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    1) Branden Kline - (23, soon to be 24) 2nd round pick. 2013 TJ surgery. PRP injection in May. 2) Parker Bridwell - (24) 18 starts at AA, 3.99 ERA, less hits than innings pitched. Was not protected last year. 3) Chris Lee (23) - Lefty starter. 4th rounder by Houston. Pitch better at each level he pitched this year. A, A+, AA. Less hits than innings pitched. 4) Ashur Toliver - (27) Lefty reliever. 60Ks in 56 innings. 2012 TJ surgery. He impressed Buck this year. 5) Triggs - (26) - Righty closer. Great numbers. 1.08 ERA, 16 for 16 in saves, 58.1 IP, 42 H, 65 K. 0.91 WHIP. 6) Richard Rodriguez -(25) Righty reliever. AA,AAA. 7-4, 2.51 ERA, 82.1 IP, 62 H, 73K, 1.02 WHIP Mancini, Gunkel and Miranda do not need to be protected. Should get ST invitations.
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    At this point the intelligent fans have accepted that this season is a lost cause. We're even starting to push SP's back. It's best for our franchise to get a top 10 draft pick. We can pick a better player, plus that pick is protected if we wanted to sign a player with a QO attached to him. Lot's of crazy things could happen this offseason. We could have a ton of picks. All in the top 100 1st rd-hopefully top 10 overall 1st rd supplemental- Chen 1st rd supplemental- Davis 1st rd supplemental- MW 2nd rd- our regular 2016 pick 2nd rd- pick for not signing our 2nd rd pick last year. 2nd rd- Competitive Balance pick B 3rd rd-our regular 2016 pick That's 8 picks in the top 100 overall. I've read that this draft has alot of college pitching depth. If we keep Davis then we lose that comp pick. But the good news is that if we were to sign a player with a QO we wouldn't lose our 1st rd pick, just one of our 1st rd supplemental picks or a 2nd rd pick. Still we have lots of flexibility in FA and we will be able to add a ton of talent to our system next June. Now onto how we should finish the season. I'd like to see Wright, Wilson, Garcia, Doyle, Chris Jones, Givens and Drake get some innings at the MLB level. As far as position players, Alvarez needs to be playing everyday. Keep Davis, Parra and MW on their normal playing time so that way we can have a shot at signing them or in MW's case let him play so we can give him a QO. Here's what the team should look like: Rotation: Chen Gausman Tillman(could sub Wilson in eventually) Ubaldo(same thing with C.Jones) Doyle Wright Bullpen. Let O'day and Britton do their thing. But let's find out about Givens, Drake, Triggs?, Garcia. There should be plenty of innings to go around. But I'd give Brach, Roe, and Matusz a little break. vs RHP Machado SS Parra LF Jones CF Davis 1B Clevenger DH MW C Schoop 2B Parades 3B (lets see if he's been working on anything off/def) Alvarez RF vs LHP Machado 3B Walker DH Jones CF Davis RF Schoop 2B Joseph C Alvarez LF Mancini 1B Janish SS We should not be giving Pearce starts. Urrutia can platoon with Alvarez once Norfolk's season is over. Let's see what we have for 2016. It can't get any worse than it is. If we're going to be bad we minus well be really bad and really young. Heck we could even get crazy and give Cisco some AB's or Gunkel/Miranda some IP. I'd tune in.
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    The key is to make your role players expensive enough so that it's unpalatable to release them mid-contract. That's what makes Alex Rios and Omar Infante better than De Aza and Snider.
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    Hmmm, apparently our own Wei Yin Chen is getting hit by righties to the tune of .814 (.770 for his career). I guess that bodes a bit better for Matusz. Do you think there's a chance Buck and Dan would try this? As bleak as our pitching situation looks right now.......it's hard for me to see them going for this.
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    Based on their track record with draft picks, why do you value it?
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    I don't know about this change. MM has looked very good at 3B, why change what is working? In addition, playing SS will risk his health more. That is why big hitting talent plays 1B and 3B, they are less demanding positions.
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    Not really, remember all the dudes we had at 3rd, prior to being desperate and taking a chance on AA Manny to the big leagues?
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    Hardy at SS and Manny at 3B is the best combo for this team next year. Manny makes remarkable plays, but he also messes up rather routine plays too much at this point to call him the best defensive player in baseball. Two weeks ago I sat in the stand and saw him basically cost us an extra inning game on a ball every high school short stop in the country would make most of the time. He does have 16 errors this year. Hardy has 3. If you break it down by average par games each has played, Manny has an error every 8 games and JJ has one every 31 games. I'm in no way bashing Manny. Love watching him and he is a remarkable talent which I hope stays in Baltimore for a long time. But acting like we should just throw away JJ is crazy. If Flash is ever an everyday player, I cannot wait to see those posts start to pile up. He isn't even close as valuable as JJ is at 3/4 ability. That would make it look like Lough, Snider, De Aza and everyone else we had was a good replacement for Markakis in comparison.
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    2015 JJ Hardy has the best UZR/150 of any shortstop in the major leagues. http://www.fangraphs.com/leaders.aspx?pos=ss&stats=fld&lg=all&qual=700&type=1&season=2015&month=0&season1=2015&ind=0&team=0&rost=0&age=0&filter=&players=0&sort=24,d He's 5th in total UZR despite having missed about 35 games. 2015 JJ Hardy is an elite defensive shortstop. And based on a study I did last winter, it's not unusual for an elite defensive SS to remain elite through age 34 (the 3rd year of Hardy's deal). So there is not reason to move him now. This is not 1997 when we moved 36-year old Cal Ripken to 3B. Cal was still a great defensive SS at 34 (22 Rtot), slowed at 35 (2 Rtot) and then we moved him over. It's not time yet for Hardy.
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    124 strikeouts in the last 13 games. Yet the analytic/sabermetric community will continue to argue that strikeouts don't matter:rolleyestf: Nice to know that Chris Davis hit a meaningless homerun last night.
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