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    I wrote down every reading except five that I missed because I got caught up watching the play and/or the stadium gun had a glitch. I had Kline for 80 pitches (49K/31BB) with 32 being 95-96. He also had 2 each at 92, 97 & 99, and 5 or 6 at 93-94, and 1 at 91. Offspeed pitches were mostly 83-86. Of the 20 batters he faced, many were either late or swinging wildly with a few of the better hitters making solid contact, but he only gave up 3H and 2BB and had 2Ks per inning, so they weren't getting much. Givens did a great job getting out of a potential 9th inning jam with the help of newly acquired catcher, Chris O'Brien.
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    Watched Bundy's 3 innings on video feed. Very good command of the fastball. Was able to hit corners on both sides pretty consistently. His curve had good break but he didn't fool one hitter with it. Whether they knew it was coming or they just picked it up early, they had good swings at it. He looked good, just not special. Hobgood looks to be in decent shape but still on the "husky" side. Just watched one inning plus on him. He threw strikes and they put the ball in play. He falls off the mound on his follow through. Missed O'Brien's home run.
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    Today I took my 7 and 5 year old to a Dayton Dragons game and it was absolutely one of the best memories I will ever have with them. They watched the game intently, cheered, danced, got upset, asked questions about what was going on, pretty much the full baseball experience in one day. After the game they were fortunate enough to run the bases and also meet two players who were incredibly generous and signed my 7 year olds glove and my 5 year olds hat and took pictures with them. They were sooooo incredibly excited and I couldn't have wiped the smile off their faces if I tried. Today I fell in love with baseball all over again (how is that possible?!). Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    O's Give Yankees Win in Game one of Series http://osfromthebooth2015.blogspot.com/2015/04/o-give-yankees-win-in-game-one-of-series.html
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    yes, I would love to have him. I'm tired of hearing we can't. When you take that attitude, you sure can't. We are going to lose Wieters, we are going to lose Davis and we are going to go cheap next year. Saying i can't leads to losing Buck, leads to losing Dan and leads to losing baseball
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    Hard not to feel doom and gloom after a loss like tonight. Blowing a lead in the late innings always sucks. Losing to the Yankees always sucks. On top of those, we had to see questionable managing decisions, horrible luck on the play right before the grand slam, a horrible performance by one of our middle of the order hitters, and finally getting shut down by a guy that we let go over the offseason. It's a perfect storm of misery. Winning tomorrow night would help a lot, of course.
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    1. The Orioles couldn't get into a bidding war with the Yankees or anyone else for that matter for him. 2. The Orioles have never given out a reliever contract of that value before, and next to no pitching contracts of that value, period. 3. What reason do we have to believe Miller would have been willing to stay? 4. If you're going to keep Miller, you either have him close, or have him chew up a bunch of innings. Neither was likely here, which would have made his contract a very poor use of resources for his role.
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    Cabrera says "if you can't beat em, beat em".
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    Is hardy available to pinch hit [emoji6]
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    Of Miller, Markakis, Cruz, the one I wanted to keep was Miller, but I knew the price tag was too high.
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    If his name was Andrew Giller, this would've been a keeper.
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    I already got that feeling.
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    That IS a joke... we all know the Orioles don't walk.
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    Poor roster management by Duquette to only have one lefty in the bullpen that's not a closer. Poor bullpen management by Showalter to let that lefty pitch two innings yesterday leaving him with no matchup options And just poor azz pitching by Tommy "I totally blow every April" Hunter That's your recipe for a loss...
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    Girardi out managed Buck a bit. I mean, the throws 4 lefties at Hunter and Matusz is warm.
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    Cue Singleton whining about how that's an out in YS
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    I don't have a deep evaluative history with Souza, but to me the profile is potential above-average regular/likely second-division starter/4th outfielder. Good physicality/athleticism. Leverage-based power but he shows enough bat speed to catch-up to premium velocity. Has plate coverage issues, which could be exploited by sequencing and polished arms with command. The file reads like a physically gifted player that logged enough reps in the low minors to "figure it out" from an approach standpoint such that he could capitalize on mistakes in his kill zone and work free passes as available. Once he was comfortable on that front he was able to maintain solid production at the upper-minors. He isn't a pure hitter given the holes in his coverage, and he isn't an instinctual defender, so his MLB value probably comes down to making the necessary adjustments to maintain a high enough contact rate that his power will play. There's enough pop that he'll keep pitchers honest and working the margins, which should result in a decent walk rate. I think Tampa would be thrilled if he ends up a 15-20 home run, 15 stolen base two-hole hitter that gives you average defense in right field and gets on base at around a .340 clip. Maybe a 2.5 to 3 win player? Chance for randomness to push him up to 4 wins or down to the 1.5 to 2 win range?
