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    I think DD could manage both trades just fine, if the time came. Though a lot of O's fans will forever be hung up on the Arrieta/Feldman thing, the guy has executed some excellent moves in his career, too. More so, I'd say, than ones that went the other way. The biggest problem with trading a Manny Machado is that I honestly don't know if there's a "fair" package out there. Machado is that good and that young, an impossibly rare combination. What would be fair value for this guy in a trade? It's so hard to even begin to compute. And, given that it'd probably be prospect-laden, it'd be a gamble. The most recent example of a Machado-esque player being traded in his mid-20s was Miguel Cabrera being dealt just before his age-25 (2007/2008 offseason) season by the Marlins, who knew they'd never be able to afford him. In return they got Cameron Maybin, Andrew Miller, Eulogio De La Cruz, Dallas Trahern and Burke Badenhop. A disaster for the Marlins. Maybin just really had his first particularly useful year in 2016... for the Tigers. Andrew Miller didn't become the lights out reliever he is today until 2013... for the Red Sox. Badenhop is a middle of the road relief pitcher. De La Cruz threw 32 MLB innings before falling out of baseball. Trahern never made it. Point being, it's a massive gamble.
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    Adam Jones is getting pretty high up there on some of the Orioles' all-time lists. In 2017, he's likely to do the following: 1. Move past Brian Roberts, Nick Markakis, Al Bumbry and Ken Singleton into 8th place on the list of games played for the Orioles. 2. Move past Brady Anderson and Ken Singleton into 5th place on the list of RBI for the Orioles. 3. Pass Rafael Palmeiro and move into 5th place on the Orioles' all-time HR list. 4. Move past Nick Markakis, Al Bumbry, Boog Powell and Brian Roberts into 5th on the list of runs scored for the Orioles. 5. Move past Boog Powell and Melvin Mora into 8th place on the list of doubles hit for the Orioles. 6. Move past Brian Roberts, Nick Markakis, Paul Blair and Mark Belanger into 6th on the list of most at bats for the Orioles. 7. Move past Brian Roberts, Ken Singleton, Nick Markakis and Boog Powell into 5th on the Orioles' all-time hit list. He could also pass Brady Anderson to move into 4th (would need 167 hits for that). It's kind of amazing to contemplate that Jones is in such rarified air on the Orioles' all-time lists.
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    I don't buy it. We won 89 games last year while filling out the roster with at least 6 pre-arb guys from one of the worst farm systems. I have no doubt that in 2019 we can get contributions from pre-arb guys at catcher, two to three bullpen spots, fifth OF, DH, utility IF (6-7). And if we catch a break, 1-2 rotation spots (Sedlock, Harvey, and Akin). So call that 7 players under $4M. $96M to spend 16 players, including $9M for O'Day. So $87 for 15 players. Schoop and Givens will also be under control. Filling out a competitive roster with the remainder is definitely doable.
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    Manny is a great player. Probably a Hall of Fame player. If the O's could afford to keep him for the rest of his career, I would love it. But the MLB system is built against that happening. So the O's have to do the best they can to stay competitive when Manny moves on.
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    I was a NOVA kid. The 1988 Panini Sticker Book my parents bought me from the supermarket first piqued my interest in baseball and I started collecting the stickers. Became a fan of Cow Ripken (that's what i thought his name was at the time) from the milk commercials. Eventually my dad took me to some games. I was a full fledged fan watching or listening to as many games as I could by 1989, not even seven years old.
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    With his style of play and Buck's willingness to send him out there banged up I would expect him playing hurt to continue. Maybe the new 10 day DL will encourage Buck not to send out the walking wounded.
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    You're omitting the extension Nick signed in 2009, coming off a 6 WAR season, at a time when the team was awful. His deal was just as team-friendly as Jones's, and probably more so, at the time it was signed. But it turned Nick's best seasons were before he signed his deal, whereas Adam's best seasons were after he signed. That's the way it goes sometimes.
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    Our o line isn't mediocre. We have the best o lineman in the NFL(Yanda), a very good RT, a decent center and a rookie LT who has been our best player for a month. Flacco has more playmakers than Tom Brady has. I'll give you the suspect coaching part, but how many OCs do we roll through before we realize Flacco is a below average NFL QB?
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    Not so sure about this. He's has a pretty high WHIP in the minors (1.40) and doesn't look to do anything all that well. He'd be worth a Minor League deal and a ST invite. Never anything wrong with that!
