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    This shot from the broadcast last night might help explain that.
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    I never get tired of saying that.
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    Ridiculous power. Just a shot over the LF Pavilion. http://mlb.mlb.com/r/video?content_id=112594683
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    That was from me. He went 0-2, then got the 2 RBI hit last night. He can go 0-12 and be at .320 at 100 ABs. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Had great seats 2 rows behind the Os dugout! What a win. I even saw Roy and said hi after it was over. Hopefully I didn't scare him. Great game by Miguel.
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    I expect it to go at least one OT.
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    If he was a horrible player I'd call him the Sultan of Squat.
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    I'm not one to try to tell Buck his business - but here it goes anyway... This constant lineup shuffling is not helping this team at all IMO. Is it too much to ask to put Pearce in LF, Snider in RF - and give them two weeks of steady games and see if they hit and field? Pearce was our best non-Cruz hitter last year - can we give some ABs at a position he's played since Little League and see if he can get going? Young is fine a PT players - but his extreme lack of plate discipline exposes him in a full time role. Let him spell Snider vs tough LHP. Lough and DeAza can't hit. Play Navarro or some other defenisve asset at 2B - put our bats in the outfield - and see if we can't develop a bit of continuity.
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    I like Ed Rod. He was one of my favorites to follow in the minors. But he's overrated. He's a sinker/slider guy. A reliever in the AL East. Only thing that changed about him was the Boston hype machine and maybe a chip on his shoulder from being traded. Hader, I've never seen pitch. Looks like Houston is taking it slow with him. Seems like teams are valuing "prospects" more than ever. If someone gets bold/risky they could really take advantage of that. It's just so hard to produce a home grown starting pitcher. Look at Gausman. Has all the tools. Stayed reasonably healthy. Still hasn't put it all together consistently in the majors. So even if they stay healthy they could never adjust to getting MLB'ers out. I bet Davies will be the best of the bunch. Put a strong defense behind him and a good back end of the pen and he'll be another Gonzo.
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    Roy, when you go negative you go real negative. Manny is a platinum glove winner who is in a fielding slump. Probably because he missed a lot of playing time last year. He is will come out of it. Hardy and Jones are GG winners. Schoop and Flaherty have great range at 2B. They will be back at some point. Navarro is a good 2B. Not quite the range that the other 2 have but he was a All Star at several levels in the minors because of his defense. Davis is an above average 1B and saves a lot of errors for his infielders. Joseph throws very well because of his quick release that Russell taught him. He calls a good game and is a good defender. Young has done surprisingly well in RF. I think it will last. Left is a problem but I think Pearce and Snider end up seeing the most time there. They will be steady with average range. The team will not continue to play this poor defense. Its just not who they are.
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    Best analyst in the game, bar none. Of course I'm biased, but its true.
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    I know many of you will laugh at this, and that is fine, but you would be surprised how much the psyche and state of mind of an athlete can have on performance. I hate to beat Miller and Cruz into the ground, but I truly feel when the team lost those two, and two a lesser extent Markakis, (and replaced them with no one) the team felt as if the front office gave up on the season. As a result, I really feel as if the team kind of gave up themselves and have lost a lot of focus. Plus the swagger in them seems to be gone. Even two years ago, you could tell by listening to them and how they acted on the field, that they truly felt as if they were one of the best teams in the league. The two years they have made the playoffs they had even more bravado. This year? I don't sense any of that. They just kind of seem to be going through the motions....knowing that the FO did them no favors and that next year a ton more players are leaving. They almost seem resigned to the fact that the FO will never give them enough pieces to truly make a run at a championship.
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    Palmer makes the games that much more enjoyable. It really is a combination of watching the team I love with comedy, wit, intelligence, and shrewdness all mixed into one. If I could give Palmer a grade higher than A+, I would. We are so lucky to have him.
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    Boras had to wait 2 years for Chen's current contract to run out, all while just taking his estimated 5% commission on Chen's $4M annual salary. Which is peanuts for him. So you know he'll be champing at the bit to get his share of a 5-year $75M deal, or whatever the market will bear.
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    .337/.389/.570 over 99 plate appearances while playing above average defense. Obviously his numbers wouldn't be that good if he played every day but as a fourth outfielder, they don't have to be.
