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    Wright looked like a guy with a 6 run deficit and nothing to lose.
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    I consider myself to be as patient as any member of this board. Today was the last straw. Release Tillman.
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    That sounds like a physics/cosmology term. Ubaldo's Pothole
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    Tonight (well, last night) was the home opener for the Frederick Keys! This is a place I will visit a lot this season (Bowie will take the lead though) and I must say...I will be very happy with this! It was on the cooler side of 60 with a decent to strong wind blowing out towards left/3rd. Much, much better than the Bowie and Norfolk season openers and the Saturday Orioles game after the season opener. This report might not be 100% fully in depth. I was multi tasking by keeping up with the Delmarva and Norfolk games (neither one went as well as this one), but I did pay a good amount of attention. Hitting/Fielding Cole Billingsley: 2-4 with a single, double, walk, pair of runs scored and an rbi. Drove a ball into the gap between center and right. Would of been a triple, but Fajardo (catcher) was on base infront of him and was held at 3rd. Billingsley would of made it easily. Later on, dropped a perfect bunt to 3rd for a single. In the field, nothing stood out. Made a couple of catches and made them look real easy, despite the wind. Had a good eye at the plate. Made a nice play where he got to a ball off the wall near the line quickly and fired it in the Clare, who got it to Fajardo in time to nail a runner at the plate. Ryan McKenna: 2-4 with a home run, single, 2 runs scored, 2 rbis, 1 walk, and a stirke out. CRUSHED a ball to left that cleared everything. If he hit it a bit more to the right, he would of hit it off the top of the video board. Like Billingsley, looked good at the plate the rest of the time. I do not remember the strike out. Jomar Reyes: 2-5 with a run scored, 2 rbis, and a strike out. Still looks like he is flailing at the ball, but tonight, everyone was hitting. Wasn't getting much power on the ball, even though he squared up a few times. Was an adventure in the field. Dropped a low liner to him in the 1st. Booted a grounded later in the game but had the arm to throw the runner out at 1st. His arm is definently top notch, but the glove still isn't steady. Randolph Gassaway: 2-5 with a run, rbi, strike out, and ground rule double. Luke was right, Gassaway does have more loft in his swing now. Hit his team leading 6th double on a ball crushed to center. It got over everyone and one hopped the wall for a ground rule double. If the wind wasn't blowing slightly in, that might of had a chance to go out. Had a solid single too. Struck out swinging, just missing the ball. Seemed like his timing was *just* off, but not fooled. DH'ing, so can't comment on defense. Preston Palmeiro: 3-5 with an rbi, run, strike out, and double. Like Gassaway, he crushed one to center over the outfielder. This one stayed in the park though, but was about as solid contact as I can imagine. Whatever adjustments he has made since Aberdeen are paying off. Doesn't show much power, but isn't getting cheap hits. All of his contact was solid. Was good in the field too. Made a good tag to nail a would be stealer, then almost made another good tag. The ball tailed towards first, but he made an adjustment off the bag, caught it, and tried swiping down to get the runners leg on the head first slide. Just missed. For someone who is still under 10 games at second, I was impressed with that attempt. Booted a few balls in warm ups, but hey... Chris Clare: 1-4 with a run, rbi, and strike out. Not much on the bat for Clare. Couldn't catch a break, but like everyone else, didn't seem overmatched. His main stuff was in the field. Made a nice throw on a relay to nail at runner at home by plenty. Also made a nice ranging play towards third and made a strong throw (think Manny's play the other night). The runner was going to be safe as the ball wasn't that hard hit, but the throw pulled Woody off the bag a little. They gave Clare an error on the throw, but even an on target one wouldn't of gotten the runner. Was still a great play for the range and the arm. If the bat comes around, he will have a bright future. Jake Ring: 1-4 with a single, rbi, run scored, strike out, and walk. Ring did a little bit of everything, but no big surprises or things of note. Fooled on a few pitches (mainly breaking balls). Collin Woody: 1-3 with a single, run, and strike out. Not much to note. Daniel Fajardo: 1-4 with a single, rbi, and run scored. Nothing big with the bat, but had his hands full on defense. Blocked several errant pitches, saving a lot of wild pitches. Made 2 strong throws on base stealers, but only caught 1. Had one tail off a bit that Palmiero made a good play and attempt on. Pitching Cristian Alvarado: For 4 innings, Alvarado was cruising. Mixed up his fastball with his off speed and breaking pitches well. Breaking balls were showing good movement. He was getting weak contact and strikes. Once he got to the 5th, he looked like he ran out of gas and was hitting hit pretty good. Gave up a long home run to start the 6th and that was it for him. Stat line showed 86 pitches with 58 for strikes, getting 10 ground outs to 1 fly out. He kept things low and make them work. Very good outing early on in the season. Matt Trowbridge: If you haven't seen the lefty throw, it's interesting. He has a kind of "throw back" delivery, where he leans WAY back just before the pitch and seems to try and get every ounce of weight behind it. Looks almost off balance and not sure how much he can repeat it consistently. Despite that, he did good mixing his pitches up. 38 pitches, 20 strikes, 1 wild pitch, and 1 hit batter, with 2 hits and 2 runs allowed. Breaking ball didn't seem to have much movement, but htiters had trouble picking it up (maybe due to the delivery.) Francisco Jimenez: 2 innings, 2 hits, 2 strike outs...1 walk, 1 run, 1 wild pitch. 