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    Saw Patty Griffin do this live recently. Can't find a polished video version, but this performance is pretty good. The Strange Man [video=youtube;3jkBdU-8ydA]
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    We simply disagree. You minimize Cruz's role as if we would have gotten that production from....where exactly? The Os would have been MUCH slower to remove Johnson because 10 million dollars is a lot to pay a guy to only pitch the sixth inning (and we couldn't have hidden him there either.) Come talk to me after Jiminez turns it around, Norris continues to improve, Gausman has plenty of innings to go to October (unlike your hypothetical, unless you wanted to push his arm) and we go to the Series. Your hypothetical would have us worse, not better.
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    I disagree that any of this would be better. Arrieta was not going to turn around in Baltimore. He would still be pitching terribly. You would have prematurely pushed Gausman's development and his innings total. Johnson would have been impossible to hide and would have probably lost multiple games for us already. Without Cruz, this team would not be in first place. Period. Second guessing is fine and dandy, but the fact is we ARE in first place unlike the hypothetical scenarios proposed.
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    Yes exactly. We have only give up one prospect of value since DD got here. And we got Norris for 2 1/2 years. And the guy we gave up was a 19th round pick the year before. I don't see how anyone thinks we sacrificed much of anything to win now. The A's have done a lot more of it. The Red Sox as well. And the Rays are a downward spiral. So I don't know what this is all about. Of course we also gave up some picks. But we did it all in one year so next year we will have a full allotment of picks. None of them were top 5 picks either. Which the past regimes had no problem keeping and then throwing away on guys like Hobgood and Matusz. We have prospects that other teams would be willing to give us great players for yet we haven't traded any of them. DD seems to know what he is doing. The number of real prospects seems to be going up every day.
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    My biggest concern is the combination of trading away low-minors assets, draft picks, and international spending slots, while at the same time signing free agents at the expense of further draft picks. There is time to make up for the lack of talent infusion into the system during recent times, but it puts a lot of pressure on a lot of moves working out. All of that is underscored by an offseason approach that, on the surface, looked to be rather aimless, and doesn't fill me with tons of confidence that there is really an overarching plan for the org.
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    http://www.si.com/mlb/2014/07/14/mlb-power-rankings-athletics-rangers-orioles-marlins Side note, has anyone been to the sports illustrated website lately? It's like they combined the worst features of traditional websites, mobile sites and Windows 8 into one big mess. Ick.
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    Shakespeare sometimes abbreviated them to 'em. When the Scottish king confronts in the witches in Act IV, scene i, demanding that they prophesy for him once more, the First Witch tells him, "Say if thoud'st rather hear it from our mouths / Or from our masters." Mackers replies, "Call 'em. Let me see 'em." For my money, the most bad-ass line in a play full of bad-ass lines.
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    I think that this post pretty much nails it for me. Jeter obviously has HOF credentials. However, Jeter has benefitted greatly by being the captain of the Yankees the last two decades. The Yankees have had a very successful run during this time and the media ( particularly Yankee biased ESPN has added greatly to the lore. Personally, the Nike campaign that spells respect with the number 2 is beyond sickening. I found the commercial that they played during the All Star game with everyone tipping their cap to him to be unbearable. I don't feel that any player deserves this kind of reverence.
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    That's my whole issue. Jeter seems like an alright guy, once you get past the gift baskets for the notches on on his bed post. He's a good/great player who deserves to be in the HOF. But the way he's been turned into some otherworldly, once in a lifetime, can't miss player...is utterly ridiculous. When in this thread we can easily name a handful of players off the top our heads that were comparable and/or better than Jeter that aren't even in the HOF. It's not his fault...I just get tired of it. The Yankees have enough history and HOF players. Their fans and the media didn't need to dream up some universe where Jeter was on par with Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, Mickey Mantle, Joe Dimaggio, etc, which is the way they act.
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    You're the kind of person who dislikes someone because of their political views? That's my least favorite type of person of all time.
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    Yea, his remarks are WAY worse then the actions of fine folks like Delmon Young and KRod. Go ahead, commit a hate crime, go ahead assault your father in law, that's fine. But don't go using your first amendment rights where I can hear them!
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    I personally think you are right, but a dispassionate judge would say that these differences, up until this year, are not statistically significant enough to ignore the fact that these could just be small outliers with no repeatable cause behind them. Again, 10th and 9th in a 30 team league is not so far from the mean as to suggest much statistically. This certainly COULD happen (the Orange Lord willing) but I'm always aware of the "fan curse" where we assume everything good remains constant while the bad improves. Will Gausman (and we are assuming he gets a lot of innings) be better than who he replaces? Probably, but that is a far cry from a jump in quality for our entire pitching staff. We also have to factor in injuries, as well as regression to and past the mean. I hope we can maintain an ERA under 4 for the second half, but cynical me puts it more in the 4.15 range.
