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    I don't think that comparison works at all. Cabrera's problem (well, one of them) is that he was incapable of throwing strikes. His career walk rate was 5.2. Gausman's is nearly half that (2.8). Gausman also strikes out more batters (8.2 K rate to Cabrera's 6.8). And by ERA+, Gausman has already put up three seasons better than any season Cabrera put up. Jake Arrieta might be a valid comparison for Gausman, but Daniel Cabrera isn't.
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    A good friend from work is a huge Dodger's fan and follows all their baseball writers and sites on twitter and invests many, many hours a day online with Dodger fans. He's OriolesHangout level of fanatic, for sure. He says a lot of Dodger fans (and seemingly Dodgers beat writers) believes that the Dodgers are going to give the Orioles Verdugo and Calhoun for Britton. He thinks it is a high price but he's convinced it is happening soon. He's probably crazy, but just passing along the impressions of a Dodger fan.
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    Here's the tabulation for for the 1st 10 rounds in the 2013 draft: 2013 Drafted Signed MLB Time + WAR ARZ 11 11 2 0 ATL 10 10 2 0 BAL 11 11 1 1 BOS 10 10 0 0 CHC 10 10 3 3 CHW 10 10 4 2 CIN 10 10 4 3 CLE 10 9 1 1 COL 11 11 4 2 DET 10 10 3 2 HOU 10 10 1 0 KCR 11 11 3 1 LAA 9 9 1 1 LAD 10 10 1 1 MIA 12 10 2 0 MIL 10 10 0 0 MIN 10 9 1 0 NYM 11 11 0 0 NYY 12 12 4 1 OAK 12 12 5 3 PHI 11 9 1 1 PIT 11 11 4 3 SDP 11 11 2 2 SEA 10 10 3 2 SFG 10 10 2 0 STL 11 11 2 0 TBR 11 10 2 0 TEX 11 11 1 1 TOR 10 9 3 2 WAS 9 9 1 0 315 307 63 32 In the 1st round, the Orioles had the 22nd pick and chose Hunter Harvey who has yet to play at the MLB level. Top performers chosen after Harvey were: Kendall Graveman drafted by the Blue Jays in round 8 as the 235th player chosen; he currently carries a WAR of 5.7 Sean Manaea drafted by the Royals in round 1 as the 34th player chosen; he currently carries a WAR of 5.1 Aaron Judge drafted by the Yankees in round 1 as the 32nd player chosen; he currently carries a WAR of 4.7 Ryon Healy drafted by the Athletics in round 3 as the 100th player chosen; he currently carries a WAR of 2.9 Cody Bellinger drafted by the Dodgers in round 4 as the 124th player chosen; he currently carries a WAR of 2.6 Corey Knebel drafted by the Tigers in round 1 as the 39th player chosen; he currently carries a WAR of 2.5 Zack Godley drafted by the Cubs in round 10 as the 288th player chosen; he currently carries a WAR of 2.3 After Harvey, all told, there were 293 players chosen in the first 10 rounds; 284 of those were signed. 55 players have seen some playing time in the majors and 28 have accrued a positive WAR. The Orioles had an additional 1st round pick and as the 37th player in the draft and chose Josh Hart who, also, has yet to play in the majors. Between Harvey and Hart, 8 players who have since played at the major league level were drafted; including Manea and Judge, 4 of those have a positive WAR. In the 8th round, the Orioles drafted Trey Mancini as the 249th player chosen; he currently carries a WAR of 1.9 Only 2 teams have failed to have a draft choice from rounds 1 - 10 in the 2013 draft reach the majors; 12 teams lack a player with a positive WAR. I rate Gary Rajsich's performance versus his peers in this portion of the 2013 draft as bottom 1/2
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    Whatever "nagging" injuries Wynns has, he belted his 6th home run of the season tonight. Only other Orioles affiliated players to homer? Shane Hoelscher and Tanner Kirk. Slim night for the long ball.
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    The entire point of net neutrality is that you have unfettered access to the internet when you pay ISP's for internet access. That ISP's can't create "high speed super highways" on the internet where you really only have access to companies/websites that "partner" with Verizon/Comcast/TimeWarner-or-whatever-they're-called-now. By "partner", I mean companies that are forced to pay tens, if not hundreds of millions of dollars to not have content from their sites throttled (i.e., slowed down) to absolutely nothing. Do you use Netflix or YouTube? Sucks for you ... looks like you better start using services that are owned or "partnered" with your current ISP. If not, you better get used to spending 2+ hours or longer pre-downloading videos for NF or YT. And this is talking about large, multi-billion dollar companies. Do you use a website like Orioles Hangout? One that is much smaller and who can't afford to pay out 8 or 9 figures to "partner" with each of the ISP's? Sucks for you. Looks like you better switch to a site that can pay out for those kinds of deals MLB.com, NFL.com or ESPN.com. People also seem to forget that this isn't a "theoretical" threat that's looming. In 2013, Comcast was throttling content from Netflix and it progressively got worse throughout the year. Netflix was finally forced to sign a deal w/ Comcast in Jan. 2014. Comcast denied that they were causing any type of throttling, but magically, after the deal was signed, content speeds for Netflix increased 66% for Comcast users. Verizon literally did the same exact thing and Netflix had to, once again, pay out and make a deal w/ the ISP. It was literally these two deals (and a massive outcry from the public) that eventually led the FCC, in 2015, to declare ISP's a telecommunications service and that they fall under Title II. If you're wondering why the FCC would suddenly change course two years later, I'm sure it has NOTHING to do w/ the fact that new head of the FCC, Ajit Pai, is a former lawyer for Verizon.