37 pitches, 23 strikes with 2 ground outs. Nothing real "wow" about him, just got the job done and the outs. The strike out to end the game was the best part. Sped up the bat with a fastball, threw a really nasty off speed that had the batter way out, then threw a breaking ball with late action that had the batter flailing. Overall, the game was a great showing to the skills of the Keys. Alvarado was in the game just a bit too long, probably due to the early big lead. Trowbridge and Jimenez weren't bad in relief and gave up some runs, but they were never in danger of giving up a big inning. The batters all had a hit and scored a run. Woody was the only one without an rbi. McKenna was impressive, but Gassaway and Palmeiro were my top 2 players. Gassaway due to the adjustments he made, Palmeiro due to the way he handeled second in such a short time. Delmarva might be the best team in the system, but Frederick wants to make an argument. This will be a fun summer.
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    Thanks for the summary. My comments above in red.
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    I can't thank Lou Angelos enough for convincing Peter to sign Cashner and Cobb. The Orioles needed these two guys in the worst way. I am still in absolute shock that the Orioles signed Cobb.
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    Gets intentionally walked. Next at bat three run triple.
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    Thanks for that, I wasn't aware that info was there. However, it agrees with what I was saying. 2017 FB H Movement=-8.2 FB V Movement=9.6 2018 FB H Movement=-6.3 FB V Movement=9.4 So no difference in vertical, but 2 inches less right to left movement, meaning more armside tail.
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    Guy only works every 5th start. I'm not sure what kind of miracle you guys are expecting. He's Alex Cobb. He's not Clayton Kershaw, Chris Sale or Max Scherzer.
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    On the O's, he now needs to focus on wins, not saves.
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    From the Athletic. Weams, Tony, etc what am I allowed to post about it? I know their are some rules about this. Thanks A bunch of info here.
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    Buck fancies himself as a great talent evaluator but that might be his weakest point.
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    Miguel Castro. The guy has three pitches and throws upper 90's. He might suck but he's got some upside and we already have Araujo, Givens, O'Day, and Brach in the bullpen. I'd like to see Castro get 3-4 starts and see if he can go 5 decent innings as the 5th starter.
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    Buck picks his players. Buck said Tillman was better than last year and was part of the reason he was signed to a major league contract and given a spot in the rotation. He keeps pitching Chris Tillman. He let Cortes make the team, (doesn't have an out pitch) and then put him in impossible situations. Buck has a lot of power on who ends up on his ball club. He helped put this club together including these horrid pitching staffs. He doesn't get a pass. He asked for Davis to be resigned, appealed to the owner, and got him and now he keeps batting him in the middle of the order. He wanted Trumbo resigned. How about his hitting and pitching coaches? Same crappy approaches at the plate from most hitters not named Mancini (Machado just has so much talent). Most of the pitchers have lost velocity this year and who is the last pitcher that looks like they have significantly improved? Buck does a lot of things well. He's a very good in game manager (though his Ubaldo/Britton fiasco is one of the worse managerial moves in Orioles history) and he's class guy. Saying that, his fingers are all over the current situation. He doesn't get a pass like he's some 1940s manager who just gets players and has to just use them. He's part, a significant part of some very negative parts of the organization's situation.
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    One good thing bout games like this. Dickheadson won't be sending runners who will get nailed at the plate.
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    Now even Hunter is dissing on Wright’s diminished velocity. When it rains it pours.
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    Are you Brian Dozier?
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    What are you talking about? That's a GREAT... oh wait, you said OPS.
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    If the Orioles want to be serious about winning this year, Chris Tillman must not start again. It's as simple as that.
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    The ball was wedged behind the tarp. That is lodged to me. The fact that Betts threw it back is irrelevant.
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    And still preferable to listening to Jim Hunter.
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    Dave Johnson, the younger.
