/2H5uWRjFsGc" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> They're Tubthumping.
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    We are going to miss this dude. That guy did everything that was asked from him, he turned into an awesome defender at first base and while he didn't have the best overall season last year, he killed the hell out of the Yankees when it really mattered which makes up for a lot of the rest of the down year in my book. This guy will have a huge year and those who said we are better off without him will be eating crow.
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    Thanks. I got the MLB TV package last year, but I don't want to pay 125 bucks this year. (Unless I have to)
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    The city would have never allowed a day baseball game and a night football game the same day... even a 11:30 baseball game would not have worked. It's a logistic nightmare. End of discussion. Patriots/Red Sox is different story. 1 team plays in Boston the other in Foxborough. Also, the league has a deal with NBC to host this game THURSDAY night. NBC wanted thursday night ratings and probably booked ads based on the projected ratings for a THURSDAY night... They did not want Wednesday night because they would lose out on $$$$. The NFL and NBC were not going to budge at all and just figured MLB would just move out of their way. I hope people seriously realize this was all the NFL FO being greedy and bullyish.
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    If you knew his walk totals then why post todays with the comment, "0 walks is better, blah, blah, blah...." and use that in comparison to Arrieta who is competing for the 5th spot? Whatever, man. You are already on record as saying your no fan of Jake's, usually you don't let it color your judgement.
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    I agree...the most we can hope for is that the Broncos really pi$$ him off in negotiations
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