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    I was thinking about this some the other day, and I really hope we don't deal one of these guys. While the thought of getting a good return for a solid starter that we may not really need is enticing, chances are that, over the course of the year, one of your starters is going to go down, and I'd prefer not to be scrambling to rush someone up from the minors. This, of course, is predicated on the assumption that we don't have someone down on the farm that we're ready to bring up (which I think would be the case, as I'm not sure Wright, Wilson, or even Bundy can be counted on as potential big league contributors next year). Something Thorne said a day or two ago during a broadcast stuck with me: that, in general, the more starts you get from your assumed starters, the better you're going to be. Moreover, thinking over some of the characters we've run out there to start games over the last decade or two, having too much pitching is probably a good thing. Totally get your point, though, that using some surplus to plug some other holes is something to consider. Also, by way of introduction, I'm a lifelong O's fan born and raised in Manchester and now living in DC. Was really stoked to find such a robust online community and, after reading the boards and observing for most of the season, decided to join for the playoff push!
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    Its been done. http://www.nj.com/phillies/index.ssf/2014/02/carlos_ruiz_--_with_adderall_exemption_by_mlb_--_hoping_for_bounce_back_season_with_phillies.html
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    A list of full seasons (not strike-shortened) in which the O's did not have an individual 10-game loser. 1971 2013 2014 It might be meaningless, but it's kind of cool.
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    I have high hopes for Ubaldo next season. You simply can't teach the kind of nasty stuff he has, he just needs to harness it. Good way to end the year for him.
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    You keep saying this but in all likelihood the choice is between Markakis and De Aza, not De Aza and Lough. The orioles need a fourth outfielder and Lough fits the description perfectly. Most importantly for a fourth outfielder, he is cheap. De Aza is not, and can't cover center as well as Lough. The orioles are likely to be cash strapped next year and they aren't going to get rid of Lough in order to keep De Aza at five or six million and Markakis at ten or so. Of the three, Lough is the most likely to be with the team next year, because he's cheap and productive. The smartest move, in my opinion, is to keep De Aza and Lough and let Markakis walk. Use the savings to pay Hardy.
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    You're fine. There are only two games on Thursday. No reason to start any earlier than 5:30 or 6
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    You're Never There - Live on Letterman [video=youtube;p5JSwtb4Rnw]
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    Awesome. Same here. Me (Houston), my father (San Antonio), and my brother (Austin) are all flying out Thursday morning for both games. I hope I'm not alone on that 6am flight out of Houston. Go O's!!!
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    We (my sister and I) are flying in from Austin and Houston, Texas for both games #1 and #2....It's costing us a small fortune, but we're thrilled. I see all the posts about the start times and certain scheduling issues it may present, etc. and I can't but help wonder "ah, we're in the playoffs....these are great problems to have"....Play at 2 in the morning for all I care....we'll be there!!!! (I'm hopefully not teasing or belittling anyone's scheduling issues....just saying it's a good problem)
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    The Detroit Tigers are a good team, and it'll likely be a good series if we play them. But I absolutely do not understand Old#5fan's terrifying fear of their starting pitching. It's good, but not as good as the Orioles. Let's look at the facts. Here are the Oriole and Tiger starters, ranked in order of their ERAs since the Allstar break. (I've bolded the Orioles.) The Orioles completely dominate, with the #1, 2, 3, and 6 positions, with Tillman and Gonzalez by far the most dominant. 1) Tillman 2.06 2) Gonzalez 2.35 3) Chen 2.74 4) Scherzer 2.97 5) Porchello 3.20 6) Norris 3.27 7) Lobstein 3.38 (only 5 starts) 8) Gausman 3.72 9) Verlander 3.97 10) Price 3.97 But some of these games were back in July and August - how about recently? Here are the stats for September - and now the Orioles dominate even more, with the fop four positions as well as #6, including completely dominant numbers by basically all the O's starters. 1) Chen 1.82 2) Gonzales 2.00 3) Norris 2.08 4) Tillman 2.55 5) Scherzer 2.70 6) Gausman 2.87 7) Lobstein 3.52 8) Price 3.58 9) Verlander 3.89 10) Porchello 5.57 So here is the million dollar question: Should we be more afraid of their starters, or they more afraid of ours? The answer is pretty clear. A few additional stats: Since the Allstar Break the Orioles have a 2.91 ERA (#1 in AL), the Tigers 3.95 (#11 in AL). For the month of September the Orioles have an ERA of 2.72 ERA (#2 in AL behind Astro's 2.66), the Tigers 3.41 (#7 in AL). The Orioles are also well ahead in run differential: +115 to +65 for the year, +89 to +15 since the Allstar Break, and +37 (#1 in AL) to +32 (#3 in AL) for September.
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    l;jdsaflkj <iframe width="420" height="315" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/C6sStMKSTAo" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
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    I am, I am! Never been to Baltimore before. I'm so excited!
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    But what have we done against the Tigers this year? Answer: not much. Factor in we have lost Manny's bat and defense as well as Davis...I am extremely worried. It will be really disappointing if we go through all this winning of the division only to get knocked out one and done.
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