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    The NY Times predicts the Orioles will get one of two WCs. Strongest argument in favor - Offense is still good, team contented late into last season despite giving over 300 innings to Wade Miley and Ubaldo Jimenez. Cashner and Cobb provide a significant upgrade over those two. https://www.nytimes.com/2018/03/26/sports/baseball/american-league-preview.html
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    Time for my yearly AL East position rankings series, which is 100% guaranteed...to be nearly 100% wrong. First, the infield. http://www.baltimorebaseball.com/2018/03/26/2018-al-east-positional-rankings-infielders/
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    It wouldn't be the craziest thing that's ever happened in baseball. But that sounds to me like a NY sportswriter dissing the Red Sox.
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    Y'all better start drinking the koolaid. 28-2, and that's only because two games rain out after the 5th and this is a 9th inning team.
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    90. So 90-92 in the poll.
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    Well if it's as simple as you guys say, he should have no issues this year.
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    The shift killed his avg. Hopefully a slimmer Davis can drop down a bunt hit every two weeks.
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    Listened to the Scott and Jeremy show on 105.7 The Fan today. They had Keith Law on. Scott Garceau has been mentioning for several days on his show that he doesn't understand how Odorizzi could be traded by the Rays for a minor leaguer who wasn't even in the top 30 of The Twins' prospect list. So, he asked Keith Law straight out about it. Law said he had talked to a number of the people in the Rays' organization, and while he couldn't talk about everything they said, what he could say was that Odorizzi had a back problem last year, and there is a concern that he might not be completely over it yet, and may not get over it for a couple of years. He speculated that, given the Orioles' need for a consistent starter who will give them 35 starts, and knowing how tough the Orioles' physicals are, he wouldn't be surprised if the O's just passed on Odorizzi out of health/dependability concerns. Now, didn't we hear earlier in the off-season that the O's had been looking for starters but that there were some the O's just were not going to be in on because of health concerns? Maybe one of the ones they were talking about was Odorizzi?
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    I don't think replacing a muli-inning reliever with a guy that averages less than an inning per appearance is a good idea. O's have plenty of one inning guys already.
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    Now in its 4th year, my Oriole auction applies here only to Oriole fans with exclusive Oriole items that will be auctioned off for charity. My charity is WSA Roy Firestone Award that has generated some 4 million dollars for sports and recreation programs earmarked for the most disadvantaged kids in our community. I will announce the first four Oriole items here. If you want to bid or raise the bid, simply PM me here or at [email protected] Here are the items 1. Cal Ripken Jr. BRAND NEW FULL SIZED ORIOLES batting helmet...signed boldly on the bill and the nickname "Iron man". This item is in pristine condition: Opening bid $300 Buy it now $600... 2. A very rare item here. HOF Rickey Henderson's official game issued bat...signed by Orioles legend and HOF Frank Robinson. You actually get two classic items in one! Opening bid $200 Buy it now $500 3. Jim Palmer's OFFICIAL game issued "Nickname jersey" signed on the back with all of Jim's most important records that he wrote out. This jersey is 1 of 1. It cannot be bought in any store or duplicated...THIS IS PALMER'S JERSEY FOR THAT WEEK. On the back the jersey reads"Cakes"..Palmer's nickname: Opening bid $400 Buy it now $ 700 4. This is the most coveted item by most Oriole fans: It is HOFers multi-signed & inscribed framed photograph (NM, framed). Frame measures 18.5"x22.5". Signed by all (6) pictured including Earl Weaver, Brooks Robinson, Jim Palmer, Frank Robinson, Cal Ripken Jr, and Eddie Murray, with all adding their HOF inscription. Signatures rate 8/9 to 10 out of 10.I promise this is one of the finest items you will find to commemorate the greatest Orioles of them all: and it's already framed and matted too! Opening bid $500 Buy it now $1,000 All bid raises on all items are $50 each...The auction will close at midnight next Monday night...PHOTOS TO COME FROM WEAMS! Remember, send bids here to my PM. or to my email at [email protected] Go Birds!!!
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    I've got a hookup with a season ticket holder. He didn't want to go on OD this year, so I'll be in section 66! My first opening day!
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    Us psychiatrist types would say Albert appears to have "issues."
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    I am curious on what folks predict about the number of wins that the Orioles can garner at the conclusion of the month of April. I see a total of 30 games, 9 series, against the likes of MIN, HOU, NYY, TOR, BOS, DET, CLE, and TB. 16 home games, 14 away. Looks to be a very challenging month. How many wins are you forecasting by the end of April?
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    I was there. Tommy Hunter threw beer on me.
