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    Brian Duensing will forever be known as the pitcher who pitches before the Ubaldoing takes place.
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    Justin Turner is one of my favorite players. Wish the O’s had kept him.
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    This is from an ESPN story dated April 24, 2017. It explains how the luxury tax works under the new CBA and paints a pretty clear picture why Coc's point is compelling. Take particular note of Hal Steinbrenner's quote. Remember the Yankees still haven't been eliminated from this year's WS, making the acquisition of Verlander moot for the moment. They have a solid, mostly young team and it looks like an eye on the future. An intellegently run Yankees' franchise should have every Orioles fan concerned.
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    He was put on waivers this season and we did not put a claim in. Why? I understand they were revocable waivers but why not try?
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    At the halfway point of the season (the 81 game mark, not the all-star break), I posted a thread citing the first half stats and handing out grades to the players. In this thread, I'll do the same for the second half, and then an overall grade. The first half stats and grades are repeated here for context, without the narrative from my earlier thread. I'll do the position players in this post and the pitchers separately. All grades are scaled to my expectations for the player. Chris Davis 1st half: .226/.320/.461, 14 HR, 26 RBI, 0.5 rWAR, 0.8 fWAR -- D. 2nd half: .205/.299/.389, 12 HR, 35 RBI, -0.6 rWAR, -1.0 fWAR -- F. Overall grade -- F. As bad as Davis was in the first half, he was worse in the second half. For the year, he was worth -0.1 rWAR, 0.2 fWAR. For $23 mm, that's an F. Jonathan Schoop 1st half: .293/.348/.538, 16 HR, 51 RBI, 1.6 rWAR, 1.9 fWAR -- B+. 2nd half: .292/.329/.473, 16 HR, 54 RBI. 3.5 rWAR, 2.2 fWAR -- A. Overall grade -- A. Schoop was very consistent through August, but like everyone else on the team, slumped in September. His WAR improvement in the second half reflects that his defense was much better as the season went along. Defensive miscues were the reason I'd downgraded him to a B+ in the first half, so overall, he deserves an A. Manny Machado 1st half: .217/.288/.428, 16 HR, 41 RBI, 1.1 rWAR, 1.4 fWAR -- D. Second half: .296/.337/.511, 17 HR, 54 RBI, 2.4 rWAR, 1.4 fWAR -- B. Overall grade -- C. Manny played great in July and August (when he was AL player of the month), but really cooled off in September. Overall, he was much more inconsistent than in the two previous seasons, and his defense wasn't quite as good. The bar is very high for Manny, so his 3.5 rWAR, 2.8 fWAR season only warrants a C. J.J. Hardy 1st half: .211/.248/.308, 3 HR, 21 RBI, -0.6 rWAR, -0.7 fWAR -- F. 2nd half: no grade. Overall grade: F J.J. didn't play enough in the second half to affect his overall grade. Tim Beckham 2nd half: .306/.348/.523, 10 HR, 26 RBI, 2.0 rWAR, 2.0 fWAR -- A-. Overall grade: A-. It's really hard to argue with a shortstop who played at a 6 WAR pace and had an .871 OPS. I marked him down slightly because he was streaky at the plate and somewhat erratic in the field, even though the overall numbers were good. Trey Mancini 1st half: .303/.351/.545, 14 HR, 43 RBI, 1.5 rWAR, 1.3 rWAR -- A. 2nd half: .285/.328/.446, 10 HR, 35 RBI, 0.7 rWAR, 0.5 fWAR -- B-. Overall grade: B+. Mancini was about the only hitter on the team who didn't collapse in September. However, his second half wasn't quite up to his first half, and was more in line with what I would have expected going into the season from Mancini. Hyun Soo Kim, .234/.308/.290, 1 HR, 8 RBI, -0.3 rWAR, -0.3 fWAR -- D. 2nd half: no grade. Overall grade: D. Kim didn't play much in the second half before being traded at the deadline. His first half grade stands. Adam Jones 1st half: .263/.299/.424, 13 HR, 35 RBI, 1.2 rWAR, 0.0 fWAR -- C-. 2nd half: .307/.345/.509, 13 HR, 38 RBI, 1.3 rWAR, 1.7 fWAR -- B+. Overall grade: B-. Jones had a nice offensive surge in the second half, though like many others he fizzled at the end, and in his case, he stopped playing entirely due to injuries. Offensively he had a solid season, but his defense is slipping significantly. Seth Smith 1st half: .258/.332/.438, 8 HR, 18 RBI, 0.3 rWAR, 0.3 fWAR -- C. 2nd half: .257/.353/.426, 5 HR, 14 RBI -, 0.0 rWAR, 0.2 fWAR -- C. Overall grade: C. Smith's another guy who was good in July and August and swooned in September, and eventually Buck stopped playing him in favor of Hays. Good OBP but not much else. Mark Trumbo 1st half: .253/.315/.409, 12 HR, 40 RBI, 0.3 rWAR, -0.3 fWAR -- C-. 2nd half: .209/.252/.381, 11 HR, 25 RBI, -0.9 rWAR, -0.9 fWAR -- F. Overall grade: F. He really fell off a cliff in the second half. I considered bumping his full season grade up to a D- due to several high-leverage or walk-off hits he had, but overall he deserves the F. Joey Rickard 1st half: .252/.287/.378, 3 HR, 11 RBI, 0.3 rWAR, 0.2 fWAR -- C. 2nd half: .230/.265/.321, 1 HR, 8 RBI, 0.4 rWAR, 0.1 fWAR -- D-. Overall grade: D+. Rickard had a decent season defensively, but hasn't progressed offensively at all and will be challenged to make the team in 2018. Welington Castillo 1st half: .272/.307/.439, 8 HR, 25 RBI, 0.6 rWAR, 1.0 fWAR -- C+. 