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    Ha, thanks for the neg rep Gordo. To answer your question (how hard is it to post a tweet), its actually much harder than logging onto a website yourself and following the 3 Orioles beat writers and some national media guys. And since you have no idea how hard it is, where are you getting this expectation from that people should be doing it for you? As far as Davis goes, I'm all for getting Gordon instead, and using the leftover money for pitching.
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    When offer numbers get leaked, it is always for a reason. When the agent leaks contract numbers, the hope is other teams know they have to up their offer or as a last call warning to find last minute bidders. When the team leaks the numbers, it is for the fans. The O's know Boras can't be rushed, I watched the Rockies drop two deadlines on Boras regarding Matt Holiday, and Boras walked both times - the Rox offered more per year, but the Cardinals offered more years. The numbers were later leaked by the Rockies to let the fans know they tried. So, with team sources publicly noting there is a deadline for Davis, and that the offer is near 150 (144 or 150 for 7 is huge), the fans get to know the O's gave it a shot. Going back to Davis whining about contract talk the last days of the season, my gut tells me he wants to move. I hope I am wrong, I like Crush, I love home runs, but all of this feels like the O's know three things, 1. Boras wants more, 2. Boras will walk away from a deadline, 3. The fans wanted a serious attempt to resign him. All the bases are covered, and plan B actions appear to be well under way. Well played by the Birds in my mind, no matter how it ends with Davis. -Don
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    Why is it the boards responsibility to post this here and not yours to utilize twitter? You should adapt to the world and not expect the world to adapt to Gordo.
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    I agree with Britt. I hope the O's can move on quickly and look at other areas such as power hitting outfielder, an adequate first baseman and improving the rotation by adding a starter not named Gallardo. Davis is one season removed from being suspended and hitting under .200; also what happens if he doesn't get his TUE. This isn't someone I would invest 150 million in for 7 years. PA looks to be involved; hopefully he backs away and let's DD look at other options.
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    So I am just catching up on this and I think the counter offer I read is 8/200? Not that I ever thought otherwise, but that has to mean Davis is not involved at all, Boras is just being Boras and this is not going to happen. Probably best anyway I guess. Go get Upton.
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    Perhaps a better nickname is The Liquidator.
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    This offer won't be on the table for a week. But good call on the Vlad deal.
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    Or Detroit did for Zimmerman? This is starting to remind me of the Vlad Guerrero negotiations in 2003. We had the only offer on the table for over a week. The Orioles held fast, confident there was no other market, and in Beattie's business relationship with Guerrero in Montreal. Beattie goes away on a ski trip; Flanagan was negotiating a deal with Palmeiro, whose agent also represented Guerrero. While closing the Raffy deal, the Angels swept in and closed the deal with Vlad.
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    Peter Angelos is not going to bid against himself like Texas did with ARod back in the day.
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    That's good, they aren't bad mouthing each other. Very good sign.
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    Kazmir is a better choice then with no pick attached.
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    <blockquote class="twitter-tweet" lang="en"><p lang="en" dir="ltr">If Davis gets 8/200, Machado's getting 15/800.</p>— Dillon Atkinson (@DAtkinsonOU) <a href=" ">December 10, 2015</a></blockquote><script async src="//platform.twitter.com/widgets.js" charset="utf-8"></script>
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    I meant the folks, and fans, that he had personally let down.
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    Heyman suggesting they "upped their offer above $150MM but there's still a gap." Still a gap? He can jump in the gap at this point as far as I'm concerned...