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    o I think I remember that from A Christmas Carol, when Scrooge wanted to undermine/convince himself of disbelief of the first of the ghosts that he saw. o
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    I had the same dream about Brooks in 1977 and Johnny U in Super Bowl 3...dreams are just that.
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    I don't agree. Given Beckham or Devers for both the long haul and just for one year, I take Devers every time. I'll give you defense for Beckham, but I think the offensive difference is far bigger than you do.
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    o Baltimore Orioles Player Adam Jones Helps Va. Beach Man with Wedding Proposal (By Nick Boykin) http://wtkr.com/2018/03/26/baltimore-orioles-player-adam-jones-helps-va-beach-man-with-wedding-proposal/ o
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    I don't think Joey will be DFA because someone would claim him. He is 26 with almost 2 years of major league experience. He was rushed to the majors through the Rule 5 draft. He has a 382 OBP at AA and a 404 OBP at AAA. But he has only played 42 games in AAA. He has two options left not counting the one that was used for this season. He has speed. His defense has improved. The O's need to let him play at AAA. He might turn into a valuable player later this season.
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    Would normally agree but the writer Tyler Kepner is the NYT national baseball writer, grew up in Philly, has covered the Yankees and the Mets and previously the Angels and Mariners...he is no Andrew Marchand or a typical NY-based /NY centric reporter. Was quite surprised to see this.
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    Really sucks to hear about Mancini's hamstring. Hope it's not anything serious.
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    Just for funsies, here's how my prediction ultimately shook out from 3/7/18 in terms of the 25-man roster: STARTING PITCHERS 1. Kevin Gausman 2. Andrew Cashner 3. Dylan Bundy 4. Chris Tillman 5. Mike Wright BULLPEN 1. Brad Brach 2. Mychal Givens 3. Darren O'Day 4. Richard Bleier 5. Miguel Castro 6. Pedro Araujo 7. Nestor Cortes LINEUP 1. Tim Beckham - 3B 2. Jonathan Schoop - 2B 3. Manny Machado - SS 4. Adam Jones - CF 5. Chris Davis - 1B 6. Trey Mancini - LF 7. Mark Trumbo - DH .... Trumbo ended up injured and replaced by Alvarez on the roster 8. Colby Rasmus - RF 9. Caleb Joseph - C BENCH 1. Chance Sisco - C 2. Danny Valencia - IF/OF 3. Anthony Santander - OF 4. Craig Gentry - OF NOTES Gentry beats Rickard, who will go to AAA Wright starts out as the 5th starter and Cortes gets his feet wet in long relief The team opts to carry Valencia over a traditional UIF, at least initially. Chance beats Wynns because of the bat and because the O's want him working with Joseph and Russell in the big leagues Mesa Jr. doesn't survive Rule 5 Alvarez will go to AAA and await the fall of Trumbo or a Davis injury .... although this would have been the case if not for the Trumbo injury This is barring any signings such as Walker, Lynn, or Cobb .... the O's signed Cobb, but it didn't affect the OD roster Not to brag, but I pretty much nailed it.
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    o I like this picture, which was part of the article. o
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    Betting sites still have us at 72 wins. Seemed lowish to begin with but now they're assuming no win change going from Mike Wright to Cobb??
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    Well with Cobb I am in for 87-89 and a WC spot. I gotta stay positive
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    Let's be honest, any of those guys can go. I'm all for ending the Rickard experiment.
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    All I know was they had a very difficult April schedule last year and played well. Sometimes the early season is the best time to play the good teams, before they really hit their stride. The O’s in March/April under Buck: 2011: 12-13 2012: 14-9 2013: 16-11 2014: 12-12 2015: 10-10 2016: 14-9 2017: 15-8
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    I went with 84-86 but it wasn't hard to being even more bullish. Just doing some comparison of 2017 to 2018 and it's not hard to build at least 12 more wins. The keys for me on offense are how much more they can get out of the left side of the infield in 2018 as compared to 2017; how much more can they get out of RF; and how much closer to average Trumbo and Davis return this year and how much of drop off they suffer at Catcher. Between 3b and SS last year, they were around 4.1 WAR according to Baseball Reference. You've got to believe that, at a minimum, they double the number of wins from those 2 positions. In RF, they had perhaps .8 -.9 WAR, in 2017. Safe to bet that Rasmus alone will add a win, maybe 2. Who knows with Santander as he's a big wild-card this season. Trumbo and Davis combined for - .6 WAR last year. Davis was 1.7 WAR in 2014 when he batted .196, so going conservative and not relying on Trumbo for anything more than not playing any RF (-1.6 DWAR in 2017), you can probably safely hope for 3 more wins from these two. Now they got 3.7 WAR from Beef and Caleb last season. I'd assume at least 1.5 less wins at the Catcher spot, unless Sisco magically improves his throwing/blocking in the course of a couple months. Still this is realistically 8 more wins without even considering the pitching, which was the worst (SP-wise) in franchise history last year. And you could argue I am way low on Machado who seems poised for a career year and could add another 2-3 wins himself.
