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    To the original point of the thread: I feel joy watching Manny play. He's amazing. I'm so happy he's an Oriole. To the contract musings: I don't think the O's can afford him and I would probably trade him before he reaches free agency if I was GM. Think of the prospect haul!! But seriously, if they are not going to have the cash to sign him then they must trade him before his walk year. Unfortunately it would be very Angelos-like IMO to keep him and then not be able to sign him.
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    BALTIMORE, MD--Baltimore Orioles fans are reeling after learning that the legendary Jim Palmer, a Baseball Hall of Famer and Orioles broadcaster that spent 19 years in the majors pitching for their team, artificially enhanced his hair for over 20 years. Palmer's admission came on the heels of a tell-all book by Rollie Fingers in which Fingers himself admitted to injecting HairGH into his mustache and outed several other contemporaries whom he claims gave their hair an unfair, chemical edge. "In the 60s and 70s, guys were doing anything they could to gain an advantage on the competition," said Fingers when reached for comment. "I went after Palmer because he's a jerk and I hate him, but you had guys like Oscar Gamble that went totally off the rails and couldn't control their usage at all. You know, the really obvious froboaters. Al Hrabosky once tried to take a picture with an 8-year-old girl at the game and when he kneeled down his handlebars reached out and tried to strangle her." Several former Orioles confirmed Fingers' account. "Palmer was using for his entire career, but he really started abusing the stuff when he got that Jockey ad deal," said Orioles great Boog Powell. "He entered himself into a clinical trial for a drug called Minoxidil, which was supposed to treat high blood pressure, but guys had gotten word that one side effect was massive hair growth. He was willing to do anything. The night before his Game 1 start of the 1970 World Series, he shaved his cat and attached the trimmings to his head with modeling glue. He was so high on the glue that in the third inning he actually walked Bobby Tolan." "We were calling him Cakes the Calico for years after that," added Powell. "When I came up, Palmer was nearing the end of his career, but we'd still win a World Series before he left," said businessman, philanthropist, and famed commercial actor Cal Ripken Jr. "Brylcreem was the big one back then. The package says 'A Little Dab'll Do Ya!' but he was putting it in his cereal. And of course, when you take the Brylcreem, you gotta take the Brylcleer. His locker was just filled with all of these empty tubes." A source close to the Baltimore Orioles also told ESPN that Palmer was supplying HairGH to former and current Orioles as well. The source specifically named former Orioles reliever Koji Uehara as being a client of Palmer's and that Palmer had given free supplements to Jake Arrieta to "help him grow something ridiculous on his face again this year." For the first time in his life, Jim Palmer could not be reached for comment.
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    It's kind of fascinating to look at WAR in a ten-game bite. The O's leadership so far (position players): Machado 1.0 Trumbo 0.6 Hardy 0.5 Schoop 0.5 Davis 0.4 Reimold 0.3 I think this really points up how the season has ups and downs. A great player might be worth 5-7 WAR in a season, which is about 0.3-0.4 every 10 games. But the path there looks more like a stock market chart than it does like a straight line. Of course, maybe Manny really will be worth 16 WAR this season.
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    How long do we have Bundy under control for? Because, say he is finally healthy and the only reason he currently isn't in the rotation is innings limits and getting him stretched out. Say he has a great year in relief and even makes some starts toward the end of the season. If Bundy is in line for the rotation next year, knowing what he could be, do you attempt to extend him and buy a couple years of free agency at a likely bargain basement price considering the upside he still has? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Just came in and saw that the game went from 4-2 to 4-8. Looking at the play summary seems like Buck left Gallardo in too long. He was already being hit hard in the fifth and besides we shd have been satisfied with him going six innings.
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    There is ZERO justification. None. 7th inning, givens is rested, tough earned lead. I mean, maybe if gallardo had looked good all night I'd understand but he had looked shaky all night long. Running him back out there was an AWFUL idea.
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    Outs!....and a run....but I thought Beltre was going to make me very sad...so that is OK.
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    The question is how many more wins will he get than Gausman. And how many less wins everyone gets with Flaherty at second instead of Schoop.
