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    This is Mike Wright's charity. I believe most have read/heard about his mother's challenges. There is an ongoing auction on baseball memorabilia with some good stuff on there. https://one.bidpal.net/WSM/welcome
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    They have reached out regarding starting pitching. Matt Harvey was discussed as a guy who could use a change of scenery. O’s scouts like Jose Urena but haven’t been told whether or not her is available.
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    We're two years late on the rebuild.
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    Our votes are like the proverbial trees falling in the proverbial forest: there's nobody there to listen. From all indications, the overall strategy for the team's direction has been and will be determined by one person. He's 88 years old. He's owned the team for 24 years and has never made it to the World Series. For much of that time, his team and he have been laughed at by those who have failed to recognize his intellectual prowess and moral superiority to other MLB owners. He intensely dislikes the Commissioner and the MLB establishment, and in all probability recognizes that they euchered him in the MASN deal. I don't expect him to give up even the slimmest chance at a World Series appearance and a victory parade, with his middle finger raised at least metaphorically to the baseball world, in favor of a rebuild for 2018. It's his team. It doesn't matter what we think. It matters very little, if at all, what Dan and Buck think. (And it may be that one or both of them have successfully lobbied against trading away top prospects over the last couple of years.) There's only one vote that counts. I would like to see it cast for a rebuild, but I can't come up with a reason to believe that will happen.
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    Return of Chen? He is making a lot but maybe if we do something like Chen and Urena for Trumbo it could make it worth the big salary. For reference Chen is making 10m in 2018, 20m in 2019, 22m in 2020, and a vesting option for 16m in 2021 but we'd save the Trumbo money plus addition by subtraction by getting him off the roster and the 10m 2018 salary for Chen would leave flexibility to spend a little for the last year of the competitive window.
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    This. The GM can't run out a ground ball if ownership has given him the take sign and he can't even hit the ground ball in the first place. PA's refusal to participate in the posting process, ever, is ridiculous, but any GM working for him is saddled with that policy.
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    Unlike Syd and his cronies, DD is a real and respected baseball man in the industry and I believe would have no problem landing a job elsewhere, if he so desired. For the most part, the past several years, we have seen winning baseball here and meaningful games in September and that all anybody can ask, because this silly game we all love, is a game of inches and health.
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    I agree with you. The first point is not relevant to the point I was trying to make. As to the second, I could argue with you -- Angelos has continued to be the subject of ridicule and derision, even if "laughingstock" is a little strong. But I included it because I believe from everything I've read that the decade-plus of putdowns has not been forgotten and that it reinforces Angelos' desperate desire to have his moment in the sun (the sun, not The Sun).
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    There is a lot to be said for disliking the commissioner and the MLB establishment, they are clueless and a bunch of clowns. Its been a quite while since this team was the laughingstock of the baseball world.
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    I’d want to ask, what’s the 3 year strategy?
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    I’m a big fan of an aggressive reload.....for 2019. Trade Manny, Britton, Brach. Offload Trumbo’s contract if feasible, extend Schoop, Gausman. Don't worry about winning in 2018, get Hays, Santander, and Stewart playing time. Let Mullins develop maybe sign Dyson in case Mullins doesn’t pan out, Dyson could be a great 4th OF in 2019 if Mullins is in CF. Sign Chatwood for 3/4 years to help stabilize the rotation. Draft Burch Smith, sign Fiers, let them and Ynoa, Hess, and Ramirez (listing them because they are on the 40, I like Means and Long better than Hess and Ramirez) fight for the 4th and 5th spot. If possible trade for Prado and Straily (or Urena) from Marlins. Prado can play 3B. If you can’t get Prado, draft Nate Orf and let him compete with Dosch and Wilkerson to be a stopgap at that position. Sign Tommy Hunter and possibly Nicasio to round out the bullpen, trade them at the deadline if they overachieve. If you can’t move Trumbo then trade Mancini for young pitching. These moves would leave the Orioles with a solid controllable core and plenty of payroll room in 2019 to try and compete. Beckham, Sisco, Schoop, Gausman, Bundy, Hays, any of Stewart, Santander and Mullins who pan out, Mancini or the young starter he is flipped for, Givens. Also, in 2019 you have the possibility of Akin, Harvey, and Mountcastle ready to help. None of this includes anything the team might get in the Manny, Britton, and Brach trades.
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    I think if you are to take on salary from the Marlins, Prado is the guy. He has a chance of bouncing back and being an everyday player which could be useful to bridge the gap after Manny most likely walks. I proposed a trade for Straily + Prado earlier this offseason.
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    Because he's a professional and an employee. If the person who pays his salary wants him to rebuild then he does it to the best of his ability. It's really that simple. If he doesn't have specific guidance for 2018, undoubtly he has overall guidelines. Something like "put the most competitive team possible on the field every year within the established budget." That's probably the default and a lot of people don't think a rebuild is indicated, so I suspect it's business as usual anyway. I think the notion that Dan has the flexibility to operate in his own self-interest has been grossly exaggerated around here. Even if he were somehow to do so, it would probably be noticed and impact his future employment opportunities elsewhere. That's a significant disincentive. He's a businessman with a lot of responsibility, not a cowboy.
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    Volquez is a sunk cost for the Marlins and can't really be traded. Signed only thru 2018 and is out for the year - TJ surgery in August.
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    I heart Sir Loin. Whether anything comes from these rumors, I trust your source and appreciate your injection of excitement into what usually is the most boring few weeks of the baseball year.
