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    By now we all expect to see the Orioles taking small steps to improve themselves. Over 162 games, incremental advantages add up. Today I was surprised to see the Orioles playing the WBC Dominican team. In spring training you rarely see teams trot out opening day line ups and the quality of the lineups your pitchers are facing can vary. Instead today, Kevin Gausman gets to face a veritable all star team of talent, including two Orioles. It's another smart move by the Orioles front office.
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    There are both professional and personal reasons why he is my favorite player. I might eventually write a post explaining how he helped me recover from a spell of depression due to a work injury and the subsequent screwing by insurance and my job. Either way, his hitting has improved during the last few seasons. Almost .300 in the Arizona Fall League (mostly as a DH due to there being 3 catchers, but still getting in 12 games behind the dish), just above .300 in the Dominican Winter League. and .286 last season between 3 levels of the minors. He also has a 45% caught stealing rate for would be baserunners and his defense has been highly regarded by Buck. If he hadn't gotten hurt earlier and put up a good spring, I really think he could have made the 40 roster (or atleast made the choice between him and Perez close), since they want to keep Sisco in Norfolk to work on things until either post trade deadline, or September. If he keeps playing and improves this year with a starter spot in Bowie, I wouldn't be shocked to see him on the 40 sooner than later and in Baltimore either next season or in 2019.
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    After rolling his ankle in the Dominican Winter League, Bowie catcher Austin Wynns will get his opportunity to be seen afterall. Wynns was originally going to get a non-roster invite but that was delayed due to his recovery. Wynns says he's 100 percent and ready to play. Most likely Wynns will catch most games at Bowie this year with Chance Sisco moving to Norfolk. Wynns is known for his defense and could have a chance to be a back up in the major leagues if he can continue to improve on his hitting. http://www.masnsports.com/school-of-roch/2017/03/notes-on-todays-game-and-wynns-arrival-in-camp.html
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    Steve Melewski does a nice job of talking through the O's starter depth after the O's starting five. http://www.masnsports.com/steve-melewski/2017/02/after-the-starting-five-how-does-the-depth-look-for-the-orioles.html So let's hear from you. How do you rank the O's starting depth and why? Here is mine: 1) Vidal Nuno - (30) As a starter his career stats are: 4-17. 4.40 ERA, 229 IP. 221 H. 175 SO, 1.249 WHIP 2) Gabriel Ynoa - (24) 0-0, 3.18 ERA, 3 S, 11 IP, 14 H, 11 SO, 1.500 WHIP as a ML starter 12-9, 3.97 ERA, 25 S, 154 IP, 170 H, 78 SO, 1.361 WHIP in the AAA PCL. 3) Richard Bleier - (29) As a ML reliever: 1.96 ERA, 23 IP, 29H. 13 SO, 1.043 WHIP AAA - 9-6, 3.29 ERA, 33G, 23S. 147 IP, 167 H, 60 SO, 1.30 WHIP. The fact that he has had success in the majors is a plus. 4) Tyler Wilson - (27) 5-8, 5.33 ERA, 18 S, 98 IP, 111 H, 49 SO, 1.418 WHIP as a ML starter 11-8, 3.54 ERA, 35 S, 188 IP, 181 H, 149 SO, 1.186 WHIP at AAA 5) Logan Verrett - (27) 2-7, 5.68 ERA, 16 S, 82 IP, 81 H, 60 SO, 1.457 WHIP as a ML starter 18-8, 4.26 ERA, 48 G, 41 S, 238 IP, 265 H. 177 SO, 1.384 WHIP at AAA PCL 6) Mike Wright - (27) 5-9, 6.23 ERA, 21 S, 105 IP, 119 H. 72 SO, 1.500 WHIP as a starter in the ML 18-16, 3.50 ERA, 54 S, 306 IP, 296 H, 216 SO, 1.227 WHIP at AAA 7) Joe Gunkel - (25) 8-11, 4.08 ERA, 24 S, 141 IP, 156 H, 94 SO, 1.231 WHIP at AAA 8) Chris Lee - (24) 9-2, 3.02 ERA, 15G 14S, 89 IP, 73 H, 45 SO, 1.187 WHIP at AA 9) Jason Garcia - (24) 1-0 4.25 ERA, 0 S, 29 IP 25 H, 22 SO, 1,418 WHIP in the ML 7-12, 4.67 ERA, 33G, 24 S, 138 IP, 149 H, 85 SO, 1.529 WHIP at AA How do you rank them?
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    I'll scout him defensively and offensively this year in Norfolk and report back here.
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    But before being re-assigned he "helped" the Orioles by being loaned to the Dominican team and giving up a run to the Orioles.
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    You can read the gory details here: http://www.masnsports.com/school-of-roch/2017/03/game-update-and-gausman-on-his-start.html
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    I know ... I guess I was just expecting more since it was by Insomniac. Just not used to playing a below average Ratchet and Clank game. I actually haven't played a baseball sim since the late 90's/early 00's. lol Just not fond of the gamplay style that most baseball games have gone to now. Also, I refuse to pay full price for a sports game anymore. Not when I can walk into any GameStop and get last years version (or previous versions) for next to nothing. I saw Madden 15 for $5. If I wait a few months Madden 16 will be about the same price and Madden 17 will probably be in the $20-25 range. I just can't see paying more for a game when I can get an older version of the same, exact game AND do it without giving EA my money. I've heard Bloodborne is really good, but I've never played a Dark Souls-type of game. I think I'm going to have to pick this up at some point. I've read that Horizon: Zero Dawn is great, but I hate open-world games. lol I've read though that this game does right what every other open-world game today does wrong, so maybe I'll pick this up. I wasn't planning on it, but I keep hearing too many good things about it.