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    Deja-Teixeira all over again. With one substantive difference. I was convinced Mark Teixeira taking the New York deal was part money and as much on Baltimore being a losing team. I read an interview a few years into the deal and the Maryland native said the O's "didn't seem interested" and were "the lowest offer by far." In other words, he scoffed at the 7/150, and loved New York for 8/180. Thirty million bucks is a bunch. Absolutely his right, I get it. So, today, some of the blowback from Boras is that the Davis offer is not quite the 2008 O's Tex offer - I guess he wants to factor inflation or something. But the O's have to be much closer to the actual market value. 150 is still an overreach for actual, real baseball value. It is worth it to me, to go over value a little in order to win now or in the first four years of the deal. This time, the O's are very competitive in the division, and the offer and we're still playing a waiting game. If feels like something is missing - does CD like playing for Buck? Good team, fans who love the guy and a really competitive offer. I'm with the team on this one, if he can't decide 7/150 is good enough in a timely fashion (24-48 hours), maybe it is time to move on. I would rather him stay, and the O's get a pitcher or two and we give the Bosox a run for their money. Tex blew us off and the sun rose the next day... -Don
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    It wouldn't be a second rounder. It would be the pick we get for Chen (or Davis) #30.
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    I saw the Peterson quote while looking for something else and could not help myself!
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    He's not worth the pick to me. Now if they signed Upton/Gordon/Heyward, I'd be less upset with giving up the second rounder.
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    It will depend on the other 4 seasons. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    It's definitely not as easy to be a fan today, but honestly, to me these guys were never my peers, they were my heroes. Back in the old days, most of your experience with players was through things reported in the newspaper or relayed by the radio announcers. The game is actually much more intimate now, in certain ways. Every game is on TV, so you can see for yourself how they perform, then see it again in super slo-mo. There are pre-game shows and post-game shows where you see the players being interviewed and get a sense of their personalities. There is a ton of data on the strengths and weaknesses of players. The lives of these players away from the field is more detached from the average fan today due to their wealth, but I think the average fan actually knows them better today.
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    Heyward- gets on base 35% of the time, doesn't need to improve defense because he is the best, only 26, can steal 20 bases and hit 20 HR here in Camden. He does everything as well as Upton, except he won't hit as many HRs. I also think Heyward can hit with more power than he has the last two years. You are acting like Heyward is a defense only guy. Please compare Heyward to Upton again. Yes, Upton does get more HRs. Upton is about 26 HRs per 162 games and Heyward is about 19 HRs per 162 games. This also gives Upton more RBIs. Besides that, they are nearly identical in runs, SBs, walks, Avg, and OBP. oWar is about the same. So Upton has a little more power, but other than that, they are almost identical hitters. You are also not mentioning that Heyward is only 26 years old. Upton is 28. At the end of a 6 year contract, Heyward would be 32 years old, so what is not to "age well" in the next 6 years. I would be more concerned if Heyward were 32 and signing a 6 year contract, but the guy is only 26. I would take Heyward on an 8 year contract. He would be 34 at the end of the contract. I would go with Heyward. I think offensively, they will be very similar, but Heyward plays much better defense.
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    I think Frank made more in the first half of 1971 than Willie Keeler did in his career.
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    Get Upton done today. Like someone said earlier, Boras and Davis are doing us a huge favor. Venable would be a good fit. Always good to buy low on guys. This Kim stuff is just funny. I know Kang had success. But any league where former O's Yamaico Navarro and Eric Thames hit 47 and 48 HR's can't be taken seriously. Literally every American that played in that league had a OPS north of .850. I would bet good money that a 40 year old Fernando Lunar could go over there and put up big numbers.
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    Great Post. But we have to remember "that it's out of his hands". haha. I could see your scenario as being true. DD gets to show the fans that he offered the guy 7/150. Move on and sign Upton. F Boras.
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    I'm ready to move on today. Crush and Boras might be doing us a favor by dragging their feet.
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    Just saw this on Baseball Tonight... Worst starter ERA in 2015 by team: Detroit- 4.78 Baltimore- 4.53 Boston- 4.39 Detroit got Zimermann, Boston got Price, and the Orioles are going to spend $150 million on Davis? (this is the questions the Baseball Tonight Crew asked on the Midnight show). It is concerning. We are placing so much in getting Davis back, when in reality we are losing our best starter in Chen to free agency. We will need Gausman, and others to really step up to have a chance to compete. As we have seen in the past pitching and defense can get you deep in playoff hunt. If we don't pitch, we don't stand a chance. FWIW, I think Zimmermann will be a steal at that price and I think Cueto will get less than he does.