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    I had typed up a lengthy response comparing Ghandi, Lincoln, and Chuck Norris unfavorably to the great Jeter, but I thought better of it. Jeter is currently tied for 57th in career rWAR with Harry Heilmann, the great Tigers outfielder of the 1920s. Half a win ahead of Raffy, about even with Frank Thomas, Adrian Beltre, and Jim Thome. Despite a skepticism about recent/active players all of those guys will go into the Hall and have very strong cases. Among players with 1000+ games at shortstop Jeter is 10th in rWAR. HOF SS's range from 40 rWAR (Rizzuto) to 131 (Wagner), so Jeter is just in the top half. It's interesting to think what his career might have been like in another city or cities. Arky Vaughn has almost exactly the same career value, and he was really underappreciated in his time, had to wait for the Vet's Committee to put him in many years after he retired. Alan Trammell has almost exactly the same value, but without the fawning media hype and constant play for 20 years on ESPN, and he's going to have to wait a long while to get in to Cooperstown. But Ernie Banks is in the same range and he waltzed into the Hall, so did Larkin and Ozzie and Robin Yount. In fact, Yount might be Jeter's best comp. Yount had to move off short in mid-career, played a very long time, but of course spent his career in the anti-NY in Milwaukee. That's probably something like what Jeter's career would have been if he'd been drafted by the Mariners or Royals and didn't get that over-the-top, almost cartoonish portrayal in the NY media. Jeter does have the lowest fielding runs total in history (by almost 50 runs) by bb-ref's figuring. Now, that's not the same as saying he's the worst fielder ever. Combine the positional adjustment with the fielding runs and he's nowhere close, although he's still about -100 runs in (defense + positional value). It does make for an unusual combination of skills. If he, for example, had managed to be an average defender at an average position like 2B/3B/RF his career could have been about 10 wins to the better. In (defense + position) Cal was actually a full Phil Rizzuto career better than Jeter (40+ wins), but Jeter was almost 20 wins better with the bat.
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    Wow, just a shocking finale. I am traveling in Detroit, so I had to sit here in my hotel and watch it alone. I of course was crying and it was a very sad finale. In one hour, no one, and I mean NO ONE, had a happy ending. Audrey died. Awful. So, so sad! While I was hoping for a Jack and Audrey reunion, Jack having happiness is just not to be, and Audrey really doesn't serve much purpose other than using her to hold over Jack. Still, I liked her character, and it was a crushing scene. Jack's reaction when Kate told him, the pain in his face, him pulling the gun out and acting as though he was going to kill himself....just gut wrenching. Mark. He loved Audrey and really was an ally of President Heller. He made some huge mistakes selling Jack out, which ultimately led to the death of his wife, and his being improsoned for treason. Kate failed to save Audrey, failed to avenge her husband, and is leaving the CIA. President Heller. He was able to avert a World War thanks to Jack, but he lost his daughter, must resign as President, and also knows his memory will soon be gone. Just awful seeing his pain watching Audrey's casket, and man how about some great acting from William Devane. He really broken my heart. Chloe lost her best friend and also the guy that she thought was her lover. She is free to return home, but for what? What does she have left? Finally we saw Jack tell her what she really meant to him, and again Dip broke down. And then there's our hero Jack. The man has nothing left. He was pardoned by Heller, but couldn't make it home. He again lost the love of his life, even though he never allowed himself to fully tell her his feelings in this day. He was at the point of suicide before allowing revenge to fuel him, once again, like in season 8 with Renee. And then, after everything that he lost and gave up, he once again allows himself to be taken to save his last remaining friend. And then we end with a silent clock. Just a heartbreaking finale to a great season. If this is the end, man what an ending it was. Jack couldn't have his happy ending, it just isn't in the cards. He's lost everyone who he ever considered a friend, President Palmer, Audrey, Renee, his wife in season 1, Tony (though still alive), Michelle, Bill, and on and on. This truly feels like the end, unless a great story comes along. I cried in my hotel alone, and I cried again reading some reviews tonight. I feel like I have lost a friend I have known for 10 years! I miss Jack already!
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    That's the way to rebut exceptionally mild criticism! Pretend it doesn't exist and therefore doesn't merit a response.
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    Heard on the radio today that this is the first time in the past 17 years the Orioles lead the AL-EAST at the all-star break. Congrats to the team, let's keep this momentum going.
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    There was a discussion going on in a Bundy thread in the minor league forum that I thought would provoke a good discussion over here. To get it started, here are two posts from hoosiers and webbrick2010: So what do you think? Have we held on to our players too long? Given up too much to try to acquire players to help us win now? Will we fall off the precipice soon? My own feeling is that after 14 straight losing seasons, the Orioles almost had to go to "win now" mode once they saw a window of opportunity. And I don't think our window necessarily will close after next season, either. We obviously did not know that Wieters would get hurt and that Davis would fall so far, so I don't find much force in the part of the argument that says we could have done just as well without those guys -- that's only true in hindsight. Trading them would have involved a probable tradeoff of win now vs. win later, despite how things have played out this season. So yes, I see the downside to the choices DD has made, but I still think that in general, he chose correctly.
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    The only time I actually read SI... is when its in print form.... at my doctors office.
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    Oh, I am sorry. I didn't say I dislike someone because of his political views. He stated the president wasn't born here! Trying to negate the president's authenticity because he is a gun-crazed hillbillie is okay then. Got it. Thanks. That isn't a political view. That is moronic.
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