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    Miller needs the work -- hard to get enough save situations against the Orioles. (That should be the Official Emoticon for this year's team, at least right now.)
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    Ynoa he gonna give up runs.
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    Rays have many different pitching philosophies. They go against the grain. The book The Arm explains some of them. Also major league pitching coach has been in the system for years. Orioles seem to have a new one almost every year. Orioles also got rid of the minor league instructor. Do the Orioles have a philosophy throughout the minor leagues? Odorizzi can do it, as can a lot of his teammates. None of the 50 hardest throwers in the majors last season (minimum 50 innings) pitched for Tampa Bay. Yet a Fangraphs study this month showed that the Rays threw more than 60 percent of their four-seam fastballs up in the zone, easily the most in baseball. This continued a trend for a low-payroll franchise well known for seeking every possible edge. https://www.nytimes.com/2017/03/24/sports/baseball/tampa-bay-rays-pitching.html
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    Disclaimer: I never played the game at a high level. Hitters get maybe 500 at bats. Those at bats can mean millions or even tens of millions of dollars. I would be shocked to find out that they go up to the plate ruminating about how the pitcher coughed up a two run lead. I'm going to postulate that players at the ML level are able to tune that sort of stuff out and concentrate on the matter at hand.
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    On the birth of his grandson, Winston. I understand the little guy is getting called up to make the start tomorrow!
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    INDIANS: Lindor SS Kipnis 2B Ramirez 3B Encarnacion DH Santana 1B Jackson CF Gomes C Gonzalez LF Robertson RF Clevinger P ORIOLES Smith RF Machado 3B Schoop 2B Trumbo DH Mancini 1B Castillo C Kim LF Tejada SS Gentry CF Miley P
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    Maybe there will be bigger news in MLB tomorrow to knock the talk of this off the sports pages and talk shows. Of course, the O's have made this bed and will have to sleep in it. Those are large bed sheets they're hanging out of those windows.
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    Unfortunately, for them, I believe Cody Allen is out right now for paternity leave (?) so, an overused Miller is having to go again.
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    I like it, good effort.
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    New pitching coach? Don't baby the arms.
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    Buck asking the new grandkid CAN YOU PITCH!!
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    Two on, one out, pitcher just delivered fourth walk to go with two hit batsmen and has thrown 74 pitches in 2 1/3 innings. Do you......(A) swing at the very first pitch and hit into a double play; (B) take a pitch and see if he hits you again; (C) Choose (A). #orioles Thought this was pretty funny from Peter Schmuck
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    Wrong Jim. Palmer said it.
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    o Unlike in football, in baseball If you ask nicely for a "review", the umpires will almost always give it to you ...... and so you are essentially never out of challenges. They should just stop with the phony pretenses, and admit that managers in baseball have unlimited challenges. o
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    A good rule of thumb is to ignore pretty much everything Hunter says, including what day of the week it is.
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    how many of you think Mancini plays a pretty good 1b?Im one.
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    I thought it was going to be another bases loaded with no outs and no runs scored again. Not happy, but won't complain about the one run.
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    Hell of an AB by Schoop.
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    o 4 out of Seth Smith's 8 home runs so far this season have been to lead off the game. o
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    Why not. If its only $1 million it's not that big of a risk, and were not giving up anyone to get him. Even if he had an ERA of 5.00 the rest of the way it would be an improvement over 3/5 of the rotation this season.
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    Reputation is a plus, plus defensive shortstop. Okay hitter. Marlins fan on MLBTR thought Sedlock, and Jomar was a good return...I like trade season in almost every way except this one.
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    Is he any better than Tejada?
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    Really think this guy is fools gold. Can't hit lefties. Can't play defense well. I see lots of people hoping this happens or that happens, but he's a platoon guy at a position where platoons don't often happen. I'd be willing to bet that inside the warehouse he's not even the top catching prospect in their eyes. They'll try to find a way to play his bat somewhere, but that gets easier when he can hit lefties.
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    Thanks for sharing. Much appreciated. I think we would probably all agree that we doubt that the Orioles have a pitching "philosophy" and there's been a lot of turnover in coaches. But a lot of this is about the talent too. I don't think Gausman could have hit a spot up in the zone when he had two strikes on a hitter last night. The Orioles pitching problems doesn't really seem to be about philosophy (e.g., down and away or up in the zone), but more about their pitchers not being able to locate and many have relatively weak stuff. It's not clear how much of that is about development because a lot of innings go to mediocre pitchers that DD picks up here and there. Some of the relievers that come through the Orioles organization are better than most of the starters, but not sure if that means anything. Anyway, thanks for sharing and interesting read.