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    I'm not a Gassaway or Reyes guy. Plus, remember these are power rankings, not official prospect rankings. Reyes wasn't showing much power with the average and the few games I saw him he still swings and misses by about a foot on breaking balls.
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    o For some reason, this thread became invisible in the Orioles Talk section. I asked Paul Folk about it, and he said that it was invisible to him also, and he had no idea why. So I'm reposting the thread with Il BuonO's OP, as Paul suggested. (Il BuonO POST, JULY 17th of 2016)
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    Post rumors, whispers, articles, and questions here.
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    He's gotten better, and looking more like himself, each time out. I'd hate to see him go, and I'd hate to see him not go.
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    That would have been a 1-2-3 ninth with the A team on the field.
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    Nice try Caleb!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    They hit Breazeale - lucky Lowth didn't charge the mound. Don't mess with his C. Lowth, Akin, Bundy, Fenter all in one day...a Mancini HR, Adam Hall starting strong, it's a good day.
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    OFFNY is probably loading a gas cannister as we speak... Come on Dylan.
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    I'll give you a hand.
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    The Ringer article on the juiced ball in 2017 A video in case you hate reading. I think it is definitely an interesting topic and, as though note in the video, it is definitely convenient for MLB. I don't think it is some grand conspiracy, but I do think they found specifications of a regulation baseball that are more conducive to hitting home runs. But, I am no authority on the topic.
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    I have always liked Arizona. I just can't believe that they gutted their farm system once again. The Swanson trade was bad enough.
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    http://www.baltimoresun.com/sports/orioles/blog/bal-improvement-in-all-facets-helping-orioles-reliever-mychal-givens-to-pitch-at-another-level-20170718-story.html?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter Hey someone has something nice to say about the pitching coach!
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    Yeah looks like Nats have the best match up now. Which will make the classic Washington playoff failure all the more satisfying
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    It's a sitcom matchup in Cincinnati tonight. Ray/Romano.
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    Good to hear. 30 isn't much of anything, but a good start. Glad they didn't mention him feeling any pain, so hopefully he avoided any imminent damage.
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    "Harvey (elbow) will begin a rehab assignment Wednesday, MASN's Roch Kubatko reports." More people should see this good news. I bumped the thread in the minors section though.
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    Sure it does. Gausman could easily be gone as a free agent before the O's are competitive again. So could Bundy obviously and he's a greater injury risk. Not saying I would do it for anything less than an overpay but it could make sense with the right offer.
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    Is Dylan a trade prospect?
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    I have a feeling Baltimore is going to surprise everyone and sign Manny to a long term deal.
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    To be fair, Schoop handling SS full time is much more realistic than the trade proposal.
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    Well you're nothing if not consistent. Took you six years, but like a broken clock, you might finally be right by accident.
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    Britton: “I’ve been here since I was 18,” Britton said this afternoon. “I’m not in any rush to go anywhere, but it’s not my decision. Being a reliever, a lot of things are different the way guys move around. If it happens, I’ll take it in stride, but like I said, I’ve been here since 18. I don’t know any other place, other than this organization. http://www.masnsports.com/steve-melewski/2017/07/zach-britton-on-trade-rumors.html
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    I don't see why. As long as they think he will be full speed by the playoffs. Not like they are in a tight divisional race.
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    Buck: "At some point Zach’s going to get more into that mix, obviously. If Brad hadn’t had two days off and hadn’t pitched just once since the break ... Brad needed to get back out there. He was strong, almost too strong. I came into the game hoping this would be a good opportunity to pitch him back-to-back with the long layover from the day game to the night game. He’s done that down below. It’s not like he’s never done it. But Zach is close to doing what he’s done for us in the past.” http://www.masnsports.com/school-of-roch/2017/07/orioles-find-recipe-for-first-second-half-win.html
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    Can we please see him pitch a few good games in a row before we jump back on the bandwagon?
