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    I'm OK with not signing Cruz. Unless you can point me to some data or scouting showing me how he could be expected to repeat his 2017 season going forward at his age (instead of regressing towards the previous three years of production). It's easy to judge deals in hindsight, but if you were in a presentation to PA or DD back then what evidence would you present to convince the GM and/or Owner that he'd be better than projected going forward. It's one thing to miss signs, it's another to have something truly unexpected happen. I think Cruz's years with the Mariners fall more into the latter.
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    It's 19 days until pitchers and catchers report. Here is the 19th most significant date in modern Orioles history: #19 February 8, 2008 The Orioles were mired in a decade long losing stretch and first year general manager decided drastic measures were needed to turn it around. Erik Bedard, a 6th round pick in 1999 out of Canada, had emerged as one of the top lefthanded pitchers in baseball. Before his 2007 season was cut short by injury, he was 13-5 with a 3.15 ERA and led the AL with 221 strikeouts. Even missing the end of the season, he still finished 5th in the AL Cy Young voting. And he had two years of team control left before he could become a free agent. McPhail decided that he was the ideal piece to deal to get a bunch of young players who could try to turn around the losing. McPhail negotiated painstakingly for much of January 2008 with the Seattle Mariners until he finally got the deal he wanted. On February 8, the Orioles traded Bedard to seattle for 6 players: Tony Butler, George Sherrill, Adam Jones, Chris Tillman, and Kam Mickolio. It turned out to be one of the best trades in Oriole history, and set the table for turning around 14 years of losing and making the postseason 3 times in 5 years, although it would be 4 years before a winning season actually came to fruition. For Seattle, Bedard would battle injuries and never have a fully healthy season. He would never again win more than 7 games in a season. Adam Jones, a young outfielder who had played in 70 games at ages 20 and 21 with the Mariners, would be the Orioles starting centerfielder for over a decade, winning 4 Gold Gloves and making 5 All Star teams, and would become a team and community leader. He has truly been the face of the Orioles franchise. Chris Tillman, a 19 year old starter, would become a workhorse righthander for the Orioes. From mid 2012 through the end of the 2016 season, he started 143 games. In 2013, he was an All Star, going 16-7 with a 3.71 ERA. George Sherrill would be the Orioles closer in 2008 and 2009 before being traded (for a third base prospect who never worked out, Josh Bell, and Steve Johnson, son of former Oriole Dave Johnson who was a significant contributor to the 2012 Orioles' drive for the playoffs). Butler never made the majors, and Mickolio, a tall reliever, had 38 insignificant innings for the Orioles, and wound up a trade piece in the deal that brought Mark Reynolds to Baltimore. But getting Jones and Tillman and Sherrill for two years of Bedard was a triumphant success of a deal and it's certainly possible that the losing stretch might still be going on if this deal hadn't been made.
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    Oh boy! Is it going to be Miguel Tejada?
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    Exactly how I feel. I was a huge Mussina fan and held ZERO grudge against him for leaving. I also don’t hold a grudge because he chose the Yankees...they had the ability to offer him the most money and best opportunity to win. For all the talk about how many people dislike Angelos for the way he runs this organization, Mussina should’ve been applauded for basically telling him to pound sand. And take this for what you will but years ago, I ran into Mussina’s brother in a bar, noticed him right away and decided to go over and strike up a conversation with him. Super nice guy. He talked to me for at least 30 minutes and he explained that Mike was furious about how Angelos reneged on his promise but that he also felt terrible for the fans. Unless his brother is a liar, he did the same thing any normal person, working in a normal business would do if their boss pulled the BS Angelos pulled on him. Mussina will always be one of my top 5 favorite Orioles. Isn’t it “slightly” ironic that we haven’t had a TRUE Ace since he left?
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    Tillman goes back to the O's?
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    Just joking...no doubt they are thorough and have saved us more than once!
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    Maybe you could put a device on their ankle that gives them an electric shock when they enter the Cooperstown town limits.
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    Wake me up when they finally do something.
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    I did that...just differently.... A) No speeches, their plaques also have no caps so no team recognition. What teams do is up to teams. B) No privileges based on being admitted. In essence the are in but yet they aren't. I like your way as well. I really think something like this has to be done. And it creatively frees everyone. Well except for Bonds, Clemens, Arod, and Rose. I really don't think Shoeless Joe cares at this point.
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    I agree. I was not aware of the autopsy and drug findings. Sorry.
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    Brett Phillips would be a nice trade target.
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    And now they’ve added Cain too!
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    Cain to Milwaukee too. Nice outfield.
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    Looks like the Brewers beat us out for Yelich. Man, we were close.