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    How dare you disparage molasses's speed like that!
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    Hey guys, just wanted to say how great it is to hang out with a bunch of fellow O's fans and enjoy the game with you all. I'm excited to see what the birds come up with tonight!!!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I'll tell you what I like about Yo. Even at 88, 89 mph, he always has some bend on his pitches. He doesn't seem to have A fastball, A slider, A cutter. He seems to just put a little different spin to each pitch. Always something different. Little different tilt, no tilt. Differing velocity. More a spectrum of pitches than three or four distinct ones.
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    Swap out Walker for Flaherty and I think you have something. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    This is a joke, right? They've played 10 games.
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    It will be very hard to trade him right after he wins the MVP and we win the World Series. The fans will be wanting a repeat performance.
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    No way Pedro sits on the bench this early in the season.
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    Yep Weams, you are right. And I like that. I do not think Vance is a really polished pitcher, but he is built to throw innings, and his stuff will play.
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    Worley really showed me something last night. I think his stuff will play, and he looks more than solid enough to be the #5 on this staff.
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    I think the consensus is after this season. Two seasons of control left and acquiring team still gets comp pick after manny hits FA.
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    If we are not going to go full bore and I mean full bore flat out crazy bonkers to sign Manny, I am definitely in the raid by trade camp. When is the tricky question.
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    Count me in the minority of those that would prefer not to extend Manny. He is incredible and is already a superstar at a young age. But with the numbers that are being thrown around here, I'd rather not incur that much risk. 35M, 40M AAV's are rediculous, bubble like numbers. I think some of us are so fearful of losing his production after 2018 that we would cash in the kids's college funds, reverse mortgage the house, etc., just to keep him. I'd much rather forego the risk and trade him after we win the World Series this year for a haul that we can rebuild/reload around.
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    Sans opt out, what levers do they have available to pull in order to make a deal happen? Lengthen the term well beyond decline? Make it a ten year deal for absurd money with the cash paid over twenty years?
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    Ha. I like your style. Maybe tell John to give him the better room in the Angelos house too while he's at it
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    I'd still say - keep him till the end of next season and then trade him - probably to the Dodgers - letting them negotiate an extension ahead of time - for a TON of young talent.
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    He's referred to this several times. In another interview he said it was two seasons ago. " Duquette said that the club previously attempted to lock up Machado long term — as they did with pending free agents Chris Davis and Matt Wieters — but "we didn't quite get to a deal" http://www.baltimoresun.com/sports/bs-sp-orioles-notebook-1006-20151005-story.html
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    Peter might just say..."Manny, here is a check for 400 million dollars. Let us know how much that gets us. Or maybe you would be interested in being a majority stockholder in the Orioles in a few years. You are the son I always wanted anyways."
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    According to whom? Bundy most certainly is not on the trading block as he may become a candidate for the rotation later in the year.
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    If the O's keep hitting, then I think Mancini and others are trade bait for a starting pitcher. The O's may be in a weird year where multiple hitters have crazy career years...and they will want to take advantage of that and hit the "win now" button a little harder. May be why Mancini is in Bowie instead of Norfolk.
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    I understand why people would have this point of view, but I think if we give Alvarez time to iron out his wrinkles, he will be DH monster at OPACY.
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    You don't typically draft Hall of Famers in their prime. If you have the money to sign Davis, you damn sure better have the money to sign Manny.
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    Kirby's outfield positioning is an extension of the relatively recent trend in baseball. (The Shift) You could call it a trend... you could call it a fad... or you could shake your fist at it, and call it one of those "newfangled nuisances that are ruining the game". Whatever your opinion on the subject is, one this is certain... it will change. Trends in baseball are like a big lumbering ship. Someone decides to steer a new course, and it slowly catches on. "The shift" is becoming pervasive because it devalues predictable hitters (and pull hitters in particular). The trend will continue until predictable hitters are devalued, and greater emphasis is put on place hitting... at which time the rudder will be turned the other way, and the long slow turn of baseball will move in the other direction. (i.e. value of the shift will be diminished)
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    You can absolutely tell that he is relaxed. It's very encouraging. He is a different person up there this year. The one who is starting to worry me is Schoop. He has been swinging so hard that he's about to come out of his shoes. He's snatching his head to the left and his eyes are completely off of the ball as it sails right by him. Yes, he hit 2 last night, but he's not going to do that every night. He's trying to hit it back to Baltimore.