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    o MONDAY, MAY 11th: SCOTT GARCEAU: ORoy, you are coming to town on Wednesday, and staying until Monday. Are the Orioles finally going to get themselves in gear since YOU are going to be here ??? ROY FIRESTONE: OThey had better !!! :laughlol: I'm coming to town, and I'm going to be seeing with Ross Grimsley, who will also be there. SCOTT GARCEAU: ORoy, what in the world is going on with this team ??? ROY FIRESTONE: OYou know, aside from Manny's 9 errors, what REALLY has been bothering me is the fundamentals ...... BOTH on the field (defense) AND on the base-paths. It's not just Manny and his errors. It's Delmon Young (on the base-paths, and sometimes in the field with communication.) It's Alejandro De Aza getting picked off of first base at the worst time. In the past, you just took defense and (AT LEAST) decent baserunning for granted. They just can't keep making these mistakes, because it is flat-out killing them. Buck will not stand for this (faulty fundamentals), and he won't let it continue to happen without making some changes. With Pineda, he was going to shut us down. OK. But the other 3 games against the Yankees were all winnable. In fact, even the Pineda game may have had a different complexion to it if the Orioles had gotten AT LEAST decent starting pitching, and they (the Orioles) had put a little pressure on them. They didn't. SCOTT GARCEAU: OThe starting pitching ??? ROY FIRESTONE: OIn the starting pitching's last time through the rotation (5 starts), Chen was the only one who pitched a good game. Tillman, Norris, Jimenez, and even Gonzalez struggled pretty badly. I mean, just prior to that, the Orioles had something like 7 or 8 consecutive quality starts, and had gone 5-2 over a 7-game period ...... and it looked like they had turned a corner. But then (except for Chen), they fell apart again. And guess what that is a PRIME example of ??? It all begins (and usually ends) with getting decent (or better) starting pitching. The Orioles go as their starting pitching goes ...... it was true last year, the year before, and the year before that. 2015 is no different. In fact, it's pretty much true of just about EVERY major league baseball team. The 2015 Orioles are no exception. I don't know what you tell you about Norris, but he has not been good all year, save for one solid game (7 innings, 3 runs) against a Mets team that had no DH, and isn't particularly good on offense in the first place. SCOTT GARCEAU: OThe Orioles' inconsistency and lack of continuity ??? ROY FIRESTONE: OIn addition to the starting pitching having been erratic, the team overall is inconsistent, including the lineup. From game to game, guys don't know if they are playing, DH-ing, or on the bench. But what concerns me the most in this particular area is THE CORNER OUTFIELDERS, especially on defense. And the departure of Nick Markakis immediately jumps out at me. And it isn't so much Nick's bat that we are missing, but rather his defense, and the OVERALL CONTINUITY of him being in the lineup every day. Before this season, you had two-thirds of the outfield that were always solid, steady, and dependable ...... and that was having Adam Jones in centerfield, and Nick Markakis in rightfield. Now, there is Adam Jones in center, and THAT IS IT. There has been a major residual effect on the Orioles' outfield defense with the departure of Markakis. On numerous occasions, I have seen bad communication out there between Delmon Young and Adam Jones ...... you didn't see that when we had Nick. And again, I want to stress that it is not so much Nick's bat that we miss, but rather his defense, his stability, and the continuity of the Orioles outfield overall. SCOTT GARCEAU: OGausman's injury ??? ROY FIRESTONE: OIf Gausman is out for a couple of months, that will potentially be another big problem, because Norris is not pitching well, and they have no backup. So, the Orioles' may be forced into a situation in which they might be functioning out of desperation. If Gausman is down and Norris does not turn it around, do we bring up Zach Davies sooner than we would have liked ??? Do we bring up Dylan Bundy sooner than we would have liked ??? Will we bring up and use Mike Wright, perhaps as a starter instead of a reliever, which I suspect that the Orioles may have been prepping him for and expecting from him ??? It's all very up in the air, and it may force the Orioles' hand in terms of making premature moves ...... it could make them pull the trigger on some of these youngsters before they are ready. SCOTT GARCEAU: OAre the Orioles still in it ??? ROY FIRESTONE: OAbsolutely. In my heart of hearts, I still believe that the Orioles have the best starting rotation in the division, in spite of their very erratic start to the season (and Bud Norris' flat out horrible start to the season.) Although the Yankees are currently in 1st place, nobody is scared of C.C. Sabathia anymore. Pineda and Tanaka are their 1-2 punch, but Tanaka's health is still questionable at the moment ...... BUT, they have to pitch better, AND they have to find out what is going on with Norris. The Orioles will have A LOT of trouble if Norris consistently cannot get out of the 4th or the 5th inning(s). o
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    The pitching will get better, and the hitting will likely go the other way (as it has been doing recently) in comparison to the rest of the league. But overall, the talent on the team is about average, and I don't see them competing without smoke and mirrors and a dab of black/orange magic - which is what I said in the offseason (sans the magic). I hope I'm wrong. It's a curse I have of always being right. Most of you don't realize how lucky you are to usually go the other way.
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