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    Why does everyone want Kazmir? He did not pitch well in Houston. He also is a flyball pitcher. He had one good year in Oakland which is a very pitcher friendly park.
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    I agree, but think that what's important about the best of these guys is that they're more flexible and versatile than closers. For closers, we're told, it's important to have regularity (well, maybe that kind of regularity, too, but that's not what I mean): they will be most effective if used exclusively to pitch one inning, coming on to start the ninth (sometimes later in an extra-inning game) in a close game. The HLR often will start the eighth inning in a close game and be limited to a single inning, but he can come in earlier when the game's on the line, come in with men on in the eighth if a game has gotten closer or a lead more tenuous, or pitch more than inning when he's had some rest. And he can close if your closer is hurt or needs the rest more than your HLR. Sounds kind of like Darren O'Day.
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    I think what we're seeing is a new role called "high leverage reliever (HLR)." Some have screamed for years that the closer should be used in high leverage situations since he's normally the best reliever, but what we're seeing are teams having a closer and an HLR. HLRs don't get the gaudy save totals, but it's clear they hold a lot of value.
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    Brian Johnson (Red Sox) would be an interesting target. Also Adelberto Mejia (Giants) and Matt Moore (Rays). If you are willing to give up Schoop, Matz (Mets) would be interesting, too.
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    How the rumor "telephone game" gets played Roch on Twitter: MLBTradeRumors: No, Roch did not tweet that the O's offered in the neighborhood of $150 mm. He tweeted that "its believed" that they have made such an offer. Well, just who believes it, and why? And no, Roch did not say the offer was made at the meeting with Boras yesterday, but MLBTR extrapolated that, too. Roch then elablorates in his blog today: I am not discounting that the O's may have made an offer in the $150mm neighborhood, but I am certainly not taking "it's believed" to mean that this is the gospel. We had reports yesterday that Zobrist had been offered 4/$80 mm, then a few hours later he signed for 4/$56 mm. By the way, when Roch was asked how many years the offer covered, he responded "don't know exactly." I'm taking this one with a big grain of salt.
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    Last I checked, people post tweets on here all the time when they cite or discuss them. It's really not that hard and requires a lot less effort than it took you to act like a complete jerk about it. I use Twitter but many people do not both young and old. This is a community of people who are gathered here to discuss the Orioles, you may be on Twitter but perhaps you should download a dictionary app and look up the word community. Obviously the definition escapes you. None of that was necessary. Following Twitter is easy, being a decent human being is not. Maybe you could spend a little more time working on that instead of following twitter. *EDIT* Having read the post that started this all, I was wrong and openly admit that. I made the mistake of not going far enough back and responding to one message, a mistake I should know better than to do. My apologies, I misunderstood the situation and made a foolish post*
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    I haven't paid as much attention to the football team as I do basketball, but watching the mlb hot stove on Twitter and the MD/UCONN game, I can't help but see all these coaching hires by the football staff. They have also recently added former UVA Head coach Mike London, former Syracuse head coach Scott Shafer, one of Alabama's top recruiting men in Aazaar Abdul-Rahim...in addition to word that Mike Locksley will return in some capacity. A recruiting all star team of coaches...and the players and recruits seem to love it. Lots of positive tweets out there.
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    Twitter. Why not google it before talking down to people and making yourself look foolish?
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    I'm a die hard Michigan fan. I'll say this: Durkin is as intense a guy as you're gonna get on the sideline. He's passionate and he's extremely plugged in with recruiting circles. He will 100% recruit his hindquarters off and he will also immediately improve MD's defense. He's a very good hire.
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    The thought of Davis on the same team as Bautista and Encarnacion makes me absolutely sick. It's like your girlfriend cheating on you with someone you already couldn't stand.
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