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    I hope we can move from the idea that Jones doesn't hustle. His problem if anything, as I stated earlier, is that he tends to get down on himself in the moment too easily. It isn't for lack of effort. This is a curious statement. Do you really think he wasn't looking? You watch a lot of baseball and are one of the more informed voices here, but this is wrong. Jones did lose the ball almost immediately. His problem much like the way he tracks balls is the way he was A) either taught or B) continues to rely on glasses to do the job he should be doing with his glove. Go back and watch it again. Morneau's "double" comes on the second pitch in the AB and when it's hit Jones takes six or seven steps to his right never looking like he has picked up the ball off the bat and NEVER raising his glove to block out the sun. It is a common technique, but if you become too reliant on glasses or were never taught then it's not something many people will notice. I haven't noticed if it has been something he does,or rather doesn't do on a regular basis. Jones running catch the other day is a great example of how his speed will overcome many flaws in his overall technique because of his athletic ability. If Buck says it never came out of the sun, then you are right, he's covering for him. Kirby or somebody should be seeing this if I am though. I've commented before that his winning a GG may wrongly cement in some minds that he doesn't have things to work on. That would be a mistake. I appreciate the effort he usually brings and believe him when he says he blew it because of the check swing. AJ is great at taking responsibility and not passing the buck. (No pun intended.)
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    Absolutely. Oh...you meant Flaherty?
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    The problem is. If Jones catches that ball, EVERYTHING is different. Hernandez is probably yanked earlier when in trouble. BUt in a one run game, the dynamics change, the Twins are energized and the O's are suddenly tight.
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    Ryan Flaherty has you all fooled. Why do you think him and Brandon Fayhey are never in the same picture!
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    Thank you. If we're going to rip some guys for one bad start or a handful of bad at bats, let's rip everyone who has a poor first five games. Throw in the obligatory "I'll give him another start or two, but this can't continue if we're going to the playoffs. Maybe it was ok in the bad days, but SSS craziness and off days just can't happen on good teams." And then call for Bundy, Gausman, Johnson, and the others so they all get their chance to allow three runs in five innings and get pushed aside for Rodriguez and the folks who haven't been drafted yet.
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    I did not see the first six innings on TV but heard a lot of it on the radio. The ump appeared to squeeze O'Day and JJ the last two innings and was giving the corners to the Twins pitchers. Reservations somewhere?
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    If you want to discuss Flaherty's poor start be our guest, but it's a violation of our board rules to call player names. Yes, Flaherty has struggled so far in all of two games. Clearly he must be terrible.
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    I want to see Kakes Machado Davis Jones Wieters We need our best bats getting the most chances.
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    Likewise. Adam Jones, of all people. Buck is defending him now, and I like that publicly, but he will talk with Adam Im sure. Its his first time being the star of a playoff team, I think missing the pop fly and then feeling like he wasted his last AB just got to him mentally. He got caught up in himself and lost the team for a moment; he'll be disappointed with himself I wager. I would be shocked if he doesn't bust his ass through everything in Boston.
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    Anyone Else sick of watching this clown?
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