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    Hard to argue with your list. Though it's a minuscule sample size, I was really pleased that Ryan Mountcastle hit a game-tying 2-run homer in the bottom of the 9th in his second at bat in a major league ST game, off a pitcher who has 47 innings of major league experience.
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    They could move Manny to right. He's got the arm for it.
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    Would love to hear that story. Honestly, I'd rather they make Sisco into a LFer (ala Jayson Werth) and have Wynns catch
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    o You were at that game ??? I wasn't at that game. You bastard.
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    I look forward to following his progress.
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    dominican uni's are that god awful dark grey like diamondbacks, hard to read numbers. Trumbo pops out, 2 down Kim up Dominican new pitcher emery Romero new pitcher
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    Davis walked, bases loaded for Trumbo
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    No neither would have been out, wind is more cross field from center to left
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    Betence pitching walk Smith, single Andino
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    New pitcher , Janish flies out to left
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    Nice backhand play byAndino gets Reyes at first, end of inning
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    Brandon Snyder is probably the upside of Walker.
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    Thanks, like Tony-OH said, these guys are a dime a dozen.
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    That was first round draft pick, Brandon Snyder.
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    Roger all of that, and like I said, I'm not arguing that he is some kind of piece. He could have been DFA'd or not resigned and I would have been fine with that. Honestly, I was surprised by his re-signing and placement on the 40-man. But, what I am saying is that he has some value because of his ability to get ground balls and could fill in for a bit if needed. It's not like you look at his stuff and see 89-91 and a slider. He throws 93-95 with some ability to get ground balls. I'll take a chance that a guy like that catches on fire and can give me some innings possibly then a AAAA 1B/DH who has five guys ahead of him on my 1B depth chart at the moment.
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    Snapshot of Franchise mode: http://blog.us.playstation.com/2017/03/07/mlb-the-show-17-build-an-empire-with-franchise-mode/ Only thing new from what we've already seen is player quirks. Honestly I'd be happy if they just fixed the issues that have been discussed so far in this thread with Franchise mode. Obviously I'd like them to add things such as contract negotiations during the season, rain delays, etc.
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    You know, the only real statistical difference in Brach's numbers between 2015 and 2016 is that in 2016 he walked 13 fewer guys in the same number of innings (79 vs. 79.1). His other ratios were essentially the same. Guys didn't hit him any differently, at all. He was certainly more dominant before the All-Star break last year than he was after, but the end result was the same. Maybe he got worn down by overuse (with O'Day hurt). Maybe his numbers were just regressing to the norm. Point being, 2015 and 2016 were both very good years for Brad Brach. I don't think he's really being overrated.
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    I guess Buck likes the way the ball comes into his hand.
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    Which isn't hard. Schafer has established that he has absolutely no offensive value. He's at nearly 1300 MLB at bats, with a .615 OPS. Even with Bourne hurt, I think there a half dozen guys above Jordan on the reserve depth chart.
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    Flaherty has been overvalued by the organization IMO. There are plenty of other guys out there who can play multiple positions in the IF and give you a .620 OPS. With that said, I'm not sure he accepts a minor league demotion if there is another team out there who can carry him on the big league roster.
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    I was at that game. The crowd was fired up. Jay Tibbs is a BEAST!
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    Japan just lost a hr to replay. Up 2-1 on Cuba. Some nice outfield defense.
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    Rehab assignments through most of the season while on the DL, he comes off in September and gets time on the club and then a full offseason of being healthy and working out for a full look at Spring Training.
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    Just saw this thread. Awesome job. Looks great.
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    Franchise is my favorite part of the game but it's broken in some ways. First of all, basically every player starts rapidly declining in their early 30s. It gets to the point where guys like Kershaw are playing the last few years of their contract in AAA lol. Another problem is that players basically always retire when they reach age 34 if their contract is up. What 34 year old is retiring when they're entering free agency? The most annoying problem is that after you've gone through about 6-8 seasons, a lot of the fake "prospects" are like 30 years old. They make the bigs at 30, have a few good seasons and then retire a year or two before free agency. Either that or a guy gets called up at 18 when he's not even close to ready and then is out of the game by time he's 24. I've had these problems for years but I still buy the game every year. Just annoyances in an otherwise great game. Hopefully they've fixed the problems this year. Maybe we'll find out in Thursday's live stream.
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    Tomorrow Today is http://m.mlb.com/gameday/orioles-vs-tigers/2017/03/06/509670#game=509670,game_state=preview,game_tab=
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    Busy work week this week but I'm back at it. Just started on some seating in CF and right-CF plus added the grounds crew area, and a walkway leading to Nicole's office on the RF line.
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    Hope this doesn't happen because Wagner is very good. But you can't pay a RT that much money.
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    Gunkel with the win! Go pitching wins! I just love his line, 1 IP 2ER, 2H 1BB and the win.
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