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    May 31 This game turned on a sequence where, with two outs, Flaherty dove for a grounder up the middle but couldn't get the ball out of his glove to force a runner at 2B, and then Pearce and Lough let a soft fly ball to LCF fall between them for an RBI single. Tillman then coughed up a 3-run homer, but the inning should have been over on the Pearce/Lough ball, and could have been over if Flaherty had been able to make a throw (that would have been a superb play, though).
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    Only if you do it in Orioles talk.
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    If these guys are lying down and refusing to play hard because they've lost their Nellie and Nickie, than the problem isn't the loss of Nellie and Nickie, it's with them. I am sure that isn't the case. We could use another bat instead of Snider/Pearce/Lough, but it wouldn't be Cruz. He shouldn't be in the OF any more than Delmon.
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    I also wonder how the clubhouse is feeling? Make an ALCS appearance and do NOTHING to resign the guys who got you there and not replace them with anything meaningful. I would like to see us make a run at Trumbo or Gomez....but this is the Orioles.
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    I say the f-word constantly watching this team.
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    So when the rays load the bases it's tactical? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I'm inclined to weigh his track record more heavily. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    And yet it feels like we are further. This team is so frustrating to watch. 3 hits yesterday and 2 by Clevenger. And Ryan's hit was wasted by the out at home. Their pitcher is either becoming good or our bats stink. He is 3-1 over the last 4 games with a 3.03 ERA. But 7 K's and 3 hits by the Orioles is disappointing. Oh well. Good thing about baseball? We get to play today. Here is hoping for a better result. And lets hope Tillman gets it together today. Probables: TB: Odorizzi (3-5, 2.31) BAL: Tillman (2-6, 5.59) Lets go O's
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    Has anyone else seen the tear Reimold has been on of late? I know it's only 10 games, but he is batting .516 over his last 31 ABs. That also includes 4 doubles in that timeframe. It may not be time to call Reimold back yet... but if he keeps hitting at anywhere near this clip for much longer, it may finally be time to give him another look in the majors.
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    There really was no chance of that once he stopped trying to throw the CH more. Yes, he threw it, but it seems that it was only to placate Buck that he indeed did have it or was able to throw it if called upon to do so. He certainly doesn't seem comfortable with the pitch as we saw in ST. I would argue that it's not a pitch he has to be perfect with to have success. Thrown in the right count to primarily LHB it could be an effective pitch to complement his others. It needs to be thrown in order for that to happen though. And yes, I know he was throwing it some but while his slider was doing the great disappearing act this year it may have been useful to have something besides the FB. Norris has problems with LHB (.812 OPS+ career) so anything he could do to develop another pitch would help, it doesn't have to be the CH. He needs to find something that works, though, because there just aren't that many two pitch starting pitchers around.
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    Lady Antebellum - Bartender [video=youtube;_rHuitW9xDc]
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    Do they have a Cy Young award in AAA?
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    Tillman would probably bring back the most value They should trade Chen, if they know (and they should know) that they aren't going to sign him They won't trade any stating pitching until they see how the AL East shakes out. If Cuetto and Justin Upton find their way to the AL East it may force the O's hand
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    Buck just said Norris will return to the rotation when healthy. There goes all of those good feelings I had.
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    Agree and who can blame them? I would think the exact same thing if I was a player. Almost like "what's the point if they are just going to let our best players walk after getting so close?"
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