2nd half: .292/.341/.547, 12 HR, 28 RBI, 1.5 rWAR, 1.7 fWAR -- B+. Overall grade: B. Probably the hardest guy to grade on the team, due to the fact that that 5 of our 6 starting pitchers did significantly worse when Castillo was catching. Hard to know whether he's to blame, or if it is a coincidence, or a little of both. Offensively, he exceeded expectations. Caleb Joseph 1st half .294/.324/.441, 3 HR, 14 RBI, 1.3 rWAR, 0.6 fWAR -- A. 2nd half: .212/.244/.381, 5 HR, 14 RBI, 0.3 rWAR, -0.2 fWAR -- D. Overall grade: B-. Joseph really stopped hitting in the second half, but at least he wasn't back to 2016 levels. He does seem very slump-prone, and that makes me nervous going into 2018. I'm not going to grade the other guys who only played a little bit. Overall, I'd give the position players a C- on the season compared to what I expected. They scored one fewer run in 2017 than 2016, despite offense being up in the league as a whole. The outfield defense was subpar but better than in 2016, while the infield defense was slightly above average but a little down from 2016. Overall, it was a somewhat disappointing performance by the position players, but not really outside of the expected range of performance as a group, despite significant individual failures. I'll get to the pitchers later, and let everyone chew on these for a while. Who do I have too high or too low?
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    That needs a name. A Buck? Ubaldoing has a better ring to it.
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    Daz wasn't even the best prospect they gave up. They also gave up 19 year old Franklin Perez who put up a 3.09ERA in AA. Baseball America listed him as the midseason #32 prospect in baseball.
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    Thereby making it easier for the Yankees to win the WS.
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    But the AFL is our World Series.
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    Thanks for that. The distinction between the AAA portion and the AA portion seems a bit bizarre, since you don't need to keep the chosen player at any particular level. In any event, it seems to me I'd probably put Connaughton on the AAA reserve roster.
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    This is from a primer on the rule 5 draft...
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    Long in the shadow of Vin Scully, the other two Dodger radio guys (Rick Monday and Charley Steiner) are really good in their own right. They both have voices that sound like they could sell you some fine pasture somewhere.
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    There are definetly players who defy FIP or xFIP due to specific abilities. Those players can usually be identified over large sample sizes. There are a ton of recent studies, most saying how FIP and xFIP aren't perfect and need to be improved, but still that they function as a better predictor of future performance than ERA alone in the population of MLB pitchers. Infield fly balls are being added to recent metrics, since this seems to be a skill pitchers have to induce them and they are pretty much as good as a strikeout. Here is an article about the predictive values ERA, FIP, xFIP among other things. The author uses individual pitcher's performances on even numbered days as compared to the same pitcher's performances on odd numbered days in the same season. He did this for each pitcher season between 2003-2008. He ran these numbers with ERA, FIP, and xFIP at different IP cut offs. A perfect predictive metric would have the same number on even and odd days since a pitcher's true talent isn't effected by even or odd days of course. He used "root mean square error" to test the differences, the smaller the RMSE, the smaller the difference between the samples and therefore the better that metric is at indicating true ability (the predictor of future performance). These are the results, as you can see FIP is lower than ERA at every sample size level and xFIP is lower than FIP at every level. IP NUM ERA FIP xFIP tRA 10 595 3.21 2.73 2.49 2.61 20 595 2.41 2.03 1.87 1.99 30 475 1.89 1.61 1.51 1.57 40 158 1.83 1.46 1.28 1.36 50 117 1.75 1.41 1.35 1.42 60 105 1.18 1.06 1.02 1.03 70 134 1.47 1.28 1.18 1.25 80 160 1.20 1.01 0.94 1.03 90 153 1.07 0.98 0.91 0.95 100 59 1.20 0.85 0.87 0.86 110 23 1.05 0.82 0.76 0.74
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    The Yankees did everything correctly. They behaved like a small to mid market team over the last few years. Drafting well. Selling high on guys to acquire prospects. Holding off on making dumb signings. Basically, they've run their team exactly how we should have been running ours.
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    Back to the OP, kind of, how about Wade Davis coming on and getting 7 outs in an elimination game? The 2016 version of Britton should have been put in the WC game, and should been counted on for 3+ outs. If there is any reason that Buck "lost" the clubhouse, this decision would be a he biggest reason I think. But I think the lost clubhouse stuff is nonsense because we started out the season on fire the first 35 games then came out with some life after the ASB. I think our players were just not interested in September. Most of this group has played meaningful baseball the last 5 years. Including the WBC hype before the season. Having to play those last 20 games looked like a chore for them. Plus I really think the Trumbo "don't hit me with a pie" thing was a wet blanket on our September push. Let's face it, stuff like that can piss teammates off. What about how it took Buck 100+ games to move Mancini in front of Davis and Trumbo? He had way too long of a leash with them and the batting order.
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