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    Yeah, Hart either knew what was going on or didn't know what was going on. Either way ain't good.
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    o Central Florida became the first Division I school ever to go from winless to undefeated in the regular season in a 2-year span (2015-2017.) 2015: ... 0-12 2017: l.. 11-0 Central Florida's previous head coach George O'Leary also went winless in his first season with the team in 2004 (0-11.) And similar to current head coach Scott Frost, O'Leary eventually led the team to the heights of Division I-A football with a 12-1 season and a 52-42 victory over #6 Baylor in that season's Fiesta Bowl ........ but that was in 2013, 9 seasons after his inaugural winless season with the team. o
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    Can we end this thread already? No way John Hart is coming to Baltimore
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    Boston, New York, and Toronto stealing signs. San Diego lying about the health of players they trade. St. Louis hacking Houston's database. Atlanta falsifying bonus amounts on international signings. Whole lotta cheatin' goin' on.
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    You’re guessing at what Manny wants, and frankly, what he wants is secondary to what’s best for the team. If Buck decides, from a baseball standpoint, that Manny at SS is our best alignment, I’m fine with that, but I see no reason why Manny’s feelings come into this unless he’s signed a long-term deal and that has been part of the discussion. My personal opinion is that Beckham at SS, Manny at 3B is our best alignment. But that’s for Buck to decide.
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    What Angelos has done to the organization is light years better than what Eli Jacobs did to it before Angelos bought the team in a bankruptcy auction. I'm not an Angelos fan, but it's good to keep these things in perspective.
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    The more I read about Wynns, the more it impresses me about what Sisco has done. Sisco isn't 27, and hasn't played the position for years to hone his skills. He's just won batting titles and his glove has had to play catch up.
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    pfffft. we cannot trade Kevin Gausman in a trade like this. I would love to trade Britton for Almora, but if they want Gausman in a deal it ends all conversation for me.
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    Great pull, man. That is scary. I wonder how his skills would translate... It appears his fastball touches 95, and he's apparently got a good sinker. So there's reason for hope. But that away ERA is Ubaldo-esque.
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    San Diego is a nice place to live and an even better place to pitch. 1.79 Home ERA. 6.53 on the road. Ouch!!!!
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