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    But you expect a ball scorched and stayed up to be caught no matter what. That ball to Snider was one of those that didn't matter who played in rf. If you took a step in you were gonna get burned. Happens time to time it was one of those times were Tillman walked bases loaded as well. Odds of that happening again is very very low.
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    I'm more worried about getting mauled by a polar bear on the way to work than I'm worried about Machado. His bat will be fine.
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    Record and defense aside I'm very happy this week to be watching O's games. Much better than the middle of January.
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    The timing of the play is what hurt. Bases loaded with 2 outs in a 1 run game. If Snider makes that mistake on Friday in the 9th inning when we are down 8 runs nobody cares. That play did hurt but it isn't an indication of an issue with the team. Just a bad result. How many times does any team commit a 3 run error over the course of the season? Not very often I would think.
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    But you're assessing the full week, not one game. And overall, the defense was strong for the first week. One play doesn't ruin that. By that logic, shouldn't you rate the offense as poor, too? After all, the O's got shut out in one of their six games.
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    I agree with most of the posters saying it doesn't do any good to draw comparisons between Nick and Snider on an almost daily basis. But so far, aside from the costly error, I like what I see from Snider in the field. He has better range than Nick and he's making a few tough plays. I won't judge him on that tough liner yesterday but I hope he never lets it happen again. Buck has high standards and I just hope Snider isn't relegated to DHing every other game for the next week because of this. I think Snider will be fine in RF.
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    I've seen a lot worse plays from outfielders where no error is given. You almost never see an error charged on a ball like that. The ball was scorched. He took one step in and that was it. Not time to make up for that mistake. He should have caught it. I don't seem to think it makes as bad an outfielder as everyone else seems too. I would love to find some video of Markakis misjudging a line drive like that. So far just a tweet from Roch, and OH! THIS! From Frobby, the biggest Markakis cheerleader on the Hangout.
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    Good stuff all around on Sunday with all 4 minor league teams winning. A nice start from Zach Davies at Norfolk going 5 IP with 8 strikeouts. Chris Parmelee and Henry Urrutia continue to swing hot bats. Henry with a homer. Steve Johnson with 6 K's in 2.1 IP to close the game out. At Bowie, Branden Kline lived up to the Kiley McDaniel hype in results. Not sure about the velo but I'd assume it was pretty good with 10 K's in 5 IP, 3 hits, 2 walks, and no runs. Mychal Givens with his 3rd straight stong relief outing, giving up one hit but getting all three outs via strikeout. In 3.2 IP, he now has given up 2 hits, 0 walks and struck out 7. Got his 2nd save today. At Frederick, David Lough played 6 innings and had a sac fly. Josh Hart with a couple of singles and Branden Webb with the walk off 2 run homer to win it. After walking 6 the other night, Jimmy Yacabonis came back with a good inning today with no walks and 1 K. Delmarva with the comeback win today. Alex Murphy continues to swing a good bat with 3 hits and 4 RBI. Heim with a triple and a single. Steve Wilkerson, an 8th round senior sign who had a poor debut season at Aberdeen is off to a great start with 7 hits and 4 walks in the first 4 games. Jomar Reyes with no hits but also a walk, no strikeouts, and no errors through 4 games at 3B.
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    Arn-ca-nay-cee-own. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
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    "I watched every single pitch. Three scotches, a couple glasses of wine. Every pitch." He's just the best.
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    I am feeling the excellent Ubaldo coming on tonight!!! 7 innings, 96 pitches, no runs, 5 hits. Go Os!!
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    I think Ubaldo will surprise most O's fans today, putting up a solid line and giving up no more than 2 ER. If anything, I think Norris will be the odd man out in a few weeks. Fingers crossed, though.
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    And I'd love to be proven wrong.
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    We'll see how everything plays out, but I fear that there is a reason why the Pirates never gave Snider a chance and traded him
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