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    Chris Young came back and pitched well for two seasons. Clayton Richard had about 110 good innings the two years after his surgery before pitching a complete season with an 86 ERA+, which of course is an improvement over Tillman, Miley, and Jimenez. At 1/6, I'd make that gamble if we are not giving up too much.
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    Zero interest in Harvey. The successful recover rate of pitches who have had Thoracic Outlet Syndrome is is basically zero. They work their way back, struggle to not get dominated and are out of the league in a year or two.
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    I'm not sure how much confidence I have in Harvey, but I think he would be a smart gamble. Maybe a Britton for Harvey swap? Both players will be UFA in 2019. Also, there might be potential for a Trumbo swap as well. The Mets have been linked to Bruce this offseason. Trumbo would provide a similar bat / mediocre fielder for less money and years of commitment. They could play him everyday at 1b until Dominic Smith is ready. They could also shift him to the OF if/when Cespedes inenvitably gets hurt.
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    Why would Dan rebuild without an extension?
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    Big if. 2013 will be five years ago once the season starts. TJS and thoracic outlet surgery? Not a good combination.
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    It's 71 days until pitchers and catchers report to Sarasota. Here is the 71st most significant date in modern Orioles history: #71 April 10, 1977 Going into the 1977 season, the Orioles had been consistent winners for quite a while. But the outlook did not appear very bright moving forward, as the team had lost many of the players who had made the last 9 straight winning seasons possible. In the 18 months preceding Opening Day, 1977, the Orioles had parted ways with many of their key players due to trades, age, or the players' newly won right to free agency. The pitching staff had lost Cy Young winner Mike Cuellar, 20 game winner Mike Torrez, and 20 game winner Wayne Garland. Other guys no longer with the team included Don Baylor, Bobby Grich, Paul Blair, and Tommy Davis, as well as one season rental Reggie Jackson. And it was clear that the great Brooks Robinson was in the waning twilight of his great 23 year career. Many people predicted this would be the Orioles' first losing season in nearly a decade. The 31,000+ fans at Memorial Stadium for the opener, which the Orioles would lose 2-1 to the Rangers, were not sure what kind of team they were seeing. But instead of marking the end of a winning era that dated back to 1960, Opening Day 1977 was the beginning of a "second wind" for that veteran Oriole team, as an infusion of youth from the farm system and from a key trade with the Yankees the prior June helped form the nucleus of a team that would be a strong contender for the next 7 years, going to two World Series and only being eliminated before the final week of the season once. The trade with the Yankees the year before brought a new starting catcher, Rick Dempsey, and a young lefthanded starter, Scott McGregor, who would be one of the top 10 pitchers in Oriole history, as well as reliever Tippy Martinez. 25 year old Mike Flanagan had earned a spot in the rotation midway through the previous season, and 23 year old Denny Martinez would join him in 1977. Rich Dauer, a former first round draft pick from the legendary USC college baseball program, had been up for a cup of coffee in 1976, and he was the Opening Day starter at 2B in 1977. A couple of other young players, Kiko Garcia and Andres Mora, also debuted in 1977. And 1977 was the year that the transition at 3rd base from Brooks Robinson to 26 year old Doug DeCinces would become complete. Finally, a 21 year old slugger who had never played above AA ball had a fantastic spring and forced Earl Weaver to take him north. Eddie Murray was the starting DH on Opening Day 1977, his major league debut. It was the start of a Hall of Fame career that would see him become just the 3rd player ever to get 3000 hits and 500 home runs, joining Aaron and Mays. Instead of being the beginning of a downturn in Oriole fortunes, Opening Day 1977 was a breath of fresh air for an aging team and the beginning of a 7 year run of excellence for the team that culminated with a World Championship, and the start of a Hall of Fame career for Eddie Murray, who used to say "It's great to be young and an Oriole!"
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    It is possible that Chris needs time to adjust to Beckham. He consistently makes grabs of throws from Manny that are off the mark. That ability, allows Manny to be quicker in getting rid of the ball. It is not assured, but at least possible that by spring, Chris does that for Beckham as well. Either way I agree that he has a high ceiling and I think his floor is average ss at a very reasonable cost. It's a good problem to have. I wouldn't move Manny to SS unless its a long term Oriole solution. Just my 2 cents.
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    Padres would still stink. We don't even know if this guy can hold up over a full season. And the idea that he can hit in the majors could be a pipe dream. Teams know it, they are just playing along to get him.
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    Orioles are gonna get him. Book it
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    They felt the essay questions sent by Ohtani were too hard. They were hoping for multiple choice.
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    This guy is essentially the rich man's Vance Worely
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    I think Dan is pretty darn good and I am grateful for his service with the O's.
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    Some other folks think Dan is better than we do. Read this.
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    http://www.masnsports.com/school-of-roch/2017/12/is-there-a-short-answer-to-left-side-of-infield.html Pretty good discussion here about the pros and cons of moving Manny to SS. I’m against unless it’s an element of Manny committing to stay here beyond 2018.
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    Beckam has played one season (163) at SS. Lets see if he can be a little more steady this year. As Frobby points out, even with the unsteady play the stats say he's far from a liability there.
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    Only reason to move Manny to SS is if it is part of an extension deal.
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    There will not be a market for Dan Duquette post Baltimore. IMO, he has been an abject failure in his present job, and at age 60 I just don't see anybody looking to add him to there payroll. And "slide over" into broadcasting? Lol, the guy has the personality of a pet turtle.
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    Why is there even an Ohtani thread on this website?
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    The Orioles unintentionally tanked for 14 straight years.
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