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    Rasmus has had an OPS of .684 and .712 the past two seasons versus LHP. I did a search for left handed batters over the past two seasons who had 150 PA's versus LHP in either season and sorted by OPS. I choose 150 PA's because that felt enough PA's where we can conclude that the player was not being platooned and was more or less playing every day. Its not a perfect method as evidenced by the fact that Rasmus didn't meet the mark in either season. However, that was because he missed time in 2013 and was benched in 2014, so he didn't have a full season worth of PA's in either year. In 2013, 28.9% of his PA's came versus LHP. In 2014, he was used a little more selectively perhaps and got 26.4% of his PA's versus LHP. By comparison, Nick Markakis had 28.4% of his 2014 PA's versus LHP and he played everyday, so Rasmus is not too far off that mark. Anyway, there are 72 seasons between 2013 and 2014 that fit the above criteria. If Rasmus had played 150+ games in either season (instead of 118 and 104, respectively) to accumulate enough PA's versus LHP, his 2013 and 2014 OPS vs. LHP would have placed him 37th and 42nd, respectively, out of 72. That's right around the mid-point, probably a tad below. Again, that's not a perfect way to analyze whether or not Rasmus needs to be platooned, but it least tells us that there are many players who aren't being platooned or fair worse (much worse in some cases) versus LHP than Rasmus. FWIW, Nick's 2013 and 2014 OPS versus LHP was lower than Rasmus and we know he played every day. Jayson Heyward had a .477 OPS over 159 PA's last season against LHP and I doubt the Cardinals will platoon him right away. Also, De Aza's .816 OPS from 2013 was 13th best during this time period. I am not necessarily arguing that ideally it wouldn't be nice to have a RHB to platoon with De Aza or Rasmus, only that it is not entirely necessary. Rasmus and/or De Aza should be able to handle LHP well enough next season not to necessitate carrying a potentially worse all-around player than David Lough just to get another right handed bat on the roster. I'd rather keep Lough in case of injuries and if/when other guys under perform. If Pearce and/or Young revert back to being lefty killers and not much else, Lough would allow for both of those guys to sit versus RHP on occasion or all of the time.
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    Starters (6) Tillman Chen Norris Jimenez Gonzalez Gausman Bullpen (8) Britton O'Day Hunter Brach Webb Wright Matusz McFarland The expectation is that we will have a 12 man staff. These are the 14 pitchers you would expect to be on the roster if they are still here. McFarland and Gausman both have options for sure. Not sure about the others. We also have two Rule 5 guys competing for spots but it's hard to see how they could possibly make the team the way it looks now. Do the O's put Miguel Gonzalez in the bullpen and start McFarland at Norfolk? That gets it down to 13. Is Matusz sent packing? That would get it to 12. Both moves seem the most likely. What do you think?
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    I'm not familiar with the way the new QO works completely. Can we literally put the QO tag on all 11 players? Do they have to meet a certain criteria to QO them? I imagine there's a good few of those guys that could net us a pick.
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    I disagree with this. DD has traded and forfeited draft picks and traded multiple top 100 players (plus a 5 WAR Jake) to improve the competitiveness of the major league team in 2013 and 2014 - this is very different from our inability to develop players IMO. Those picks and prospects likely all fit into our top 12-15 prospects and would likely result in our having a top 10 farm system.
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    I saw Alvarez in a spring training game last year. He took an inside fastball over the left field wall by dropping his hands and turning on it with almost no obvious excess effort. He's got bat speed in spades. I think he's going to be a good one. Henry...not so much.
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    FanFest will be here in 4 weeks. I am hoping they allow season plan holders to buy extras for friends so we can all go in together. Can't see them waiting much longer to put them on sale. I was told awhile ago mid to late December was going to be when the renewals were sent out but it could be later, and it has. Last year was my first year as a season plan holder, I am happy I got a 13 game plan before they were gone.
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    Poor Grich. HOF voters just couldn't ever get over the whole stealing Christmas thing.
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    It could be good to have 12 guys playing for their next contract.
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    Improving from "game changing terrible" to "you really don't want him out there on a consistent basis bad" is not something to hang your hat on. I'd probably give him one more year at AAA before removing him but his skill set is not exactly irreplaceable.
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    One thing is certain, I think.We won't be better losing our MVP, a shutdown set up man and our regular RF with at least good defense. Whats left except for a trade? I think waiting it out this year will NOT be the right strategy but Im willing to see what we come to camp with. I dont necessarily fault DD OR BUCK. I think this is strictly a money issue for now and the future. That is an Angelos call. He is making the decisions which is his right, but so far Im not impressed.
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    Look up Dazzy Vance. K/9 innings 1922 (1st) 1923 (1st) 1924 (1st) 1925 (1st) 1926 (1st) 1927 (1st) 1928 (1st) 1929 (2nd) 1930 (2nd) 1931 (1st) 1932 (3rd) ---- career (233rd) It's all about playing environment.
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    Now, let me preface this by saying that I am not on the Ravens sidelines during the games, nor am I in the offices at the Castle during the week. I think it would be pretty unfair to speculate in detail about what Harbaugh does on and off the field without talking to those who are actually there. But it seems to me that the Ravens have had a pretty unprecedented amount of success in the John Harbaugh era. We all know the basic stats, 7 seasons, 6 playoff appearances, 1 superbowl title, 3 AFC Championship games. The fact that we haven't had a losing season since 2007 I think is absolutely incredible. The best streak we ever had in the Billick era was 3 years. I think there is something to be said for the administrative skill that Harbaugh simply must bring to the table. I don't think it's fair at all to say that this team has won 72 regular season games (plus however many playoff wins) over 7 years DESPITE Harbaugh. That is just way too big of a sample. He must be doing something right here. Maybe it's the coordinators' jobs to do most of the heavy lifting on gameday as far as playcalling, and it's the head coaches job to oversee it all and make sure that things are working. Maybe he does 98% of his work in the week going up to gameday. I know there was an article that surfaced a year or so ago that looked at his typical week's schedule and it showed that he put in an insane amount of hours. Fans are fickle, and I get that. Harbaugh could win 3 superbowls in 4 years, then 'only' have several years of playoff appearances to his credit, and he would still catch tons of criticism. How do I know that? Because I see that there are Patriots fans that do that to Belichick......as absolutely absurd as that seems to any rational person viewing that from the outside. I don't think Harbaugh is necessarily the best in the business, but I do think the evidence is clear that he's done a lot of things right in his tenure here, and I'm thrilled we have him as our head coach. We could do far worse, and I'm not sure how many guys out there would be a clear upgrade. My .02.
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    The Harbaugh hate is ridiculous in this town. To finish 10-6 with this team - with Ray Rice, the secondary issues, Ngata getting popped, losing their best defender (Smith), losing Pitta, etc. - is pretty freaking commendable.
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    I can't see the O's trading Norris or Gonzalez unless they get a better stater in return. They are a big part of what makes the O's a contender.
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