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    AJ has been a joy to watch (well ok, not always when in the batters box), but overall one of my favorite Orioles. I do hope he signs an extension (short) past 2018 and gracefully accepts moving to RF, wishful thinking probably.
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    haha, this is as good a case against Revere as I've seen. And it's hard to disagree. If we picked him up, he'd be more suited to the #9 hole, not the leadoff, even if he hits better than he did last season.
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    No, he really hasn't. A .320 lifetime OBP shows that he's been a below average lead-off hitter. Last year's .260 OBP is incredibly awful for any non-pitcher, much less the guy that you want to have more plate appearances than any other player on the team. His OBP has always been wholly dependent upon his BA, since he never walks, and pitchers are completely unafraid to throw strikes to him. He has zero power. His BA is wholly dependent upon his speed. He frankly isn't likely to increase his number of infield hits as he gets older. And if a runner is on first base, his odds are diminished even further, since any possible infield hit is likely turned into a force out. The guy is not a MLB outfielder. He can't throw. And right field in particular, which is our biggest need, is out of the question. The guy can barely hit it into the outfield grass from home plate, and he can't throw it any farther than that, either. If a team could afford to waste a roster spot on a pinch-runner, Revere would be worth having at the minimum salary. Otherwise, no. The Nationals non-tendered him, and they were in the market for an outfielder. Think about that for a minute. Of all the options available to us, Revere is, hands down, the worst possible choice, IMO. I think some of us may be looking at it as if real-life MLB was like Fantasy Roto and that stolen bases by themselves were, somehow, vital. A guy's speed blinds them to the fact that he simply isn't a very good baseball player. I guess that's what is meant by the expression "blinding speed."
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    Pagan's OPS against RH starters is .720. Not sure Rickard or Alvarez can top that even if you played them strictly against lefties. What other RH OF are on the market this offseason? I guess I'd be willing to accept crappy defender if he can rake against lefties and is platooning.
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    I hope that man wants to win a WS in his lifetime. He's spending now and really spent in the late 90's. Edwin Encarncion would hit 50 in OPACY, boost attendance, weaken TOR, and scare the hell outta BOS's 4 LHP's.
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    Michael Bourn was released twice last year and you want to give him seven million dollars for 2017. I would not be surprised for he ends up signing a minor league deal with a spring training invite. Five years ago he was a decent player based mostly on speed. He is now 34 years old and not nearly as fast as he once was. In addition, his below average arm would be an issue in rightfield.
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    They are going to try and win, now, regardless of how long they have on their contract left.
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    Nothing about that in the article. Appears to be a straight salary dump for a prospect with the Phillies absorbing the money.
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    Mini Trumbo is not a ringing endorsement, considering Trumbo himself isn't very good.
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    It is my understanding that they are trying to get under the 189 for this season.
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    He's not going to be signed anytime soon. Pretty sure Boras is asking the moon as usual.
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    I'd be happy they just won the World Series.
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    If Manfred thinks baseball needs more playoff spots then he needs to be fired immediately. The season is already too long as it is. Even without more playoff spots the season should be shortened by two or three weeks.
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    If we're not in contention this July (and by in contention I mean 8-10 games over .500 and either holding down a playoff spot or being just outside of one), then I think they have to consider trading Jones, Manny, and Britton. If they don't win a WS this year (which seems highly unlikely), I think they have to absolutely move them during the offseason before next season. Can't go into their walk years, IMO, it will diminish their value.
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    Not IMO. They get their chance for 2-3 years when they have cost controlled players and then they have to wait for their next batch of young cores and that takes a while to build back up to. meanwhile the dodgers, Red Sox, Yankees and other big spenders just outspend the smaller teams to the point where they make the playoffs 8 of 10 years give or take. the Yankees "down year" is them losing to the Astros in a wild card game. The Astros "great year" is beating the Yankees in a wild card game and waiting for next chance. Yes, they spent more this offseason but generally the small to mid markets get a small run here or there while the big markets like ones I mentioned spend their way to the playoffs. the cardinals are the only "mid market" to sustain success over long term but they also have high payroll most years too. mlb has a problem. I know the union is so strong that they won't go to a salary cap but I see issues in the future. The luxury tax and revenue sharing stuff is not the long-term answer IMO.
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    <p><p><p>Hi OFFNY: Got your email and added you to contact/friend list. Hope we win series this weekend. Oriole1940</p></p></p>
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    If you all will indulge an old man for a moment. I waited 70 years, from the 1944 W.S. to beat the Cards. So I am saying my Browns/Orioles finally beat the Cards.
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