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    Hard contact was essentially the same in 2017 (41.5%) as in 2013 (41.3%) and 2015 (41.4%). Soft contact was up about 3% though compared to those years.
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    As I said in another thread, it’s probably a fallacy to think teams are going to “run wild” no matter how bad our catchers are. Last year the Astros caught only 12% of runners who attempted to steal, and yet only 116 attempts were made against them. The highest number of attempts against any team was 156 against the Cubs. That’s still fewer than one attempt per game. So if that’s your idea of a “track meet,” fine. The fewest attempts were against the Cardinals, who only allowed 86 attempts. So the difference between the most and least attempts allowed was 70, less than half an attempt per game. The difference between the most successful attempts allowed (121 by the Cubs) and the fewest (50 by the Indians) was 71, again less than half a steal a game. I’m not saying the difference is insignificant, but I just don’t see much evidence that the issue is anywhere near the magnitude that some are suggesting is likely.
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    As a wise proverb goes: "Why run when you can walk?"
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    78-80. Bullpen ERA by year for the O's: 2012: 3.00 2013: 3.52 2014: 3.10 2015: 3.21 2016: 3.40 2017: 3.93 The main outlier in that progression was 2013, but we've seen a bullpen that has been trending worse and worse in the totality. I actually think they have a chance to be as bad as 2017 as far as the bullpen goes. Britton out, Brach ineffective w/ decreased velocity in spring training...and the O's are banking on a slate of Pedro Araujo (rookie), Mike Wright, Miguel Castro, Donnie Hart (who regressed quite a bit in 2017) as well as Richard Bleier. Basically they're going to desperately need O'Day, Brach and Givens to be elite otherwise the rotation is going to really put a spell on a set of middle relievers that just don't strike out many people coupled with a defense that just isn't good. They'll need the bullpen to be nails to compete. That's what it comes down to me for a rotation that is most likely going to be average...or above average if Cashner and Cobb put up solid numbers. The offense hasn't changed. They're entirely built on being feast/famine. And they've done very little, if anything, to help team speed or OBP. Defense is still the O's fielding an aging OF coupled with a bunch of DH's littered throughout the field. We shall see. I could see them winning between 78-80...at most 84-85. And they have the potential to repeat last years W-L total.
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    I went with 72-74 wins. But I should have done 75-77 or 78-80. Offense goes long spells with power outages, therefore this team doesn't score runs. Davis and Trumbo repeat their performances. Bundy regresses (luckiest pitcher in the majors last year), Gausman is the same, Cashner is better than Miley but not by a wide margin, Cobb is easily our best starter. Tillman is out of the rotation and released by mid May - the 5th rotation spot is constantly in flux. Bullpen blown out and tired by mid-July.
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    I still don’t think we need Holland. We have a lot of potential good bullpen arms. Go get Dickey!!!!! Or Feldman on a mil deal with opt outs, etc.
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    Tilman may be awful this year. We will know in a month. Cobb and Cashner allow for that to be addressed.
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    Hit the ball to the opposite field when opposing teams play a shift on him. He has proven , in past years, that he can hit the ball to the opposite field, he just refuses to do it anymore. If he would do that he would be fine. The year he hit 50 homers, he hit the ball the other way a lot. It worked wonders, why does he refuse to do that now? I can't understand it.
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    It’s pretty obvious that the Rays were shedding salary and didn’t want to trade with the division. Good. They just cut the two players they got in another trade. Jennings and Hudson.
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    Could be a winning combo going forward!
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    So in a sense, it already does help the cap in years 4,5, and 6 because they are viewed as $4M instead of what he'd get in arbitration.
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    I hear Kevin Gregg does well on three years rest. And it is with two Gs, by the way.
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    I hate playing at HOU. I say call up Gamboa and throw a knuckleballer at them early in the season. We need some type of gimmick. Wright, Cortes, and Castro, are just going to get rocked.
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    I like his chances of hitting 40 homers better than his chances of hitting over .230.
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    Never understood the Ubaldo hate. He was better than Tillman last year, and if he gets an opportunity he would be better than Tillman this year. Of course Tillman may be the worst starter with a ML contract in all of baseball.
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    Nuff said. Feel this deserved its own thread.
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