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    13 Adam Jones 4921 31 Matt Wieters 3004 32 J.J. Hardy 2930 37 Chris Davis 2559 52 Manny Machado 1979 85 Nolan Reimold 1251 96 Ryan Flaherty 1051 Doesn't that seem crazy? Of every player that's ever batted for the O's, Ryan Flaherty is in the top 100 of Orioles that have been to the dish? Reimold might even surprise more of you, considering his health issues. There are 529 in total with at least one PA. As a guy that seems like somewhat of an irrelevant role player in a relatively storied organization, I find it interesting that Flaherty is 80th percentile. Source
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    WHO ARE YOU least FAVORITE ORIOLES?? You least....one of the all time worse threads. Who are YOU least favorite OH'ers?? Do you not like these players because they didn't meet your expectations? Least favorite??? Tall, short, ugly, handsome, good D, no D. It is really hard to figure out why anyone would care if someone is YOU least favorite O, unless you need support on your negativity of the franchise.
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    Surprised this hasn't been posted yet: Orioles catcher Caleb Joseph finds kindred spirit in his $700 spring training truck http://www.baltimoresun.com/sports/orioles/bs-sp-orioles-spring-caleb-joseph-0306-20160305-story.html Caleb is such an easy guy to root for. Glad he's an O.
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    We tried to sign Jackson, Boras said he wanted a guarantee that he would play some CF which obviously made the deal nearly impossible.
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    Wow, tough critic. Are you seeing dominant teams I'm not aware of? Kansas and Michigan State are probably at the top of the class right now, but with all the parity in college basketball today, I don't see how you can't put Indiana in that next tier of teams.
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    There's a cool tiki bar in right, and "A Taste of Boston" set up in outdoor tents on the way in with Captain Morgan specials. - folks can meander in and out during the game. Built into the gap on the Fenway wall are seats with bar service. :2yay-thumb::2yay-thumb: Just sayin' Walker with the 2 out 2 rbi double. Hoes drives Walker in. 3-0 O's so far. :clap3::clap3: Early take on the O's - In Buck I trust! He'll find the nuggets.
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    Showalter says he is trying to sort out who could have a good spring and he said those who did bad are not ready for the big leagues yet. He also said most of the ones that will be on the 25 has done what he asked from them. Wins and losses is not important right now. It seems like Beato is looking good, Christian Walker looks good right now. Vance Worley looked good too. Not everything I wrote was written in the article. http://birdswatcher.com/2016/03/06/baltimore-orioles-a-mixed-bag-of-results/?utm_campaign=FanSided+Daily&utm_source=FanSided+Daily&utm_medium=email
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    Albert Belle Jay Gibbons Delmon Young because of his prejudices
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    Given that Kim actually DID win the Korean Baseball Organization's Outfield Gold Glove in 2009..... And in 2010 And in 2011 And that the baseball, and the glove, and the grass are pretty much the same here as they are in Korea... I'm going to chalk this up to nerves until I have a meaningful enough sample size to judge him on.
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    No? How come? I'd like some analysis.
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    Dan made a brilliant and inspired move and signed a starting major league LF and Leadoff player to such an amazing value of a contract. But once a player is on the roster, Buck doesn't care about his salary. All Buck does is coach him like he's an All Star. Buck doesn't look at contract values, just performance. THat's why we have the best tandem in baseball. Dan is the best at spotting value and talent. Buck is only interested in winning and not playing any front office politics. Kim will be fine so are the 2016 AL Champs To Be. It's not even St Paddy's Day.
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    Current or past Orioles. I fear Reggie Jackson may get some votes here, just curious after seeing the O's getting spanked again and committing 5-6 errors, lost count. What say you? For me, it would be: 1. Gay Jibbons (not that there is anything wrong with that) 2. Luke Scott 3. Juan Bell 4. Garrett Atkins 5. Travis Snider 6. Matt Wieters 7. Nolan Reimold (like him, but just think he has been given too many chances) 8. Dexter Fowler (I kid...) I am sure I am forgetting someone. What say you?
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