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    Phenomenal content. I love the fact that Akin, Wells, & Sisco are guys who moved down despite playing very well/well/well enough; to have guys that far behind Sisco pass him because of Their play, rather than his, is very encouraging. A guy moving from 10 to top 2, from 17 to 6, from 20 to 7 and from 5 to 1 is an impressive jump. I thought Mullins was a top 10 guy after ST, but to see him in this top 10, ahead of Sisco & after a draft is pretty exciting. We need a lead off guy, it would be nice if it was Mullins obviously. I've thought of Mountcastle as our top prospect but Hays sounds pretty nice defensively which gives him an edge. It's hard to believe how well these two hit. I think it would be easy to make a case for each as a top 25 bat in all of baseball, but that is clearly not what most think ..yet. Mountcastle is going to set a record for doubles, he's just incredible. These two are as enjoyable to follow as Manny & Schoop were. Liranzo, Lowth, & Curran are guys I have big hopes for along with the Hall boys. I think Adam Hall will be special. I'm excited about this group and I'm grateful for the article, TO. Breazeale may have some issues but that's a nice pick so far. Fenter is another guy I'm looking forward to seeing back. Love the Fent. Bishop getting signed....it's not so bad on the farm these days. Lots to look forward to.
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    We've won a grand total of three games since he came back. One was by a score of 11-4... and yes, Britton pitched the 9th. Another was 5-1, and Britton had thrown 22 pitches the day before and it was a day game after a night game. And tonight, he had thrown 18 pitches the day before.
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    Britton has not pitched back to back games since he came off the DL. He pitched last night. That is why Brach closed tonight.
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    Agreed. Travis Snyder was just an all-around a poor player. He didn't pass the eye test and he didn't pass the raw numbers test either offensively or defensively, so I don't put a whole lot of stuck in that 1 WAR he supposedly put up in half a season. It's no surprise that he's been out of the majors since 2015.
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    I say you sign Tillman long term while his value is low. Give him some insurance and we get a deal. You know what he can be. This year has been an aberration, not the norm. Get a good coach in here, get him healthy and "fix" him.
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    Um, where do you see me calling for the firing of Buck? I said if a new guy comes in, does he get to bring in his own manager? Also, there is a question on whether Buck is part of the failed player assessments. Personally, I like a lot of things Buck has done and brought here to Baltimore, but everything has a shelf life and if a new GM wanted to bring in his guy, I'm ok with that. Additionally, I didn't call for Brady to be the next GM. I literally said, "So again, the question is, if it’s not Duquette, then who? Start the Brady Anderson rumors on 3….2….1…." BTW, it's well known Brady has a good relationship with Peter and that he works directly for him. He doesn't work for Dan or Buck. It would seem natural IF Angelos wanted to make a change that he might go with Brady. I honestly don't know if that's a good thing or not. The good is, he might have enough influence to make real change in how the organization operates, especially in the international markets. Maybe it's a pipe dream, but he probably has a better chance than a new guy.
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    His stats are honestly kind of deceptive. He always hits for a good average but he almost never walks, and has very little power. This is his best minor league season so far, he is hitting 16% above league average (using wRC, a stat that captures overall offensive contributions relative to league average). 16% above league average is good, but there are other things to consider. First, he is 27+ years old, one of the oldest players in the league. Secondly, this his fifth season in AA (only one of the other four was above average at +3%, the other three were -19%,-5%, and -21%). Third, since you made the comparison to Flaherty, the last time Flaherty played at the AA level was in 2011 (as a 24 year old) and he hit 43% above league average. Basically there is a lot more than batting average to consider, age is extremely important when evaluating a player, and level of competition is also very important.
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    I need to see him pitch more (Delmarva games are rarely televised), it'd be nice to see him in Frederick next year but without seeing any of his recent outings I don't have an educated opinion on whether he should get promoted or not.
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    In summary, for the 2012 draft, I rated Gary Rajsich's performance versus his peers as: top 1/2 for 1 -10 top 10 for 11 -20 bottom 1/2 for 21 - 40 Overall, for the 2012 draft, I think he ranks in the top 1/2 of scouting directors
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    Height: 6'1 Weight: 205 Year: So. Hometown: Port Orange, Fla High School: Spruce Creek H.S. Position: OF http://www.nsr-inc.com/scouting-news/former-nsr-baseball-prospect-voted-sun-belt-preseason-mvp/
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    DD, Can't be bothered with making major deals. He'll wait to the last minute and make some fringe move that won't make an impact for now or the future. Best case scenario he does nothing at all.
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    Did I just watch a Brad Brach closer showcase?
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    Dan O'Dowd will be the next GM of the Orioles. He started with the Orioles many years ago and did a very nice job with the Rockies for a number of years and now is on the mlb network and does a great job. He knows the players obviously and talks about them on mlb. He is a very polished type guy that is respected around baseball.
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    The Orioles have a great opportunity to restock the farm system by trading Machado and Britton. If they don't trade either and then don't resign them, particularly Machado, then I won't watch for a long long time.
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    If the Rockies want Gausman so bad then why don't you consider trading him. As long as the Rockies give us some good players then what is the harm. I am tired of messing around with Gausman. He is a big reason why the Orioles are doing so bad.
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