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    Good question and I and others presented arguments back in the day. I honestly don't have time to go dig them up, but even a quick glance at the players' statistics says a ton. Trumbo was worth 1.6 WAR in his first year with the Orioles and he super sucked the two previous years. His career high was his rookie year in 2011 and he never had a year above 2.9. Cruz had a 2.1 WAR the year before the Orioles got him and was worth 4.1 with the Orioles. That was Cruz's second year where he was worth more than 4 WAR. Trumbo was a waste of a roster spot as soon as the Orioles extended him. There were multiple players on the roster to rotate through the DH spot and multiple players that were going to outfield him. Even if Trumbo would have replicated that 1.6 WAR there was a high probability that the Orioles were going to be able to replicate or almost replicate his value with other, far less limited players. That's not true of Cruz. His realistic upside was that he would be one of the most valuable hitters on the Orioles and at a price that I thought was relatively risk free. I didn't think Cruz would do as well as he has with the Mariners, but I thought even with aging there was a good chance that Cruz would deliver enough positive value in the first couple of years of the contract to make it a good investment. At the time I think a lot of posters thought 15 million was more money that it really was/is in terms of baseball value. Man, I couldn't stop myself from revisiting Cruz! I really do have to get back to work!
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    I may have underrated him, he perhaps deserves a backend 50 spot. He is a lefty who can touch 94 and has a decent changeup. He loses his velocity rapidly in starts and doesn't have a quality breaking ball to be a LOOGY guy. So he profiles as a middle reliever and it's hard to see more without significant improvements. The lefty I really wanted to get on the list, but it just was a bit of a stretch (since I hadn't seen any post-draft film) was Ryan Wilson. I kind of see a chance for LH Tyler Wilson in him, and that's a solid guy for the 33rd round of the draft.
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    He has been healthy for the Mariners, then when he was here. I was one of those that was in agreement that 4 years was too long a deal, and others in MLB must have agreed, because it appears that he only had 1 four year offer.
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    Waiting for the the news on that Ryan Flaherty minor league deal.
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    So you all think the writers treated him fairly. And didn't keep him on the ballot simply bc he's a Yankees. Thanks, that was my point, not that Bernie was a HOFer.
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    There's no question that many people advocated signing Cruz after 2014. I believe that 4 times out of 5, those people were going to end up being wrong. This time there's no question they ended up being very right. Given the same set of circumstances today, I think I would still argue against the signing. Just didn't think a player of his skill/body type would hold up at all. I was quite wrong. With all of that said, I hope the Orioles weren't worried about his year 4 performance. When you're signing a FA contract such as this one, you pretty much assume that you're paying for production for the first few years, and that the last year (or last few years) are almost always going to be bad ones. Of course, so far Cruz has debunked even that.
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    Well, it was meant to be harsh. There's value in getting guys that you can count on to play day in and day out but aren't All-Stars, there's no doubt about that. But when the Orioles refuse to play heavily in international waters and miss out on guys like an Acuna or a Vlad Jr, well...I've got an issue and fans should be harsh. When you see franchises like the Phillies, Reds and Brewers have higher rankings...it's like, come on... Even setting that aside, this is as good as the Orioles system can hope to do. I can't even remember the last time any publication, anywhere had the Orioles system ranked in the top 10. It just doesn't happen. Might have been way back when Wieters was an exciting prospect but that's all I can think of. On top of that, I think we, as a fanbase, overrate our prospects. This is probably selective memory but I think we were hyping the guys in "The Calvary" more than anyone else.
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    So better Joey Rickard? Pardon me if i'm hiding my excitement.
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    Sidney Ponson and Dave McNally's zombified corpse. There, SP problem solved
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    You have to think they're dreading the upcoming Q/A sessions if they don't make some type of signing. About to lose the face of their franchise...only two legit SPs on the roster...even the little kids are going to grill them.
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    Here’s what I know: the free agents don’t care about Fanfest. They’ll sign when they get an offer they like. And I expect DD would love to have something to talk about at Fanfest but he’s not going to increase offers just for that. So, I’d peg the odds of a significant move in the next 48 hours at 10-15%.
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    I'd rather have uplifting news or no news than bad news
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    Did you mean Bookman? We used to do the "schop" in the sixties ;-)
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    I knew that of course and at this point any news is welcomed...even if not uplifting.
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    Team Weams. Of course not! I said LOL. Surely a guy who lives down by the river, but not in a van down by the river....gets sarcasm!!!!!! And I try to stay glued to computer for Oriole news most all year. Right here. At the best place for O's thoughts and news!
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    If they carry both Machado and Beckham, it doesn't seem necessary.
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    http://www.masnsports.com/school-of-roch/2018/01/leftovers-for-breakfast-68.html Roch mentioned that. And Shortstop still seems to be a must.
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    Mussina to HOF? Joe Torre: No, stay there!
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    For whatever reason, people seem to forget that Pettite is as much connected to steroids as Bonds, Clemens, ARod, Palmeiro, Sosa and others. For the record, I think they all should be in, but if you’re going to put one in, you put them all in.
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    Doesn’t even matter at this point. He’s already been worth double the contract he signed. He could miss all of 2018 and that deal would still be an absolute steal for the Mariners.
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    Vlad was so fun to watch. I was very, very disappointed the night he signed with Anaheim. When the Mets announced that he had ended negotiations with them and was headed elsewhere, I thought he was coming here. I, personally, am still glad I got to see Vlad in an Orioles uniform...even if it was the end of his career. Congrats to Vlad the Impaler.
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    If they make a Mussina statue, Cito Gaston will leave it in the bull pen.
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    I'd say Cain is Abel to push Jones to RF. If the price is right, it'd also give the Orioles more OF depth to trade from for SP.
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