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    Agree with all but the last sentence. I don't think a BP stint will solve this. There's a glimmer of hope he turned a small corner last night. Been in a hole all year, so a turnaround from such depths will be subtle and gradual if it occurs. High pitch count, yes. But he did not implode for 6 runs like some past outings. A 3- 0 deficit seemed big until the offense didn't cash in with that bases loaded- no out scenario late.
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    Drafting High school pitchers always carry more risk compared to position players, pitchers carry an increased chance of injury. High school pitchers are considerably younger than college pitchers and not as far along developmentally or physically. This means that there are more obstacles for young High School pitcher to navigate compared with a college arm. The further away from the majors a player is, the more that can go wrong both physically and developmentally. Because DL was drafted later in the 1st round there is less risk financially and from a baseball standpoint drafting him in the lower part of the round may also take pressure off management to move him too quickly through the system. I hope to see him on the Big League club when he is ready.
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    Hugely disappointing season from Gausman. I thought this would be a breakout year for him. When he first came up, I thought his FB / Changeup (split) combo was devastating. I had seen the Rays have such success with that combination in their system and I thought Gausman was going to have the same kind of success. But the facts are that he doesn't know how to pitch. If you just compare him to Bundy, the difference is stark. Bundy knows what he's doing out there -- off-speed when he's behind in the count, the occasional BP fastball, balls just off the plate that he gets hitters to chase. Gausman throws FBs in hitters counts and his stuff is getting crushed. CRUSHED. I blame Gausman and the way the organization develops pitchers. When he came up, I thought Gausman was can't miss -- #1 or #2 TOR starter. He's just not that. I want Buck to move him to the bullpen.
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    I wish Flash in the Pan sang this. But Sniff and the Tears are similar. Boston will soon be in the drivers seat. Hey St. Peter ,the Orioles pitching does really feel like hell. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nQ7MsqXh29M
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    If only we just would have left CD walk and allow Mancini to be full time 1B. It is so nice to watch someone at the plate that has a clue and just isn't up there hacking. Will he be able to maintain this high level of hitting? Maybe not but I'll gladly take something close to it. I'll give up the arm strength for a professional hitter.
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    Haven't heard this one before. Maybe Mike Wright is the next Arrieta. Gausman looked better. He threw a lot more first pitch strikes. For a guy that has a FB like his, he has a really hard time putting hitters away. Poor FB command and lack of secondaries are pretty much to blame for his struggles this season. One thing I don't understand about Gausman. He has that FB that tails away from LH batters. Why not start the pitch off the inside corner and let it tail and catch the inside part of the plate. That's confidence and command right there.
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    Everyone can see the issue. The problem is that he misses his spot by a foot repeatedly. It's nobody's fault but his if he can't command his stuff.
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    Pretty good analogy. And Fister and hooker in the same sentence. Probably has happened somewhere before. A first here, maybe.
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    You must not be a devoted college sports fan. There's plenty of hatred to go around, you don't have to hate just one rival.
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    Results were just alright but that was the best stuff I've seen him have this year.
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    How is 31% fly balls for his career extreme? Extremely low? League average is 44%.
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    Yeah, cause let's get a guy who was meh in the NL East and AL West last year to pitch for us. This guy is an extreme flyball pitcher and you all want him pitching in the AL East?
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    I wish he were the Brett Gardner...of the Orioles..
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    Gentry is the Chauncey Gardner of the Orioles.
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    Wild Bill and Not So Wild Bill on Bundy t-shirt night
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    Still better than the O's did that same time period.
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    jack conlon 🇵🇾 🇺🇸 @jcon1744 Baltimore Orioles Organization | UA All American Lamar Sparks @SparksLamar SC:lamarsparks | SLHS | Baltimore Orioles Baseball Organization Joined April 2015 Pat Sparks‏ @patsparks Jun 19 More Well Lamar is off to start his baseball career. We pray that he has a wonderful experience wherever this journey take him. @SparksLamar
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    Soooo An 8.00 ERA from Tillman is better?
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    Ten strikeouts and five walks in 15 2/3 innings against minor league opposition. He'd fit right in.
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    I keep waiting for the Yankee offense to come down to earth. They're not as good as their stats show.
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    The sad part is, that's not total hyperbole.
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