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    Lets see what Walker does this year in Norfolk.
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    Pitched all but five his first start, after not pitching more than 2 all spring. Then guts out 6 complete tonight. Pretty impressive.
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    I think the platoon aspect is being overblown. He has pretty even splits over his career against both RHP and LHP. I think he is not an everyday player only because Buck wants to keep him healthy and there are a lot of outfielders who need at bats on this team.
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    Unbelievable... this is hilarious :laughlol: I did an April Fools last year about Duquette leaving to become the U.S. Secretary of Agriculture but I couldn't think of a joke this year.
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    <blockquote class="twitter-tweet" data-lang="en"><p lang="en" dir="ltr">Both of Trumbo's 7th inning HRs for the <a href="https://twitter.com/Orioles">@Orioles</a> traveled 432 ft against the Rangers<br><br>Both also had an apex of 59 ft <a href="https://t.co/1FRCPN68Tx">pic.twitter.com/1FRCPN68Tx</a></p>— ESPN Stats & Info (@ESPNStatsInfo) <a href="https://twitter.com/ESPNStatsInfo/status/721171645512183812">April 16, 2016</a></blockquote> <script async src="//platform.twitter.com/widgets.js" charset="utf-8"></script>
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    So I was watching Palmer in the post game interview and being mid 40's with constantly thinning hair (which my 17 year old daughter constantly reminds me of...) and was just once again amazed at the thickness of Palmer's "hair", but being a man of wisdom, I thought something was fishy (not much can get by me I tell ya). I for some reason decided to google "does Jim Palmer wear a hair piece?" and the first result was this thread! Not kidding! Don't believe me. Well then: http://lmgtfy.com/?q=does+jim+palmer+where+a+hair+piece%3F This is hilarious!
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    Very possibly. Or fear of it being his last start.
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    Mark must have hated that baseball.
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    Well, Worley settled down in a big way and gave us 6 IP. Two runs shy of a quality start. It'll all be forgivable if our vaunted bats can stop GIDPing and start hitting 3 run homers. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Apologies if this was mentioned, but this is umpire who ejected Ubaldo when he hadn't given up a hit vs the Red Sox.
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    Throw was offline. Caleb did a great job making it that close.
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    HR, Walk, Single, Walk isn't as bad as Single, Walk, Walk, HR. So Vance has that going for him.
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    I like this topic and discussion. I don't think you can do it with Matusz back. Or you have to send Givens down. But if you go with four starters (Tillman, Gallardo, jimenez, Gausman); four backup long men (Bundy, Worley, wright, Wilson) and four one inning guys (Brach, givens/matusz, o'day, Britton) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    It was reported that Kyle Lohse threw for several teams the other day. The Orioles and Tigers are reported to be interested. Does anyone know any more about this story? Justin Masterson just signed a minor league deal with the Pirates yesterday. Were we interested in him? Has had trouble keeping an ERA lower that 5.00 the last few years. It appears Alvarez. Bundy, Wright and Walker are our most tradable players right now. We need to trade for another starter and give serious thought to starting Tyler Wilson. With our offense it appears a pitcher with an ERA between 4 and 5 runs per game can have a winning record with the Orioles. Just give us 6 or 7 innings each start and hold the other team to less than 5 runs and we should win most games.
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    The Orioles need to resign Mark Trumbo right now. It is clear that Mark is going to have a huge year for the Orioles. He fits in very well on the team. He is the perfect hitter for the Orioles. He is the perfect hitter for Camden Yards. Mark has to be tired of traveling around and bouncing from team to team. The Orioles should offer him a two year deal with a club option or a straight three year deal. I would rather spend money on Trumbo than I would Matt Wieters. Mark is going to get huge money if he reaches free agency. Pay the man Dan! Lock him up.
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