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    I changed the channel at 4-1. I rarely do that and usually not just because of being behind buts it’s tough watching someone you respect and appreciate what he has done in the past fail so badly. Couldn’t watch anymore. Agree with Frobby It’s time
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    Norfolk is already done playing today. Every pitcher in that clubhouse is keeping an ear out listening for the phone.
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    My bet is they respect the hell out of Chris. Has to hurt for them to see him like this.
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    Chris is going downtown.
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    At the rate Rodriguez is pitching it may be midnight by the 4th inning.
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    It's Friday the 13th. We are playing the best team in the AL. And we are throwing Tillman at them... What could go wrong?
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    Probably lower the overall ERA of the rotation by .4 runs a game, I’d estimate. And probably lower the innings pitched by the bullpen by 20 or so.
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    o (APRIL 13th) Some sarcasm in here, but nevertheless ...... it’s about time that someone noticed how good Bleier has been for us. Zachary Grant Britton https://twitter.com/zbritton/status/984795535868678144?t=1&cn=ZmxleGlibGVfcmVjcw%3D%3D&refsrc=email&iid=d3f43fc9690d4bd98491b6e9a7478074&uid=3420655485&nid=244+272699409 o
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    Glad to see Trey in there. I know they SAID he was fine, but that sure looked like something that could knock him out a couple days. I wasn't ready to believe it until I saw him in the lineup. And no HanRam for Boston after he got hit in the hand last night.
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    Sure you could. Early enough in Murray's career I would. Doesn't mean that is what would actually happen. Now if the OP had said we could replace any one player with an Oriole Hall of Famer, it would be a more interesting topic.
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    Mark Reynolds signed a minor league deal with Washington. If he makes the team, that'll be 3 college teammates from UVA together on the same team.
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    It's always about the pitching. Palmer was the best we've ever had and I would choose him from this list.
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    o Prior to this season, the Red Sox had NEVER started any season out at 8-1 in their franchise history (1901-Present.) It looked like this year would be no different on Sunday afternoon, as they were losing by a score of 7-2 heading into the 8th inning of their game against the D-Rays. But they scored 6 runs in the bottom of the 8th inning to take an 8-7 lead, and held on for the W ........ and they improved to 8-1 for the first time in 118 seasons. THE 1901 BOSTON AMERICANS o
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    I did some digging a few months ago and couldn't find anything that said he went back to earn his degree. For context, he left the University of California, Irvine after his junior season and was planning to major in economics.
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    Yup, hard to imagine a wider scale of cold << >> hot in a single inning!
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    I think that is ridiculous ... he hit 49 HRs as a rookie ... started taking steroids because he couldn't stay healthy for many years, so he got frustrated and took stuff to help him heal and keep him on the field (with the side benefit of becoming massive and getting help hitting even more HRs than he would have otherwise) ... but to say he would have been lucky to have a career in the majors without steroids is misinformed ...
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    If you don't want to share half your stuff with your spouse don't get married.
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    I don't mind a player getting angry. How many bats has CD broken over his leg? That shows some fire in his belly. Frustrating game for him. Hope makes it in the BP.
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    o After starting the season at 1-5 (and in the process, watching a complete mess of the Orioles' starting pitching performances with the exception of Dylan Bundy), many Oriole fans would have presumed that taking 3 games out of 4 from the Yankees ........ on their home field ......... was a pipe dream. Even the 1962 Mets found a way to win 40 games, and this Orioles team is not as bad as those '62 Mets. So would I consider the Red Sox a heavy favorite win this game ??? Absolutely. Would I necessarily bet the house, the car, and the farm on it before a single pitch is thrown ??? Not a chance. o
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    Watching Hays, Sisco and Harvey emerge as the new core in the second half of the season will be fun. Depending on the prospects they bring back, the trades of Machado, Schoop, Britton, Brach and Gausman could be fun to watch as well.
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    His kids are grown and gone, he's divorced. Doesn't have teammates coming by anymore to work out. 12k square feet and 25 acres is a lot when you're pretty much an empty nester. He might have enough money to keep it but it sounds like his priorities have shifted and while he might be able to keep it, he doesn't need to.
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    o The Brown v. Board of Education decision of 1954 effectively overturned the Plessy v. Ferguson decision of 1896. Brown was 75 years-old. Linda Brown, Symbol of Landmark Desegregation Case, Dies (By Neil Genzlinger) https://www.nytimes.com/2018/03/26/obituaries/linda-brown-symbol-of-landmark-desegregation-case-dies.html?mtrref=www.google.com o
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    They just call it a dead arm, they don't literally mean the arm is dead.
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